How to Earn Duolingo Badges and Show Off Your Language Skills

What, according to you, is the necessary thing to stay motivated? For me, it’s the rewards. Imagine your professor asking you to submit an assignment that is too boring. Now, will you complete it because you want to or because of the grades? Of course, grades. This is human nature. Most of the time, we do things just because we get something for it. Think if there was a platform that gives you rewards to learn a language. Duolingo works like this. There is a special reward known as a Duolingo badges to show off your skills.

Duolingo badges help users understand how regular they are in the challenges. But most users are not aware of them. Thus, here I am, to help you learn more about it and how you can earn it faster.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo badges are the rewards you get when you earn 1000XP in a single month.
  • There are chances that you may not see the Duolingo badges even after receiving 1000XP in a single month.
  • You can earn more XP with the help of completing the events, stories, audio lessons, etc.

What are Duolingo badges?

Duolingo Badges or Duolingo monthly badges are the new features that were first available in 2021. When I read about it, I had to earn 1000XP in a specific month and get a special badge. One such example of a Duolingo badge is “Oscar’s Mustache Marathon” which I received when I scored 1000 XP in November 2021. Always remember that these are different from the Duoling chests and Duolingo achievements.

Important: Earlier, you would have had to earn 1000XP, but presently, the format has changed. You may either face the traditional challenge or a mix of completing some tasks along with earning XP.

Below I have mentioned the names of the badges of Duolingo so far.

MonthName of the Duolingo badge
May 2021Hamamatsu Kite Festival
June 2021Duolingo’s 9th Anniversary
July 2021Eddy’s Big Race
August 2021Oscar’s Duocon Keynote
September 2021Junior’s Field Trip
October 2021Lily’s Jack-o-Lantern Challenge
November 2021Oscar’s Mustache Marathon
December 2021Falstaff’s Big Sleep
January 2022Zari’s Sparkly New Year
February 2022Lin & Lucy’s Lucky New Year
March 2022Vikram’s Garden
April 2022Zari’s Cherry Blossom Picnic
May 2022Bea’s Mindfulness Practice 
June 2022A Decade of Duo
July 2022Junior & Eddy’s Beach Trip 
August 2022Lily & Zari Host Duocon 
September 2022Vikram’s Reading Marathon
October 2022Lily’s Halloween Costume
November 2022Duo’s Big Game badge
December 2022Oscar Goes Ice Skating badge
January 2023Duo’s New Year’s Party badge
February 2023Junior’s Love Letter badge
March 2023Lily’s Punk Rock Band badge
April 2023Bea’s Earth Day Celebration
May 2023Eddy and Junior’s Fishing Trip
June 2023Duo’s Birthday
July 2023Falstaff’s Discovery
August 2023Lucy’s Cat Clowder
September 2023Vikram’s Sunny Hike
October 2023Duocon 2023
November 2023Duo’s Chess Match
December 2023Eddy’s Wood Carving Craft
January 2024Lily and Zari’s New Year Celebration
February 2024Bea’s Jazz Jam
March 2024Junior’s Croaking Chorus
April 2024Oscar’s Dazzling Doodle
May 2024Falstaff’s Freewheeling Ride

What are the Duolingo challenges available on the platform?

The following table shows different challenge badges for different months available on Duolingo

How to see your monthly Duolingo badges?

Whenever I earn a badge, it always feels great. Thus, I keep checking my badges. If you also want to check it, open the app and tap on the trophy icon.

How to Earn Duolingo Badges and Show Off Your Language Skills

You will get two different tabs on the platform – Goals and Badges. To check which badge you have earned so far, check under the Badge tap.

If you have not earned any badge so far, you will see the screen as follows-

How to Earn Duolingo Badges and Show Off Your Language Skills

Important: You can only get the monthly badges on the Duolingo app and the desktop. However, you can only see the current badge name under the chest icon.

Is it possible that you still do not receive the Duolingo badge even after getting 1000 XP?

Although it is very unusual, some people have reported facing such problems on the platform. They have mentioned that even after earning 1000XP, they do not see the Duolinhgo badge. If this is also happening to you, the problem will be in the app and you can do nothing about it. You may also not get the badge back. However, one of the advantages you will receive for it is that it counts towards your total XP. Thus you may get help in getting into the Duolingo Diamond League.

How to earn Duolingo badges?

As discussed, to earn it, you must earn 1000 Duolingo XP points or complete Dailu quests. It means you must maximize your Duolingo XP points to earn a single badge. But how? Here is what I used to earn the badge faster-

1. Duolingo events

Duolingo events are one of the biggest resources for earning more XP in less time. When I used it, it gave me 250 XP for a single event. Yes, it was something that helped me in getting my badge faster. In it, you must go live via video conferencing to connect with other language learners and get active in various games and activities. Although it was a great way of earning the XP,  Duolingo changed its name to Duolingo class. There was no more XP for it and you will have to pay to attend it

Update: There are no more Duolingo classes on the platform. It was removed on 18th January 2023.

How to Earn Duolingo Badges and Show Off Your Language Skills

2. Duolingo stories

Duolingo stories are the ones which are developed for increasing your reading and writing skills in the language. You will see different characters with different sentences coming on the screen. You will either need to translate them or choose the right meaning. Although in starting you will be getting less XP, with time you will get up to 28 XP when you are having tough stories. 

3. Audio lessons

Audio lessons are a great way of earning the XP. All you need to do is to listen to them in your free time. You can either hear them in your free time or while doing something. You only need to play the list and that’s it, your lessons will be played automatically and you do not need to do anything. Further, you do not need to type the answer and only speak them. It will not only help you to get the required XP but also help you to save extra time. You must give your answers loudly so that they can hear your voice and mark the right answer.

Update: With the current learning path, Duolingo has removed the Audio lessons.

4. Timed challenges

According to me, the most difficult yet exciting challenge on Duolingo is the timed challenge. Duolingo timed challenges are the ones, where I must complete a task running across the time. It is one of the best ways of earning more XP in a shorter duration. Different challenges like Match Madness or ramp-up challenges help you to get more XP.

Hack: I always try to avoid listening exercises when I’m in such challenges. When you wait for the sentence to complete, it will take some of your seconds more than it will take to read. 

5. Start with beginner lessons

You can repeat your beginner lessons so that you can get more XP. You can retake the lesson five times, and that too at any time. After retaking them, you will see them turning to the legendary level.

6. Duolingo happy hour

Undoubtedly, happy hour always makes me happy. Happy hour is that one hour that gives you 5 more XP for each lesson you complete in that particular hour. I don’t think that there is a reason to hate it. However, you only have a single hour, and, thus try to complete 2-3 lessons within that hour to earn more XP.

This hour is generally active in the evening on any day of the week. However, at present, you can keep the settings to notify you about it. If you use the XP boost during this hour you can earn double the amount of XP. However, XP boost works only for 15 minutes and thus you must complete at least one lesson within it.

Are Duolingo badges worth it?

To get the Duolingo badges, you must earn more XP. It means you must have a high amount of XP. But is it worth it? Firstly, the main thing that you need to understand is why you are on Duolingo. Most people use Duolingo to learn the language eventually it becomes a game for them. I never in my life, forget my ultimate goal of learning the language. Thus, I never find them worth it.

Similarly, think about why you are on Duolingo. If you are really interested in learning the language, earning more XP will never benefit you. Now, Duolingo badges are the ones that you receive only when you get more XP, they are not worth it. On the other side, if you only want higher XP, it will definitely add up as an advantage to you.


Duolingo badges are the ones, you get when you earn 1000 XP or complete a particular number of quests a month. To check which badge you have received, tap on the trophy icon on the app and then you will see two different taps – goals and badges. To know which badge you have received, look at the badge tap. Most of the time, you will have to earn more XP. To earn them try to take stories or Timed challenges. Also, complete easier lessons in Duolingo happy hour to earn extra XP.

Also, there are chances that you may not see the badge even after receiving 1000 XP. It may be due to some technical problems. Unfortunately, you will not be receiving it back. But, the best thing will be, that the XP score will count toward the leagues.


What is the point of Duolingo badges?

Duolingo badges help to know how much XP you have earned. Despite that, there is no fun of it as it does not help to represent how far you have come in your course. You will only get them when you have high XP or completed a particular amount of Quests.

Why is it so hard to get badges?

Duolingo gives you monthly challenges based on how you have performed in the previous monthly challenge. If you have completed the previous one, you get a tougher one in the next challenge, and vice versa. Also, the toughest part to earn them is the daily quest. Some people have more daily quests than others. It is simply because they are more active.

Is XP gone for Monthly Badges?

Many users are confused about it. With the updates on Duolingo, many users were getting Daily quests to earn a badge. It was noticed that Android users need to earn XP and iOS users need to complete the daily quests. But with the recent update, there is nothing fixed. You can either get one of them or a mix of them to get the badge.

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