How to Become a Foster Parent in Missouri?

When a newborn takes birth, he has no understanding of the world, he doesn’t know who he is surrounded by. So, he also needs a good, safe and caring life for survival. Every child needs to be pampered for their growth. There should be someone who listens to them, feeds them, and doesn’t let them cry. There are some exceptional cases, in which children get separated from their parents. So what happens to the children then? For them, there are Foster Parents. You should know that there are approximately 13000 Missouri children who suffered from family issues. So, the easy way to help those children is to become a foster parent But who are they, and how do become a Foster parent, especially in Missouri?

Quick Takeaways

  • A foster parent is the one who takes care of the children who got separated from their original parents due to various reasons. 
  • To become a foster parent you need to contact the local department of social services and fill out all the applications and provide all the required documents. 
  • A legal procedure is followed and finally, you become the foster parent of the child you choose to be. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to becoming a foster parent in Missouri.

How to Become a Foster parent in Missouri?

Who are foster parents?

The parents get ready to take care of the children who suffered from family issues and got separated. They are the full-time parents of those children so they can help them and make their future bright too. Even though it is good to know that the foster parents get trained to serve those children in their state. One more thing to add, they even get licenses for becoming a licensed foster parent. Isn’t it amazing? You can help a child whose parents are not with him and raise them, feed them and fulfill their necessities. 

How to become a foster parent in Missouri? 

If you want to become a foster parent, let us know in detail what the procedure is. Below are the steps to follow: 

Step 1- First, you need to contact the local department of social services in your area. You may also need to get in the contact with the local police. Then fill out the application form for it respectively.  

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Step 2- Then, you are required to provide your documents to the worker who is running your case. You will be required to give the respective documents; birth certificates, driving records, pet vaccinations, income tax filings, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and others. 

Step 3- You will come to know about more requirements for t by your case worker. The consultation process will go from one to two hours in the early stage. 

Step 4- They will check your fingerprint for monitoring your background. They will see whether you have a criminal background or not. Then, your paperwork will start if it goes clean. 

Step 5– After that, you will be trained for foster care. You should acquire those skills and then only you will get your license for it. 

Step 6Clarify all your doubts in your training session and then, you will go for a medical test which should prove that you have no physical or mental health issues. Children should be immunized.

Step 7- Last but not least, you will be asked about your preferences in the application form. They will tell the worker of the case about your nature and ensure that its schedule is positive. 

What type of children are required to be in foster care? 

Various children need to be in foster care such as: 

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  • Adults who want someone to fulfill their needs in a foster home.
  • Teenagers who are suffering from mental, and physical issues. 
  • Youngsters need to be with each other as if they are brother and sister. 
  • Children are from low economic backgrounds. 
  • Also, children who suffered from physically abusive behavior. 

What are the requirements for becoming a foster parent in Missouri? 

The following requirements are needed to be there for becoming a foster parent in Missouri. If not, then your application can get canceled. Read below properly: 

  1. You should be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  2. You should have good health issues related to physical health and mental health.
  3. You should be a citizen of the US with the documents as proof.
  4. Your income needs to be sound. 
  5. You should not have any criminal record behind you. 
  6. When your child is in need, you will need to transfer the student from the school.
  7. You will have to take care that they do not get excluded from the school.
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Covering up the context 

A foster parent is the one who take care of a child who lost his/her parents due to different reasons. To become a foster parent you need to contact the local authorities and need to give all the legal documents for completing the proocessl.


How much are foster parents paid in Missouri?

A foster parent can earn around $34,184 in a year. 

How long does it take to be a foster parent in Missouri?

To become a foster parent in Missouri, it will take around 5-6 months to gain your license.

How long does a foster child stay with you?

The minimum period is around some weeks but the maximum can be two years. 

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