How to Copy and Paste Without Plagiarizing?

The present generation of students is full of knowledge about the technology used in academics. Due to the laziness of the student, they generally used to write the assignment or give the online exam by copying and pasting. The assignment and the exam are done by copying and pasting the content that is said to be plagiarized and it will result in serious issues. Thus it is important for you to know how to copy and past without plagiarizing the content.

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the ways by which you can copy and paste the content without getting plagiarism in it – 
1. Paraphrasing
2. Citing the sources
3. By including the reference page
4. Using quotes
5. By taking a screenshot
6. Adding your thoughts and opinions
7. Hire the writer

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how to copy and paste without getting plagiarism.

How to Copy and Paste Without Plagiarizing?

How to copy and paste without plagiarizing?

When you give your assignment on google docs the first thing that comes to your mind is if your teacher can detect cheating or not. The method used for writing the assignment, essay notes, or paper by copying the content and paraphrasing in your own words will not always be accurate; it will be declared plagiarized. But here are some steps needed to be followed by the student while copying and pasting the content.

1. Paraphrasing:

If you do not want to be detected as plagiarized you need to paraphrase the content so that it looks like the original work that is done by you. After paraphrasing the content you can always use plagiarism detector tools like Turnitin or Safeassign to see if there is any plagiarism or not. We can define paraphrasing by reading the research’s content that is already available on the browser and rewriting it in your wording but its meaning should be the same.

Paraphrases always can be done firstly by understanding the source written and making the important notes and collecting all the keywords that you can use while paraphrasing the content. This is useful for the student to write the content without getting confused. Also, the student should cite the source after writing the content by the proper use of the style APA(American psychological association) or MLA(modern language association).

How to Copy and Paste Without Plagiarizing?

2. Citing the sources:

 Citing the sources that you are copying from the other content should be given the credit to the author who has written it. Citing a source that is not yours makes less chance to detect plagiarism. Citation is done to the sentences that you are copying from the other sources. The citation should be done by following the style format rule of APA or MLA.

3. By including the reference page:

The sources that are being copied from others should include the full reference. That is written on the last page of the assignment. The formatting of the reference should be done in APA style format and the in-text citation should be done in the body of the content that contains the author’s surname, and the year of publication using the APA formatted style. While using the MLA style formatting the in-text citation is done by writing the surname and page no. that determines the page from where you have got the information.

4. Using quotes:

Sometimes the sentence is directly copied and pasted from the content of the existing work. Then the simplest way to not be detected as plagiarism in different detectors like Safeassign is by putting the text within the quotation marks. As it will make clear that the sentence written in the quoted part is not written by you. To directly copy the source the student needs to write the sentence in the italicized text form and also by adding an in-text citation.

How to Copy and Paste Without Plagiarizing?

5. By taking a screenshot:

The student also copies the source by taking screenshots of the content and attaching them to the paper or the assignment. if the teacher has instructed that it is allowed to take the screenshot. directly taking the screenshot will not detect it as plagiarized. But the image that is being screenshotted for adding to the assignment or paper should include the source information below the screenshot.

A screenshot taken for a web page can be sourced by adding a web link below the picture and if the screenshot is taken from any journal or book it should have an in-text citation below the picture mentioning the source that is copied from.

6. Adding your thoughts and opinions:

Writing content that includes your own opinions on what you know about the topic and what to understand but the written content must be relevant to the topic. Unnecessary content should not be included and informative sentences must be included.

7. Hire the writer:

The student who can afford to hire the writer for writing the assignment, notes, or the paper will benefit as the writer is well experienced in this field and knows how to cite the source well by not detecting plagiarism. 

Tips to be followed for not detecting plagiarizing:

How to Copy and Paste Without Plagiarizing?
  1. The student should avoid using the same words during the writing of the assignment, essay, or notes. as the words having the synonym have less chance to be detected as plagiarism.
  2. Start writing the point by searching the information on more than one site that will make clear the topic.
  3. As quoting is used to copy the text directly but the student should not use quoting in excess as it will create a bad opinion about you in front of the instructor.
  4. The rule of formatting the text written in the content by correctly using MLA OR APA.


The student should copy-paste the content in a way that shows that the work is done by you only by correctly paraphrasing the content, adding references on the page, using synonyms, citing the text, and quoting the in-text content all these will allow your content not to get plagiarized.

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