How to Cheat on Canvas Tests?

Canvas is used mostly during online learning and giving online examinations. canvas is used by teachers so that the students can easily have access to the assignments, course material, and notes. If you use Canvas, then you might want to know some detailed features for the same. However, if you are a student you must want to know about how you can cheat on canvas tests.

Quick Takeaways

  • The simple ways to cheat on Canvas by the student for writing assignments:
1. Copy-paste
2. Copying from the other students
3. Discussions
4. Using the phones for search
5. Hiring experts to write

Further, we have discussed these ways in detail so that you can know how you can cheat on the platform.

How to cheat on canvas tests?

Canvas is a learning management system that works similarly to moodle. Following are the ways by which you can cheat on the canvas tests-

1. Copy-paste:

The most common way for students to cheat on canvas tests is to copy-paste the content written from one tab to another and by paraphrasing the content in a good way so that it is not detected as plagiarism by plagiarism detecting tools. But this cannot be done if the institution is using lock-down browsers.

2. Copying from notes:

Another method to cheat on canvas tests is by copying the answer from the notes or any answer books near you. It can be done without detecting cheating only when the camera doesn’t rotate 360 degrees before the exam and the student can keep the notes or the free textbook next to you so that it can be used for copying.

3. By discussion:

If the test is taken by dividing the students into groups and the student takes benefits from this. When the group has completed the test, the other group of students can ask about the pattern of the paper by discussing it with each other.

4. Hiring expert to write:

This can be done when the student is sharing a screen with the expert and letting him/her write the answer. Also, one more method can be used to cheat on canvas during the online exam when the exam starts and the student’s face authentication is approved then after that the student can ask the expert to sit on behalf of her/him and write the answer.

5. Using phone:

During the online exam, the student can cheat on the canvas test by hiding the phone in the room.

How can we cheat canvas during essay assignments?

There are many ways to cheat canvas while doing the essay assignment such as:

1. By word document:

Create a word document, you can add the guideline and important points in this document so that you remember them. now create another document next to the web browser, this is the document where you have to write the essay. so that you can search the content easily and write the points in the word document.

2. By use of smartphone or tablet:

To cheat canvas during the essay assignment the student can take a mobile phone or tablet to help in copying the content. Be careful to place the mobile near the laptop and the gadgets should be fully charged and with a good internet connection. if you place the mobile or tablet close to your computer system it will also not be able to detect by the webcam if it is being used during essay assignment writing.

3. By hiring an expert to write the exam:

You can ask the help from your friend by screen sharing as it will show the same screen to your friend that is on your monitor. And the friend hand easily writes the assignment and will copy it. Hence making it easy to cheat canvas during essay assignments.

How can canvas detect cheating?

It is possible to detect cheating while doing an exam with canvas if canvas has additional software with it and the professor will be able to detect cheating easily. The following are some ways by which canvas can detect cheating:

1. By inbuilt plagiarism checker:

If the canvas has plagiarism checker like PlagScan software then it will be easy to detect plag if the student copies the content directly without doing proper paraphrasing so that assignment or paper is not detected as plag. The plagiarism checker can compare the content submitted by the student to all the work that has been submitted before and then generate an originality report that makes it easy for the professor to see whether the student has copied it or not.

2. Recording possibility:

While during the exam with canvas, there is the possibility to record audio around the room. Also if there is a system of webcam that rotates 360 degrees before giving the exam so that there is no one in the room in which you are giving the exam. If the instructor is alarmed by any suspicious activity then the audio and the video that is being recorded can be checked. Thus your professor will be able to record audio as well as look at different things including the assignments.

3. By lockdown browser:

During the exam when it is instructed to download the lockdown browser like ProctorU through which the student cannot allow to do copying and paste from one tab to another and also the student is not able to take any screenshots.

4. Not ask direct questions:

It will be tough for the student if the professor or the instructor doesn’t ask the question directly from the book, making it hard to search for the answer from the book or any browser search.


It is possible to cheat on canvas during the test only if the canvas is not having a lockdown browser like respondus, webcam, or plagiarism checker only then it is easy to cheat the canvas. The student should not try if all this software is installed while doing the test, online test, or during the assignment.

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