How Many Times you can Retake a Class?

There are many classes in the college that are very complex. You may find it hard to complete its curriculum and pass it. You put in all the effort and work very hard, but still fail in a specific class. This not only demotivates you but puts an extra burden on you for completing the subject. When you fail a subject the first question is how many times you can retake the class.

Quick Takeaways

  • In most cases, you will be only allowed to retake a single class three times.
  • There is no doubt that it is ok to retake a class. But retaking a class too many times maybe not be worth it. 
  • It is because you would miss your graduation date.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a proper understanding of how many times you can repeat a class.

How Many Times you can Retake a Class?

How many times you can retake a class?

In the most common cases, you are only allowed to retake a class up to three times. You must submit a specific letter to the school if you want to retake the exam a fourth time. But retaking a class so many times could be not that worthwhile. It is because you would miss your graduation date. Therefore you must take care while giving the exams by performing some of the things during the morning of the exam day. Additionally, because your course would be longer, you would spend more money and time on it.

Does retaking a class hurt your GPA?

Not retaking a class does not harm your GPA. Though the original grades that you get in the subject you failed are reflected in your transcript. When you retake the subject the new grades are added to your overall GPA instead of the previous low grades due to which some of the students may start hating the college. Also how the grade for retaking a new class depends on the policies of the school in which you are. Some schools may add the average of the previous and new grades that you obtain.

Is it ok to repeat the class?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to repeat your class. There are many benefits of repeating your class. The repeat option is intended to maintain balance when it comes to retaking the course. In many schools, your GPA and credit hours are calculated using only the grades that you get for the second completion. It means removing the first earned grade you received from the GPA calculation. You have the chance to overcome the challenges that you had when you first took the course by choosing to take it again.

Repeating a course demonstrates that you are a highly motivated person. You make it apparent that despite earlier issues with a course, you were determined to retake it and improve your grade. However, you must use this option in your favour. Once you have taken the repeating option, do the best you can and try to improve your grade in it. However, make sure that you do not have to repeat the class just because of getting wrong grades.

What happens if you fail the same class twice and thrice?

Failing a class means a low GPA. When you fail the same class two or three times, the chances are that it may drop your GPA to a great extent. Some colleges are very strict with their regulations. Your school may give you detention if you do not maintain the required GPA.

Also in most schools, you can only retake the subject thrice. Failing the same subject thrice may lead you to a very difficult situation. Although, you can still try to give it a fourth time by requesting your professor.

How Many Times you can Retake a Class?

How to improve your grade?

Many times students fail in their classes. This might make them demotivated and also result in depression. Here are some easy ways by which you can improve your early grades –

Hire Tutors

The biggest reason for failing a class/subject is that you may have not understood the concepts properly. To help yourself to get better results, you can hire a tutor to help you. Try to get a tutor who has a very good understanding of your subject and could make it easy for you to understand the topic.

Making a schedule

When you are reappearing for a subject, you should keep one thing straight in mind and i.e this is probably the last chance for you to clear the subject. You need to do your best in it. Start with making a proper schedule for yourself. Keep some extra time for this particular subject. Also do not burden yourself. 

Talk to your seniors 

Your seniors are the students who have the idea of how to succeed in that particular subject. They may give you advice on how to prepare for the retest. Also if you fail just because of the long assignments, seniors are the best option to talk to. They can tell you how you can complete them.

Take help from your classmates/friends

Your friends and other classmates may have cleared the exam. You can talk to them and take their help to know what you can do. Some students get to understand the concepts more easily from their friends rather than the professors. This could be a big help to you.

How Many Times you can Retake a Class?

Dropping the subject

Many times you may take the wrong subject or a difficult subject. The last option after all your efforts and time invested is to give up the subject. Try to take some other subject rather than this subject. Though if the subject is mandatory then you must talk to your academic advisor.


Not every student is the same and has the same capabilities. They might have different interests. A subject that may look easy for one student, can be tough for another. Due to this, students may end up failing a particular class. If you have failed a class doesn’t worry you can retake your classes up to three times.

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