How long does it take to clean a Classroom?

As cleaning of the classroom should be done each day. A clean and tidy classroom makes the students focus on the class and also creates a positive environment of learning for the student and the teachers. Thus you must keep it clean as it takes time to clean your classroom. For it, you must know how long does it take to clean a classroom.

Quick Takeaways

  • The average time to clean the classroom is around 30 minutes. 
  • It may take more than 45 minutes depending on what type of furniture is there.
  • Following are the ways to clean the classroom-
1. Declutter
2. Dusting
3. Stack Up Chairs
4. Sweeping or Vacuuming
5. Mopping
6. Clean Sinks
7. Clean Windows

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how long it will take to clean a classroom.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?

How Long Does It Take To Clean A classroom?

If a classroom is larger and also contains more, heavy furniture will take more time than 45 minutes. but generally, the average time taken to clean the classroom is about 30 minutes. It may also take more hours if the students create a mess in the class desperately. Thus institutions must try to install cameras in the classroom.

Due to covid 19 now taking cleanliness more seriously the whole classroom is being sanitized properly. This process of sanitizing the school and the classroom will take more time than cleaning it regularly so that the students don’t face any problems.

If the classroom is being cleaned every day then also it will not require more time in the process of cleaning the class and if the classroom is being cleaned periodically it will take more time to clean the classroom.

How to clean the classroom?

The following are some steps that are used to clean the classroom everyday neat and clean:

  • Declutter
  • Dusting
  • Stack Up Chairs
  • Sweeping or Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Clean Sinks
  • Clean Windows
  1. Declutter:

Removing the unwanted items from the classroom as the useless items will take more extra space in the classroom which can be used throughout the day. if the things are not in use you can also put them in the storage of the school so that the useless thing will not acquire any space in the room.

When the room is cleared and the space is made free then you can start organizing the books, papers, stationery, etc in the classroom. as if the classroom is being kept clean and organized it will make the student find things easier and faster.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?
  1. Dusting:

For cleaning the classroom all the furniture present in the classroom should be dusted. While dusting open the window of the classroom so that the dust goes out of the classroom. If the dust is much then use a feather duster or a wet cloth to wipe the area where the dust is present in large quantities. As doing the dusting properly will make it clear that the person is doing the job well.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?
  1. Stack Up Chairs:

 Before starting the cleaning, the stacking of the chair can be done by keeping the chairs one on one or choosing to stack them in a corner of the class. It will make it easy for the person to clean the floor as it will give better access to the areas. You can also keep the chairs on the table upside down as it will require less effort and don’t take more time in moving the chairs.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?
  1. Sweeping or Vacuuming:

We can also use vacuuming the floor to remove the dirt faster and easier. If there are classes containing the carpet instead of the floor then a vacuum will make it easy to clean the carpet. as the carpet gets dirt in it very easily hence cleaning the carpet is necessary and should be done every day. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum needs to be done twice which will make the carpet neat and clean.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?
  1. Mopping:

As the school contains many floors, they need to be mopped daily by mixing a non-toxic chemical clear with water and cleaning the floor beginning from one corner of the class to another and completing the mopping on the floor easily. if the floor is looking dirtier than try to clean the floor two times by mopping it.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?
  1. Clean Sinks:

Wiping of the sink should be done if the sink is present in the class. With cleaning the sinks the tap, as well as the surrounding area of the sink, should be cleaned properly. After wiping the sink and the tap with a non-toxic disinfectant source you should clean the sink with a dry cloth.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?

 How to Sanitize the Classroom?

Making the classroom clean by simply dusting and mopping will not be enough after the covid 19. Now the classroom should be sanitized properly. Sanitizing the entire room will make the room rid of bacteria. You must use the sanitizing wipes to clean the surfaces that are normally and commonly touched by the kids. Air purifiers can be installed in the classroom. If you are cleaning the classroom, where you have toys, then you will have to wash them properly.

How long does it take to clean a Classroom?


It depends on the classroom size and the people involved in cleaning. if they are cleaning the classroom by vacuum it will not take much time. Approximately the cleaning of a classroom is done within 30 minutes. The process of cleaning should be done daily as it makes the school and the classroom look neat and clean and the students will be able to study in a good environment.


How many days does it take to set up a class?

The average time taken to set up a class is around 8 hours during which the planning and execution are done, not including the time taken for shopping.

What is the best classroom layout?

The layout of the classroom should be a way that every student can hear the teacher’s voice and see the teacher. The teacher should also be able to see every student.

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