How many words is a University Dissertation?

There are a lot of assignments that you need to give when you are studying at a university. One such final assignment is your dissertation which is of much higher grades than your normal subjects. A dissertation is just like a research paper but is a lengthy version of it.

Quick Takeaways

  • A dissertation is the one which you give at the end of your university courses as a final project.
  • You need to write up to 15000-20000 words in your dissertation. 
  • Although it is very tough to complete the dissertation in just two weeks, you must stay motivated and work hard to complete it.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of the number of words in the university dissertation.

How many words is a University Dissertation?

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a thesis or a term paper that you will need to submit as a final assignment during your Ph.D. or your master’s program. In this, you will need to write a research paper-like assignment in which you will need to write deep knowledge about the topic. It involves deep research and based on your research you will be writing a research paper on it.

How many words is a University Dissertation?

The word count for dissertations for most universities is about 15000-20000. Although you must remember that this will be different for each university and will also be dependent upon the course you are choosing. Additionally, it will also depend on the topic you have chosen to research. The vast your topic will be, the more will be your word limit. There are 4 to 5 sections that you need to cover in your dissertation. 

Can you complete your university dissertation in 2 weeks?

This depends on how motivated and determined you are in completing your dissertation. Many of the students would have completed and finished their dissertations by this time. This shows that if you are left with only two weeks, it will be hard for you to complete it. It will even become harder if you have not yet done your research. You must be focused and should not get distracted by anything. Remember that you only have 2 weeks left and thus you must give your full focus on it.

How many words is a University Dissertation?

How to choose the topic for your dissertation?

Your dissertation can be the turning point for your final grade. Thus you should focus on writing it properly. To start with you need to decide the topic for writing your dissertation. Your topic should be related to the subject you are studying. Furthermore, you must consider various factors like relevancy, schedule, type of knowledge, and how you need to write the dissertation.
Select the topics on which you can write easily. Don’t choose the topic out of your knowledge. Make a list of the topics that you have decided on. After making the list, figure out which article goes best with your subject. Also, see what is the easiest topic to write on. After considering all the topics, find out the best topic for yourself.

How to write an interesting Dissertation?

To write up a proper dissertation you will need to follow the given steps-

1. Selecting the topic

The first step is to start with selecting the topic for your dissertation. The above section will help you to decide on the topic for your dissertation. 

How many words is a University Dissertation?

2. Do your research properly

The next step is to do your proper research. You will need to do proper research related to your topic. Adding the relevant information is very necessary for your dissertation. You must avoid any unnecessary information. Try to take help from various online platforms like

3. Making an outline

The next step is to outline your dissertation. You will need to make points that you need to add to your article. This will help you when you are finally writing up your dissertation.

4. Start writing up

Do not forget to follow the right pattern of the dissertation. Remember to follow the right pattern of the dissertation. When you are writing up a dissertation remember that you need to write it up within a given word limit. 

How many words is a University Dissertation?

5. Proofreading

Whenever you are submitting your assignments, you must proofread them before submitting them. Proofreading means reading the work once again before submitting it. It will help you to remove spelling errors and any written mistakes. 

6. Check for plagiarism

One of the biggest things that you need to avoid is simple and incremental plagiarism. It is one of the most important things while writing up the article. Checking for plagiarism will help you to check if your dissertation contains any copy-pasting content in it. If you have used any copied content in it your assignment may be graded as zero. Although if you are adding content like popular narrations or important universal facts then you can include it as it is. Try to use Safeassign or other plagiarism detectors to know if there is plagiarism in the content.

What is the pattern of writing up the Dissertation?

Every university has its own way of writing up a dissertation. However, in most cases, you will need to follow up the pattern for writing up the dissertation –

1. Introduction

It will help the readers to know what to expect from the content. Thus your first section in the dissertation is the introduction.

How many words is a University Dissertation?

2. Literature review

The literature review is the part of your dissertation in which you give references to other research papers. You will need to add what other authors have concluded in their research papers.

3. Data and methodology

In this section, you will need to add where and how you have taken the data. You will need to add what are the different methods that you are using to analyze the data. 

4. Conclusion

At last, you will need to conclude the paper. This means that you will need to conclude your research paper. What are the final results of your research paper? If needed you can also add what measures you need to deal with the problem.

Important Takeaway

A university dissertation is the final assignment of your degree. It is the research paper that you need to give at the end. Your university dissertation is important for your final grades thus you must make sure to follow up the proper guidelines. The university may ask you to follow up on the proper pattern or may give you a particular amount of words to write. Although for most cases the word limit is between 10,000-20,000. However, it will depend upon the university you are studying in.

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