How to email a Professor about a wrong grade?

Grades are the most important aspect of a student’s life. Every student burns the midnight oil to get good grades in their exams. Therefore getting the wrong grades can be stressful especially when you have prepared with great effort. There are a lot of aspects due to which you may get the wrong grades. It is your right to ask for the right marks and the best way is to write up an email.

Quick Takeaways

  • You must make sure when you are writing an email to your professor about getting wrong grades you are taking care of the following things-
1. Subject line
2. Salutation
3. Background information
4. Define the purpose
5. Keep it short
6. Thank you words

Further, we have discussed these things in detail for your better understanding.

How to email a Professor about a wrong grade?

What should I do if I got the wrong grades?

Getting the wrong grades is one of the most miserable situations as a student especially when you have studied so hard. You must go through the policies that your university has for such cases. There are chances that you may find the solution to your problem. If you have any teacher assistants you can talk to them.

There are two approaches by which you can approach them – by directly communicating with them in class and by sending them emails. Email can also be sent if you missed the exams. While writing an email to your professor, there is a way of writing it. You may also ask your professor to change your final grade. Let us see what are the steps to write the email to your professor when you have been assigned the wrong grades.

How to write an email to a professor who gives the wrong grade? – How to email a Professor about a wrong grade?

While writing an email to your professor, there are things that you must keep in your mind while writing an email-

1. Subject Line

The subject line is the most vital factor when you send an email to your professor. It tells your professor what to expect from the email. Keep it short and precise. 

2. Salutation

Start writing by adding up the salutation. Always start with the dear sir/mam. Never start by writing hey or something like that. Remember you are writing a letter to your teacher and not your friends. Even if they are bad at teaching, you must not avoid this step. As it will help them to know that you have respect towards them and thus they may make decisions in favour of you.

How to email a Professor about a wrong grade?

3. Background Information

Start with writing small background information. You can add information about your class and section, roll number, how you know them, etc.

4. Define the purpose

Now write about why you are writing the letter to your professor. Do not go out off the track. You must only write about your purpose and not about anything else. Tell them that you have been assigned with wrong grades and want them to recheck them. Remember that your email should not look as if you are ordering them to do it or not respecting them. Keep the tone of your email polite. So if you are writing to get an appointment with the professor, you will have to be specific about it.

5. Keep it short

Your teachers are too busy with other things rather than teaching you. Remember your teachers will be taking out their time to read your emails. Therefore, you must keep it very short and precise.

6. Thank you words

You must thank your teachers at the end of your email. It is vital because your teacher has to take out their time for reading your emails. 

How to email a Professor about a wrong grade?

7. Signature

At the end of your email, you must sign off with your full name. Start by adding your closing line and then your full name. Add regards or best wishes before your name.

8. Do not add emojis

Emojis are the best way of indicating your emotions. Yes, you are sad due to your wrong grades but you must not add any emojis in your mail. This will result in a bad impression of you and also will cause problems for the professor to read your email.

9. Rechecking

You are writing a letter to your professor who is a professional. Therefore recheck your mail before sending it to your professor. It is important because spelling errors or grammar errors will result in a wrong impression.

How to email a Professor about a wrong grade?

What to do if your professor does not respond to your email?

There are chances that your professor has not responded to your email. It does not mean that your teachers are ignoring you or they may not want to reply to you. Your professors have a lot of other work to do. They may be busy with the movement and may have not checked/her emails.

You must be patient and wait for at least one day. If they still do not respond to your mail, you must try to be in contact with them. You must not be nervous to follow up with them. Try to connect with them after your class. Tell them about your problem, if they have some free time, they will help you. But if they have some work then they will give another time to talk to them. Do not forget to meet them at the time given. You can also try to reach them through your grade book account.


Getting the wrong grades may be devastating and hurtful. You need to get connected with your professor to solve this issue. There are 2 main approaches by which you can get in contact with your professors. The first one is by talking to them directly in class. The second way is to get in touch with them via email. To send an email you have to follow some steps to follow. Always remember that your teachers have a lot more work to do. You must follow a format and keep the content precise.

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