How Many Hours Should a College Student Work? (Per Day & Week)

The student of college usually wants to work to get their family to pay the tuition fee, rent if they are away from the house, food expenses, and other expenses too. The student was able to earn some money while doing college studies.

Quick Takeaways

  • As a student, you must work for 15-20 hours a week. You will be able to earn a decent amount for yourself. 
  • If you are a full-time student then you must work for 10 -20 hours per week.
  • On the other hand, if you are a part-time student, then you can work for 20-30 hours.

However, you must read till the end so that you do get to understand how many hours you should work as a college student.

How Many Hours Should a College Student Work? (Per Day & Week)

How many hours should a College Student work?

The student does the work while completing the higher education degree and the student should work for at least 15-20 hours per week. There are many jobs that you can take up even if you are an international student. So, a student who does not have a good family background could help the family by paying some amount in housing, tuition fee, food expenses, buying clothes and the transportation charge can easily be paid by the student’s earnings. You must first ask the RA if you can work or not so that you could find a good place to study. As a student, you must try to eat food that is good for your brain.

How many hours should a full-time student work?

Full-time students are students which do have a minimum of 12 credits in a semester that depending on the course the student is taking during admission. There are many students who want to graduate early. 17 credits a semester will help them and those students will not be able to work along with their college studies.

As the student who takes maximum credit per student will have less time to work as they have to give more time to studying as the education in high school is more tough or intense and the homework does take time for completing in college. The student first should get themself settled and should get into the habit of doing the homework on time then only should search for a job during their high school education. However, if you get late in completing your homework due to your work you must ask your teachers to accept your late work.

How Many Hours Should a College Student Work? (Per Day & Week)

We can also conclude that by having more credit per semester a student has to give more time to studies and will have less free time to do work. The semester has credits of 12-16, where the student can work for 10 -20 hours per week. and the student should try to get a job near to the college only as the student could walk or drive in a few minutes to reach the designation of work which will save the student time and money too.

How many hours should a part-time student work?

Part-time students are students who do have less than 12 credits per semester depending on the course selected by the student. As having fewer credits will increase the free time in the student’s college education. The student having a minimum of 6-11 credits per week can work for 20-30 hours per week. If you are working far from the college could work for a maximum of 20 -30 hours per week.

However, if you work near the college, it may increase, but you must try to take it for 20-30 hours only. The student should try to maintain a balance between college and work so that they don’t get disturbed in their studies which will lead to a lot of consequences. Further, you will also get to take part in Greek organizations that will help you to increase your network and make new friends. Also, once you are out of college you will get a lot of free time.

What are the pros and cons of the student who is working with college?


The following are some pros that the student gets while working with a college education:

  • Additional income
  • Maintaining success in school
  • Gaining experience
How Many Hours Should a College Student Work? (Per Day & Week)
  1. Additional income:

As you will be doing the job during college, you will earn some additional income. You can use it in buying clothes, giving rent, and food, and also pay the tuition fee. If you get the additional income also can have a fun time relaxing your mind. Which will help you not in hating the college.

  1. Maintaining success in school:

The students who do work during college time will be able to learn many skills that the students could not learn with only a college education. As the student will learn time management skills and will also learn about creating a balance between college and job. If you are not good at time management, you can always take the help of student planners.

If you have fewer credits per semester, you will be able to give more time to the job and have a balance between your job and college without affecting the academic performance of the student. You must choose the school that has highly happy students. As they are most likely to allow you to do a part-time.

  1. Gaining experience:

The student who does not do the job will not gain any experience in the job but the student who does the job with the college will gain the full experience of the job. It depends on what kind of job you are doing. You must try to take a job that is relatable to the course of the college which will make the student gain live experience. Thus you can try to get help from a college advisor that helps you to know which college allows you to work along with attending it.


The following are some cons that the student gets while working with a college education:

  • Less time to study
  • Falling grades
  • Increased stress
How many hours should a College student work?
  1. Less time to study:

The student giving more time to the job while doing college will lead to a bad score in the academic zone of the student. So, you should make a properly organized time so that you do not get less time to study. However, when you are in the classroom, there may be cameras which will help to see if you are seriously studying or not.

  1. Failing grades:

As if the student doesn’t balance their time management given job and learning will make the student’s grades go down. As the student will focus more on the job and not focus on academic performance which will lead to failing grades.

  1. Increase stress:

As you enter college life which is totally different from school life and the stress level also increases here. If you start doing the job at the beginning of the semester, not only will make you settle down in the environment but will increase your stress levels.


The student should work according to the course and the credits per semester as a high credit semester will have less time for the student to do the job so, those students should focus on their studies as it may disturb their academic performance also. and the semester with less credit will make the student easy to do the job without disturbing their academic performance of the students. so the students should organize their time and give priority to their studies first.


Is it worth it to work during college?

As the student working during college will explore the job, will get hands-on experience, and will be able to learn time management skills.

How many hours is a college day?

The student attends the minimum hour of class per week is 15 hours such as learning for  3 hours of class daily.

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