How to cheat in an Online Exam – Proctored Exam, Is it Safe?

The trend of online exams as we know has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 cases on the rise, due to which the exam centres are closing. So the education system of schools, colleges, and universities has moved online by considering every aspect of education: online tests, online lectures, online exams, webinars, zoom-calls, and so on. While conducting the online exams the organization is facing the problem of cheating by the students. This has become a big problem or issue, especially with the use of software like Proctor and apps like googles meet for handling online exams. So, it is possible to cheat in online exams when it is a proctored exam. But how can you cheat in online proctored exams?

Quick Takeaways

  • You can cheat in online exams by using multiple monitors to mirror your main monitor. 
  • Make sure that the projected images should not face to webcam. 
  • By placing the textbook or mobile under the table or below the plane of view from the webcam’s perspective. This is the other way of cheating in the online procured exams.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a complete understanding of how can you cheat in an online proctored exam.

How to cheat in an Online Exam - Proctored Exam, Is it Safe?

How do students cheat on an online exam? – How to cheat in the Online Exam?

As we know due to the pandemic college and universities are instructors to conduct the exam online and the student giving the exam has taken it as an opportunity to cheat in the exam and pass the exam. This is because the student is living far away, which makes it difficult to monitor the online student while giving the exam. Some common ways to cheat in an exam are as follows:

How to cheat in an online exam?

  • The most common and safest way to cheat in a non-proctor exam is by taking a screenshot of the questions and sending it to a third party or the expert. and they reply to them with the answers This is mainly possible in the apps like zoom, google meet, and some others.
  • By utilizing more than one monitor while giving the online exam. due to online courses, students are giving the test from remote locations which creates an option to utilize more than one monitor. In this case, use one monitor to access the exam questions and the other monitor to mirror the content of the main monitor. By doing this the candidate’s friend will also have an access to the test questions simultaneously and have the answer to questions.
  • Due to remote locations, the student can easily recruit another person who is having more knowledge the student gives the test only if online authentication is not required only logging by email or number is done. Because online id authentication such as face ID can be used to prevent impersonation.

Cheating in normal online exams is much different from cheating in online proctor exams. Thus further we have discussed what is proctored exam is and how you can cheat on an online proctor exam.

What are Proctor exams?

How to cheat in an Online Exam - Proctored Exam, Is it Safe?

Proctoring means locking your browser when you are in the online exam due to which you can not go to a different tab. Thus, we can conclude that the proctored exam is the one in which you can not go on a tab other than the exam tab. Just like your offline exams, where your professors will keep a check on you, having proctor software will keep a check on the students during the online exams. In this exam, your video, screen and the voice of you will be recorded by the software. Even if you move your eyes or have a slight body movement it will give you a red flag and inform your teachers.

Further, when you will try to shift to the other tab, it will still detect it and let your professor know about it. One of the most common proctor software is Blackboard which prevents students from cheating the exams. Having a proctor exam is very tough to cheat and thus further we have discussed some of the ways that will help you to cheat in the proctor exams.

How to cheat on an online proctor exam?

If you are having a proctored exam, you will not be able to google the answers online. Many institutions have taken steps so that students may not cheat in an exam by taking the proctored exams. But it is still not foolproof that cheating will not take place. the common way used by the student to cheat on a proctored exam is:

How to cheat in an Online Exam - Proctored Exam, Is it Safe?
  • One of the technical methods to cheat on a proctored exam is by keeping the software between the proctoring software like Honorlock and the webcam of your computer. The proctoring software works like Proctorio, Blackboards, and Respondus by coordinating with the webcam of the candidate’s computer through which the candidate’s activities and actions may signal as cheating. So when the proctoring software tries to pull the live feed by the candidate’s webcam, the software kept in between the proctoring software and the webcam intercepts it and it provided the proctor with a prerecorded feed from a virtual webcam. Software commonly used for this purpose is Manycam.
  • If the student is using multiple monitors to mirror the main monitor. Make sure that the projected images should not face to webcam. That image must only be visible to the student and the other student who is located on the other side of the room. In the projected image the friend on the other side starts research based on the questions and provides the answer simultaneously. The candidate has to keep things in mind and avoid unnecessary movements that may arouse doubt during the exam a proctor.
  • By using the actual textbook in which the exam is conducted or using a mobile. The proctoring software like Examity records the movement of the eye and head of the candidate via the webcam of the candidate. By placing the textbook or mobile under the table or below the plane of view from the webcam’s perspective. you can also were the glasses so that the activity is not recorded by the proctoring software.


Cheating in an online exam is risky due to the proctoring software nowadays a pretty well to do their job. Due to the high rate of cheating universities and colleges are not using the zoom app or google meet to conduct the exam online.


Can proctored exams detect cheating?

Proctored exams are the ones in which special software is used that help to prevent you from going to the other tab. Thus there is no doubt that proctored exams can easily detect cheating if not done correctly. If you are really cheating in the proctored exams, make sure that you are doing it in a proper manner.

Is it safe to cheat in proctor exams?

Cheating in an exam is not at all acceptable whether done in an offline or online exam. It means that you must not do it as there can be consequences for it. However, if you are cheating with the help of the above points, it will be safe for you. You will have to make sure that your professor does not look at you so that it is safe to cheat in the exam.

Is it easy to cheat in proctored exams?

A proctored exam is one which is taken online with the help of proctored exams. It means that your webcam will be the only source to keep a check on you. Thus, it is easy to cheat in the proctored exam as there will be no professor to keep a check on you. Further webcams will usually keep a check on a specific area. It means that the students can easily cheat by keeping the books on the side of the webcam. Further also, the proctoring software will only detect if you are going on a different tab. It means that if you use a mobile phone it will be easy for you to cheat in the exam. 

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