How long do Schools keep GCSE Certificates?

In a student’s academic career, GCSEs are very important. The result of GCSE makes the student decide which sixth form college they can go into as There are colleges who do require the GCSE result of the students. Gcsc also makes the student decide what to study for A-levels. The GCSE also helps the person to get a job. Usually, employers look for a student who has good grades in English and Math in GCSEs. Thus it I important to have the GCSE certificates in a safe place. But what if you do not have them for any reason? Will your school have it with themselves?

Quick Takeaways

  • The school will keep the GCSE certification with themself for 12 months after the result is out. 
  • It means that your certificate will be with the school for at least 1 year. 
  • However, some of the schools may keep it for more than 12 months. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand for how much duration school keeps the GCSE certifications.

How long do Schools keep GCSE Certificates?

How Long Do Schools Keep GCSE Certificates?

The result of the GCSE is received by the school administration on the result day in August which officially end in mid-late June. This certificate of the GCSE is received by the school from the exam board about 2 to 3 months after the result. The student Have To Take It from the school which has kept them for at least 12 months and after that the school can send their certificate back to the exam board or they can destroy it also. On GCSE certification you will get P1 and P2 grades which will help you to know if you get a high pass or normal pass.

But there are some schools that keep the result for a long time as it depends on school to school and the area where they store their old records. They can also use a computer system to store the student’s records, which can last for more than 12 months. This also depends from school to school as the online management and the facilities do matter for keeping records updated in it. However, you must remember that after completing year 11, you will have to sit for A-levels and thus try to get good grades in it.

How Long After Examinations Can Employers or Organizations Check Your GCSE Results? 

The certificate will stay with you for your entire life. This is because there is the possibility that at any stage the employer or the organization for whom you want to work can ask for the GCSE grade. And if you try to give wrong grades they can also verify it by contacting the school or the exam board from where the GCSE is being conducted. However, you can sit for GCSE exams privately. Your professors may use gradebooks to maintain your database.

How long do Schools keep GCSE Certificates?

If you try to get a job after a few months of completing the GCSE or A-level there are more chances that they would ask for the GCSE. But when you are highly qualified and go for a job there, they will prefer to hide you on the basis of your higher qualification and your work experience of you. However, you must make sure that you are studying hard for your exams so that you do not fail the exam or miss any of the exams.

How Long Do Exam Boards Keep GCSE Results on Record?

After the result, the exam board sends the original GCSE certificate of the student to the school but they do keep the copies of the result recorded in the computer as a database which is kept in the computer for a lifetime so that they can easily show the proof. If you have taken GCSE language and Maths, the result of both and other subjects will be in a single certificate.

If you want to know the result you can contact the exam board for getting the result quickly. You do not have to worry about when your original certificate will be lost. You can get it from the exam board because the certificate is with them in the database. However, if you resit for the GCSEs, you must make sure that you do not do worse in it. Further, you must also know that when you will be getting the result, you will get a mark equivalent that will help you to compare the current and old grading systems.

How long do Schools keep GCSE Certificates?

What Should Students Do If They Don’t Have Proof of Your GCSE Results?

If the student loses the GCSE results they don’t need to worry about it there is a chance that they could find the GCSE results or any certificates in the old school’s records or university. And if the record is not founded they can contact the exam board who have conducted the exams as they keep all the record of GCSE result and they can have the student by providing them a replacement certificate or certified statement of the result but the student will be charged for this and for getting the certificate from the exam board can be a very long process. Not having GCSE results does not mean you should lie about the GCSEs, as the institution will want to look at the proof.

Why Are the GCSEs Results So Important? 

The following are the points on how important is the GCSE result for the student:

  • The GCSE result is used by the student during the six forms of College admission. 
  • They also play an important role when the student is going to study for A-levels.
  • During the process of meeting the application to the university there also the GCSE result is being looked at briefly.
  • You will be getting two different tiers – The foundation and the Higher tier. When you are studying the content of a higher tier and found the content hard, you can shift towards foundation tier.
  • GCSE results also play an important role in job applications. 


GCSEs are kept in the school record for at least 12 months and after that depends upon the school whether they want to keep them or destroy them. For example, if there is no space left in the storage room of the school they will destroy all the old records of this student. But still, they couldn’t find the record or they had lost the certificate so they could contact the exam board. As they have to keep the records of the student as a database.


How would the student find the GSC result from a year ago? 

The student has to go to the school where they have given the exam and inform them of the year they have left the school and what subject they have to take which will make it easy to find the result of this student. 

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