How long does it take for Universities to make Offers?

Your university’s application processing time is one of the most interesting and stressful times. You are so tense about your application acceptance and don’t know whether you will get into it or not. You need to know when you can expect back from the university you applied to.

Quick Takeaways

  • The university obtains your results on days before the result day and thus they will be able to decide whether they want to accept your application or not til that day.
  • It will depend upon the application you have sent. Below we have mentioned some of the types of applications you send-
1. Early decision application
2. Early action application
3. Regular application

However, you must read till the end to understand how long it takes for universities to make an offer.

How long does it take for Universities to make Offers?

How Long Does it Take For Universities to Make Offers?

The majority of universities will have obtained your marks a few days before results day. So they should be able to confirm your place on the day before it. Although before you receive a response from a university regarding your application, whether it’s an offer, an interview, or a rejection, it may take days or months.

The time taken will depend upon when you applied and the method used by the university course to make offers. You will also have to take care that there is no mid-term in universities and thus should decide the university based on it. Further, we have discussed the different types of applications.

Types of Application

There are different types of applications that you may send to the applications. Below are some of them-

How long does it take for Universities to make Offers?

Early decision application

Early decision applications are like legal bindings. This means that if you are approved by the university then you must enroll. You do not have any choice but to say no to it. You must only submit one early decision application because it is binding for you. The deadline for these applications is November, and the results are announced in December.

If you are submitting this application, then you must first pick the school where you send the early decision application and then the school you have to prefer to attend.

Early action application

Students can apply early and possibly be admitted to one or more schools significantly earlier than ordinary applicants with the help of an Early action application. You typically have mid-November to submit your application documents, such as your transcripts, personal statement, etc.

How long does it take for Universities to make Offers?

Early action applications will typically allow colleges to notify admitted students of their decisions by February and allow them to take admission until May 1.

Regular application

The most popular type of application is the regular decision application. These applications typically have a January or February deadline, and decision letters are sent by April. Because each institution will have a different application deadline, be sure to check their websites and mark the relevant dates on your calendar.

What should you do if you do not meet the requirements?

The common reasons why you are facing difficulty in getting admission are mentioned below with the solution to that particular problem-

1. Being an international student

Many students realize that getting into a university may not be as easy as they had first thought. Even if you have A-level marks, as well as academic and professional experience, the academic system of the country where you want to study might not be the same as your own. The transfer to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the local academic system can become easy by selecting a Bachelor’s pre-course. 

You may not have desired English communication skills

To guarantee that you will be able to participate in lessons, comprehend the course material, and finish your assignments, international colleges set minimal English language proficiency requirements. You can opt for English exam prep classes at an English language institute abroad to help you get into the desired university.

How long does it take for Universities to make Offers?

If grades do not match the requirements

Many students are concerned that their grades may prevent them from enrolling in a renowned Bachelor’s or Master’s program.  Many higher education institutions have A-level requirements, which not all students meet. If you can demonstrate that you have experience or talents that make up for low grades, universities may be more lenient with their program entry requirements for you.

Taking a university preparation program is another efficient strategy to close the gap between the course requirements and your existing academic level.


One of the biggest tension times for you might be when you are waiting for the approval of your application especially after finishing your college exams. Your university will generally respond to your applications by the end of February if you have sent the early action or early decision application. However, if you have sent the regular application, then you can expect a response by the end of march. 


How fast do universities make offers?

The majority of Universities will have made offers to you by March 31st, while some may make offers earlier. Some may even offer much later. It all depends upon the type of application that you submitted. You can select from the common three types of applications including early decision, early action, and regular application. If you have sent the early application or early action application then the chances are that you will hear back from them in January.
By May 1st, you must decide whether to accept or reject each offer after you have received them all. 

When do universities confirm your place?

Your university will decide whether to select you or reject you by the end of February or march. Though this is not the case for every application. There are mainly three types of applications that you send to your university and depending upon them your university will make your decision.
If you are sending an Early decision or action application, you will hear from your university by January. You may also hear from your university earlier than February for your regular application if your application is more compelling to them. 

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