How many hours can a student legally work in the UK?

There are many students who want to support their families by providing financial help or by not asking for extra expenses from the family. You can find a lot of jobs where you can earn a lot of income. These jobs will help you to earn a good income. But the main question here is how many hours you need to work legally.

Quick Takeaways

  • The number of hours in which you will be working will depend upon your age of you.
  • If you are 13-14 you can only work for 2 hours every weekday.
  • The only factor that affects how many hours you can work as a student is your age.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how many hours you can legally work as a student in the UK.

How many hours can a student legally work in the UK?

How Many Hours Can a Student Legally Work in the UK?

Every student has to work according to their age. Though you may work differently if you are a college student. You may need a professional reference for applying for part-time work. Thus you can always ask your professor to become a professional reference. The hours are given to work legally depend on the student’s age such as:

  • If the student is working when it is term time or it’s a school holiday also affects the number of hours for working legally. 
  • Students whose ages range from 13 to 14 years old can work for 2 hours every weekday. And they work extra for 5 hours on Sunday.
  • Students whose ages range from 15 to 6 years old can work for 8 hours on Saturdays. 

What Affects the Number of Hours You Can Work?

Age is the most affecting factor that decides the number of hours a student can work. If the student is 13 only they are allowed to work but they can’t work a full-time job. To work full time they need to be at least 16. The students who are doing school and job together are allowed to work for a maximum of 2 hours per day on a school day.

If the student age is from 13 to 14 they are allowed to work for 5 hours on Saturday only and the maximum hour they work if there is a school holiday is for 25 hours. Students who are 15 Or 16 years old are allowed to work for 8 hours on Saturday and the maximum hours they can work during school holidays is 35 hours per week and a maximum of 8 hours on weekdays or Saturdays. Further, if you are learning virtually it might also affect the working hours. Thus you must remember the tips that are important for virtual learning.

How many hours can a student legally work in the UK?

What Job Opportunities are Available for Students?  

There are many job opportunities for the student as students of any age can work in the art industry like an actor or model but for this, the student needs to have a performance license. The student can also do the job of babysitting or pet sitting. Getting this type of job is easy for the student as they can start by asking their relatives and friends only if they need any or they can ask their neighbors. The job of washing cars can also be done by the students. If you are an international student you may have different working opportunities.

How many hours can a student legally work in the UK?

How to Balance Studying with a Job?

 Doing a job with schooling should not affect the grades of the student. The following are some tips by which the student can balance studying with a job:

  • The student should complete the homework as soon as possible. They should not wait for the last days of the holidays. Especially when the exam days are coming close the student should finish the homework soon so that they have the time for revision and can easily do the job with it. 
  • For Balancing studying with a job, students should make a timetable and should follow it. The student should make a timetable in which the hours of studying and doing work. The student should also include in the timetable the things like doing homework, revision, meeting friends, time for going to bed, etc. 
  • The student should revise their notes most. As the student is going to sleep they can revise the old topic before going to bed which will allow them to keep it in mind and during the examinations will be easy for the students to revise them again. 


The working hours of the student in the UK are decided by the age of the student and according to that, only the student has to work. There are many jobs that a student can do while studying in the schools like working in a restaurant, taking care of a pet, taking care of babies, etc.

Being international students they have to work for the hours which are given on their visa and the type of job they can do is also specified on the visa. For example, if the student has a visa for tier 4 they can work 20 hours a week during the term time. and the student who is doing a degree can work for 10 hours a week during the term time.


Can a student work more than the hours?

If the student works for more than the hours given according to age it will make the student more.

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