How to Become an Aviation Maintenance Technician?

The jet engine mechanic’s job for the day is to check and maintain the aircraft’s equipment and repair if there is any problem in the aircraft and make the aircraft operate properly and safely. It also includes the responsibilities of inspecting the aircraft and keeping maintenance of the aircraft. They are an expert in repairing and identifying the problem by seeing the symptoms in the aircraft. They can be involved in working in small planes, large planes, and helicopters. But how to become Aviation Maintenance Technician.

Quick Takeaways

  • To become an aviation maintenance technician, you do not need to have a bachelor’s degree. 
  • All you need to have is a high school diploma. 
  • Skills required for becoming an aviation maintenance technician are – Communication skills, Careful to detail, Stamina, Teamwork, and Problem-solving.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a great understanding of how to become a Jet Engine Mechanic.

How to Become an Aviation Maintenance Technician?

Responsibilities of a Jet Engine Mechanic

  1. Aviation maintenance technicians have to inspect and look at different aircraft components to see whether they are working properly or not.
  2. They also have to check the landing gear and hydraulic system, and if there is any crack, breaks, leaks, and other problems that are common in an aircraft.
  3. The aviation maintenance technician must be able to read and explain the problem in the aircraft’s maintenance and the other technical issues in the aircraft.
  4. While maintaining an aircraft they have to maintain a written record of the history of maintenance and what was the issue in the past life of the aircraft. also which aircraft is maintained and which is not worthy to fly.

Education of Aviation Maintenance Technician – How to Become a Jet Engine Mechanic?

  • For becoming an aviation maintenance technician a college degree or education is not required, unlike a nuclear engineer.
  • According to the information, only 12% of aviation maintenance technicians have a high school diploma and 25% of mechanics have a high school diploma and certificate that are related to aircraft. About 60% of aircraft mechanics have an associate degree.
  •  In short, in aircraft mechanics, the 4-year degree is not compulsory or we can say not required.
  •  The aircraft engine mechanic needs to have a license and certification from the FAA (federal aviation administration) the department deals with the aircraft and pilots and makes strong rules regarding all the precautions for air safety.
  •  Also, the bachelor’s and associate degree is taken as disciplines related.
  • Having a degree as an aircraft mechanic will increase job opportunities and also that person having a degree will be able for certification faster as compared to the mechanic who is learning the skills of an aircraft mechanic on the job.
  •  The FAA requires maximum training periods of 18-30 months for the certification exams.

Skills required by an Aircraft Engine Mechanic – Aviation Maintenance Technician

The following skill must be there in an aircraft engine mechanic but these skills can be developed while the person is doing the job of an aviation maintenance technician. 

  • Communication skills
  • Careful to detail
  • Stamina
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
How to Become an Aviation Maintenance Technician?

Careful to the details:

The skill means the mechanic should have a deep knowledge of the aircraft so that the Plane Technician can find the error or a problem in the aircraft soon and make sure the issue that has occurred is solved quickly and with accuracy to avoid small mistakes.

1. Stamina:

An aviation maintenance technician needs to have the stamina to stand for hours where it is needed if the issue occurs in tight spaces the mechanic must be able to reach into the tight space for solving it. Sometimes the mechanic has to crouch to reach the part where there is no possibility of standing and reaching excluding this physical stamina mechanic needs to have mental stamina too so that the mechanic does not get nervous in a tighter space.

2. Teamwork:

The reason for a safe and comfortable air transportation system is the aircraft technician. The teamwork behind every aircraft transportation. Every mechanic works in inappropriate conditions for solving the problem effectively and quicker teamwork skills are required to coordinate with the other Technicians within the organization. In many fields, proper training is provided to improve teamwork skills and performance.

How to Become an Aviation Maintenance Technician?

3. Problem-solving skills:

The most important skill of an aviation maintenance technician should be problem-solving in difficult circumstances. The mechanic should deal with it easily without getting hyper and should be able to handle the situation effectively.

Salary of an Aviation Maintenance Technician: 

The salary varies for the jet engine mechanic as per the company, the designation in the field, and the experience of work too. as per the survey of 2022, the salaries of the mechanic are given below

Average salary per hour$25.98
Average salary per month$4504
Average salary per year$54045

What is the difference between a Jet and an Airplane?

How to Become an Aviation Maintenance Technician?

Many people have this confusion about whether the jet and airplanes are the same or different. There is a difference between them. A jet is said to be a plane that has a jet engine which can either be a turbojet or turbofan engine but in airplanes, the turboprop engine is used. Also, a jet can be a plane but we can’t say a plane is a jet.

What is the difference between private jets or aircraft and commercial jets or aircraft?

As a comparison, the speed of private and commercial jets fly at almost the same speed an average of 547-575 mph. But the size also matters the smaller the private jet’s speed will be faster than the commercial airplane as they are bigger. Another difference due to the size comes the smaller plane can fly for up to 1000-1500 miles. While larger planes or jets can fly more than 4000 miles.


This profession is easy to take as there is no compulsory need for a college degree. But the job is tough as the mechanic has to work under any circumstances to make the aircraft transportation safe. Any problem in the engine of jets or aircraft can risk the lives of numerous passengers traveling.

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