How Hard Is A-Level Psychology? (& How To Get A+ Easily)

 A-Level Psychology is a subject that will help you to learn theoretical knowledge related to psychological concepts. Its examination takes place at the end of 2 years of study. The studies go on for 2 years and after that, there is an examination. The AQA Exam Board will have three exams to assess you. Exams consist of many short questions, essay questions, and scenarios.

Quick Takeaways

  • A-level Psychology is much hard subject as it is a social science subject.
  • Despite having a good passing rate you will still have to put in a lot of effort.
  • A-Level Psychology has a pass rate of 97.1%, which is much better than GCSE Psychology.
  • There are different Psychology Degrees that you can take up – Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, etc.

However, you must read the given article to understand it properly.

How Hard Is A-Level Psychology? (& How To Get A+ Easily)

How hard is A-level psychology?

A-Level Psychology being a social science is a popular choice for all students who generally studied in the years 12 and 13. There are some students who find it least popular but it is not true. You all know that it is definitely an interesting subject and a good choice for university. A-Level Psychology has a pass rate of 97.1%, which is much better than GCSE Psychology. This is partly because it is up to the student how seriously students take this A-level. A-Level Psychology exams are easy enough but not that easy that’s why many students don’t struggle with them. A-level psychology is a fairly memory-based subject, with a bit of math mixed in. It is not very difficult relative to other subjects. If you find it hard and have an interest in business, then you can choose A-level business studies.

Is A-Level psychology a good A-Level?

This A-level can be your first step towards an exciting career in psychology as it helps prepare all students for university studies. Only psychology is not enough to take your students to higher education courses. But yes one can now gain highly relevant knowledge through A-level courses. Studying A-level Psychology allows you to gain a solid understanding of key concepts and principles.

However, you must revise properly so that you can get good grades in the subject. There are two years of A-levels and the first one is known as AS level. However, if you were unable to take them in two years, you may also take them in a single year. It is generally easy and you do not have to do hard work. On the other hand, if we compared it with A-level maths, you will need a separate calculator for your A-level maths and you need to do a lot of hard work.

Which Psychology Degree Should You Study?

How Hard Is A-Level Psychology? (& How To Get A+ Easily)

Because you know there are internal and external factors that affect the mind and human behaviour. Psychology is a multidisciplinary subject that takes into account many sub-divisions. For this reason, when we choose a psychology degree, we have a lot of options, here we have been told which options are there. Having the option of studying single combined and specialist subject areas of psychology in the degree allows you to complete your psychology studies according to your interest. Select one of these options to choose a psychology degree. There are a few options you can take to get a psychology degree.

  • Anthropology and Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • Biology with Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology 
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • English and Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology.

Why is psychology A-level so hard?

A-Level Psychology is not as difficult as it seems for most but not all students find it easy either. This is an essay-based topic, which can reach a few scientists. Though for students who are not used to competing over words will find it difficult. There are a lot of scientific concepts in it, which can confuse those people. Let us tell you that A-Level Psychology exams are very easy, there are many students who are not able to struggle with them, due to which they find it difficult. However, if you find it harder and do not want to sit for it you must remember that there can be consequences if you miss it. If you think you may fail this subject, you must try changing the subject or get a private tutor for yourself.

Which A-levels are most respected?

When choosing A-level psychology, all students consider how “respected” that subject is in the academic world. As you will have to choose three different A-levels, you must choose wisely. According to that, they choose which subjects they want to choose. Following are some of the most respectable subjects that you can choose up-

  • A-Level Math
  • A-Level Forward Math 
  • A-Level Physics.
  • A-Level Chemistry.
  • A-Level Biology.
  • A-Level Computer Science.

What is the pass rate for psychology A-Level?

A-Level Psychology for all of you has a pass rate of 97.1%, which is much better than GCSE Psychology. With such a pass rate, you can do the level of job you want to do in your life. However, you must remember that your A-levels are the subjects that you take according to your interest and thus it has a high passing rate. If we talk about the passing marks, then 28.7% of the total students have to get an A*-A grade in psychology as compared to 36.4% of all subjects. 

How Hard Is A-Level Psychology? (& How To Get A+ Easily)

Is GCSE psychology similar to A level?

The AQA GCSE Psychology represents a good foundation from which to study your A-level curriculum. After getting your GCSE you can still study psychology and other social sciences for A level and beyond. You will not face any problem studying, you can go for A-level courses after GCSE. The content, skills, and methods presented in the GCSE curriculum are developed in both breadth and depth through an A-level specific.

The A-level curriculum covers a broader range of mathematical skills, a more detailed involvement of biological thought, a more comprehensive and critical study of different perspectives in psychology, and a wide range of contemporary implications and applications of psychological theory and research.

Is psychology a hard or soft A-Level?

As there is not much to study in psychology it is generally considered a soft subject. However, there is some amount of science present in it, and some of the students may find it a hard subject. Therefore whether it is easy or hard will depend on how you are preparing for it and thus revise properly for it.


A-level psychology is not very difficult, it is very easy for students who are good at studies but some students have to struggle. This exam technique is similar to other A-levels, the level of which other exams and many GCSEs are also of the same level. A-level psychology is easy. This psychology is the ‘scientific study of mind and behaviour’ and it is tested in 6 months of A-level discipline.

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