How much free time do college students have?

The life of the students can be interesting as well as tiring. They have a lot of work to do. They have to attend their colleges, travel to their colleges, etc. When you are going to college you want to know how much free time you would get. Here you will learn about factors that will affect your free time and how you can get more of it.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you are in college the free time you get will depend upon various factors.
  • Some of the factors that affect free time in college – Types of classes, Outside job responsibilities, Work, and Clubs in your college.
  • Students in lower-level classes generally have more free time as compared to students in higher classes.

Further, we have discussed how much free time college students get in detail and therefore you must not miss the end.

How much free time do college students have?

How much free time do college students have?

The answer to these questions mainly depends upon many factors that are explained further. Students in lower-level classes generally have more free time as compared to students in higher classes. This is because of the differences in the study levels of both classes. On average students give 25 – 30 hours for their academic coursework in a week. Students have to deal with a lot of activities. Due to it, they are only left with 3 – 5 hours, depending upon their life. However, after completing college you will be getting a lot of free time.

Factors Affecting the Free Time of college students

Here are some factors that affect the free time of college students-

1. Types of the classes

The biggest factor that affects the free time of college students is what type of classes they are taking which may also have a dress code. If the subject of a particular class is easy, then you will spend less time on it relative to a tougher class. It would help if you tried to choose the college with happy students.

2. Outside job responsibilities

Many students have to deal with a lot of responsibilities outside their college life. They may have to take care of their parents, their younger siblings, pay the rent, etc. Obviously, for coping with family responsibilities, you have to spend some time also. 

How much free time do college students have?

3. Work

Many students have to work to meet their college expenses. For this, they need to do a part-time job, in order to earn and meet their expenses. Your working hours also determine your free time. 

4. Clubs in your colleges

Your co-curriculum activities also determine your free time. If you have joined clubs or groups then you may get less time. You need to attend the various meetings, activities, etc performing in those groups and clubs, especially of Greek organizations. On the other hand, if there are no clubs in the college it will become boring and you may also start hating the college.

What do the students do in their free time?

Every teenager is unique. However, many people love spending their leisure time on activities like spending time, attending events, hanging out with friends, playing video games, etc. Additionally, teens are investing more of their spare time in organized extracurricular hobbies like sports and music. Many of them have a family gathering to come up with fun things to do as a family. You might create lists of things you can accomplish together. Some of you may also do a lot of adventurous activities like rope climbing, trekking, etc in your free time.

What is the average time that a student should give on their studies?

The average time that is taken by a student to study is 4 – 6 hours per week. Although, it depends upon the course that he/she has taken. If you have taken a high-credit course, then you need to give more hours to your study every week. Whereas if you have a low credit course, you may need to give less time to your study. You should spend 12 to 18 hours per week studying for a course that meets for three hours two days a week. According to many experts, the top students study for 30 to 35 hours each week. This definitely means that you will get less time to chill and relax.

How to get more extra time for yourself?

Following are the ways by which you can get free time for yourself –

1. Time management

Start with creating a timetable. Think of all the things that you have to do in your full day. Keep time for your studies, and other activities that you need to perform. 

How much free time do college students have?

2. Stay away from distractions

Don’t waste your time checking unwanted emails and messages. In addition to being extremely unwanted, checking them again and again definitely results in spoiling your free time. Stay away from such distractions during your study time. This is because it will take you extra time to study.

3. Study with a concentration

When you are studying do not lack focus. You must keep your focus on one subject at a particular time. Don’t try to move on to the next topic or subject until and unless you are completely done with the one.

4. Going online

With everything going digital, you must do things like banking, ticket booking, etc online. This could save a lot of time for you, giving you some more free time.


Student life is the most tiring life. There are a lot of things that a student performs simultaneously. They go to their regular colleges, attend them and also perform their outside responsibilities. On average, it is generally said that a student gets 3 – 5 hours of free time per day. But this is not the same for everyone. There are many factors that affect the free time of an individual student. Although there are some ways by which you can take out some extra free time for yourself to relax. 

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