How To Fake A College Degree? (Looks Almost Real & Is That A Crime?)

In today’s time, many students and people have started using fake degrees to get what they want. But is it worth it? Does your fake degree work for you? Everything is interlinked. Therefore, here we will discuss how to fake a college degree.

Quick Takeaways

  • The following are ways to fake a college degree-
1. Find out the website
2. Review the previous sample
3. Place the order
4. Give the details
5. Wait for the delivery

However you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the faking up a college degree.

Is it possible to get a fake degree?

The degree is the one that helps you to get the right job. Though you can get a job without the degree. If you think that you can not get a fake degree, then you are wrong. But still, some people try to get a fake degree. Getting a fake degree is as easy as online shopping. You just need to search for websites that offer fake degrees. Many students use fake degrees which look exactly similar to the ones that are offered in college. 

How to fake a Bachelor’s Degree? – How to Fake a College degree?

Here are the steps by which you can fake a bachelor’s degree –

  • Find out the website

The first thing that you need to do is to find out the websites that can help to create a fake degree that looks the same as the original. There are various platforms available online that can create a degree certificate and transcription for you. Try to get some of them on your list.

  • Review the previous sample

Once you have found the websites, the next step is to review the samples available online. The previously available samples will help you to determine the quality of the certificate provided by the website. Look at the sample and decide if a student comes with the same original degree, then can the admission head determine the difference between the original and fake degree.

If your answer is yes then definitely do not choose that website but if the answer is no, then keep it on your list. Now try to examine each aspect of the samples you have kept on the list. Try to figure out any design errors in it.

  • Place the order

Once you have selected the best website for designing your fake degree, you must place an order for it. When you are placing the order, you need to mention the details you want in your degree. Select what type of details you want to get on it and also you can select the template given on the platforms. 

  • Give the details

You need to mention the details that you want to get on the degree. It may involve your name, year of passing, year of graduation, etc. Also, give the other important details that you need to mention. If you need a specific six-month duration associate degree, you must clear it while giving a degree.

  • Wait for the delivery

Once you have placed the order, the next step is to wait for your degree. It may take 1 day to 5 days for delivery depending upon the site from where you have ordered. If you want to have a fast degree, then you can contact the customer care number.

Is it a crime to fake a degree?

Buying a fake degree is not illegal. It depends upon the situation in which you are using it. If you are using it just for fun or for showing off in front of your friends and relatives, then definitely it is no crime. But if you are using it to get admission to the universities, then yes it will come under a crime. Therefore faking a degree to get something will be referred to as a crime.

What happens if you use a fake degree?

Using a fake degree to get a job or university admission is illegal. If your luck is good, you may not get caught while using it. But if you are caught using a fake degree just to make the situation work in your favor of you, you may get into trouble. There are many penalties and punishments that you may need to face. The biggest one is to get arrested. Another thing that you may go through is paying a heavy penalty each year.


Can you fake a college degree for a job? 

This is a tricky question. First, let us understand why the employer needs to see your educational background. It is because he/she wants to see if you have the knowledge that is needed for the job role they are offering. If you have a fake degree that looks similar to a college degree, you can show it to the employer, till you are sure that you have the required skills and education.
Though still there are chances that you may get caught in faking up your degree. This will not only let you get into legal trouble but may also negatively affect your career.

Do employers check your degree?

This depends on what type of company and for which position you are applying. In most cases, the employer will check your degree. They will also try to confirm the institution from which the degree has been received. Therefore you must not try to fake your college/university degree.


In most cases, a fake degree will not work. Simply because if you have used it for applying somewhere, they will try to check your background. It is because they will not want a person who may fake them just to get admission. However, if you are fortunate enough, it may work for you. But even if it does work, there are high chances of getting caught in your future. Though it is easy to fake a degree, you must not do it.

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