How long does it take to write a 5-page paper?

You may get long or short assignments depending on the importance of the subject. Though long assignments are generally given at the end of the semester as a final submission, there are many short assignments that you will get during your degree. One such short assignment that you may get is a Five-page paper. How long does it take to write a 5-page paper?

Quick Takeaways

  • A five-page paper essay is an essay in which you have to write about 5 pages regarding it. 
  • Depending upon your speed you make either take 2 hours or 8.3 hours for writing up the five-page papers. 
  • Following are the points you must remember when you are writing a five-page essay.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of a five-page paper.

What is a five-page paper?

You get a lot of assignments during your coursework. These assignments are important for you to understand your subject in depth. Your teachers/professors usually will give you a specific length to write. A five-page paper essay is an essay in which you have to write about 5 pages regarding it. You have to include the abstract, introduction, body part, and conclusion everything in it. Such assignments will help you to write better during your final dissertation or term paper writing. 

How long does it take to write a 5-page paper?

The duration of writing a five-page paper depends upon what type of information is needed in it. Writing 5 pages will take about 2 hours if you are an average writer typer on a keyboard. However, if you need to do a lot of in-depth research and need to include links and graphics then the duration can increase to 8.3 hours.

Also, it depends on how you are writing it. If your speed is slow then definitely you need more time and vice versa. To know how many pages you have used in your paper, you can always use the tools like page calculators.

How many paragraphs should be there in the five-page paper?

The number of paragraphs in your paper depends on various factors. It depends upon the length of each section, the type of paragraph, etc. Generally, the introduction and conclusion sections have fewer paragraphs. Also, your teachers may have asked you to keep a limit on your paragraphs. Many times you have to restrict your conclusion section to only 2 paragraphs. Also, the number of paragraphs included in each section depends upon your personal preferences. With the time taken to eat it, you must take care of writing speed.

How to write a five-page paper?

You must follow these easy steps while writing –

Determine the topic

Although your professors may give you the topic on which you need to write. But if they have not given you, decide on what niche you will write about. Select the topic which you think is best related to your subject.

Take time

Doing things in a hurry always spoils your work. Therefore you should always take time at every step of writing the article. You must be patient in deciding on what niche you will be writing. Also, you should take time while doing your research. You also need to think if a thesis is needed in it or not. Thus you should also think about if you need to Capitalise it or not.

Creating an Outline

Once you know which topic you will write about, start creating an outline. You must write the things that you need to add to your essay. This will help you a lot at the time when you will be finally writing the essay. 

Writing introduction

Now start writing with the introduction of your topic. An introduction is the start of your essay. It gives your readers an idea about your topic. The introduction is important as it will attract the readers to your essay. It also includes a statement on the topic. 

Writing the main body

Once you have written the introduction, start with the body of the essay. Include all the necessary points related to your topic. Include all the relevant facts and information in it. You must try to include facts that make your argument stronger. Try to divide your body into different sections so that it could be easy for your readers to understand it. 


The conclusion section includes what is the outcome of your study in short. You need to write what you have concluded from your study and also can include some important ways by which the problem can be tackled.


Proofreading is important when you are given assignments based on writing. Whether it is dissertations, essays, or any other writing you would not want to include mistakes in your writing. For this, it is crucial to read it again. Proofreading helps to reduce the chances of mistakes in your writing

Plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism occurs when you have copied and pasted others’ content under your name. Having plagiarism in your essay results in penalties. It is important not to plagiarism in your essay. Though depending upon the institution you may be allowed to have 10-12% of plagiarism. If you need to include some universal truth or any statement that is already proven, try to cite the resources. 


Five-page papers are the short assignments that you get during your semesters to help you in enhancing your writing skills. This type of assignment needs to end within 5 pages only. The time that you need to spend on writing this assignment varies with the type of assignment you get and your speed as well. If the assignment does not include much more research details then you do not need a lot of time to spend on it. But if you need to enter detailed information, then you may spend more time.  

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