How To Freeze Duolingo Streak in 2024? (Step-by-Step Process)

How will you feel about losing something you have been saving for months? Pissed off. That was exactly how I felt when my Duolingo streak score was broken while traveling. I felt so bad about it. I really wanted to find a way to save it, but was helpless. However, to ensure it never happens again, I searched for ways to freeze the Duolingo streak score. It was surprising to know that there was only a single way to do it: through Duolingo streak freeze.

Duolingo streak freeze is a feature that has helped me many times from getting my streak broken. I know you can’t wait to hear about it anymore. Let’s dive in to understand the steps to freeze Duolingo’s streak.

Quick Takeaways

  • Streak is the score that you get for the number of days that you take in a row to complete a single lesson.
  • Streak freeze is the feature that helps you to prevent your streak score from breaking up.
  • You can either buy them from the Duolingo shop if you have not unlocked Duolingo Streak Society. However, if you have unlocked Duolingo Streak Society, you will get 3 free streak freezes.
How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

What is the Streak score on Duolingo?

Before knowing how to freeze it, let us have a quick view of what is a streak score. Streak is the score that you get for the number of days to complete a single lesson in a row. For example, when I completed 10 lessons in 10 days (1 lesson per day), my streak streak was 10. Once, I got a streak score of 365 days, I received VIP status. I will never want to lose such a big score. Thus, I always look for Duolingo streak freeze. But the question now is “What is Duolingo streak freeze?”.

What is Duolingo streak freeze?

Streak freeze is the feature that helped me to prevent my streak score from breaking up. It means that when I do not go to Duolingo for a day, I will not lose it. Streak freeze acts as a protection for my streak score. If you want to use it, remember it will only prevent you from breaking up the streak score and not getting an extra streak. Remember that you must be active a day before missing the lesson. If you activate after losing the streak score, you will not regain them. To get them you will have to use 200 gems.

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak?

As I discussed in the beginning, the only way to freeze the Duolingo streak is by using the streak freeze. To freeze the Duolingo streak, you need to get them first on the app. There are two ways by which you can get Duolingo streak freeze –

“Get them from the Duolingo shop”

Depending upon the device you will have to follow the steps to get the Duolingo streak score-

Follow the following steps to get it on Android-

Tap on the gems icon at the top of the screen. 

Once you open scroll down to search for the streak option. Now look for the option of streak freeze. Once you tap on it you will see the 200 gems.

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

Tap on it to get your Duolingo streak freezes. 

Follow the following steps to get it on your Desktop-

Click on the shop icon

Now you will see the option of power-ups and look for the streak freezes option

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

On the right side of it, you will see the option of Equip, and tap on it. As I already have it, it is showing equipped in it.

“Get them from Streak society”

The second option for getting the Duolingo streak freeze is the streak society. When you hit the 365-day streak score, you will unlock Streak Society. In this streak society, you will get 3 streak freezes. You will have to check on Streak Society Goodies to see if you are eligible or not for it. If you are on mobile and want to activate it, click on the streak icon.

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

Scroll down at Streak Society and choose to enter now.

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

Go down to see your rewards, you will be getting your three free freezes for it.

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

You will have to tap on the activate option. You must remember that you will only be getting Streak Society when you use Duolingo on mobile and not on the desktop version. 

Can you restore a Duolingo streak?

If you know that you cannot go online on Duolingo you must try to complete them with the help of offline mode. However, if you can not do it, you must try getting the streak frozen before missing a single day. If you do not have it, you can not freeze the streak score once you lose it. However, if you already have a Duolingo streak freeze and lose the streak in the past 48 hours, your Duolingo streak freeze will automatically be updated and your streak score will be saved from breaking. On the other hand, if your streak score breaks for more than 48 hours you will not be able to get them.

How many streaks freezes can you have?

You will be getting 2 streak freezes on the platform. In short, you can buy a maximum of 2 streak freeze and use them together for 2 days. One thing that I love about the streak freeze is that I can buy them according to my capacity. Thus, if you are only allowed to have 2 streak freezes you can only get two at a particular time.

You can use them anytime you want as there is no expiry date. In addition to it, your capacity to get streak freezes will update to 5, once you unlock the streak society. But again you can only buy according to your capacity. However, if you originally bought it on mobile but are using the desktop version, you may find more or less freeze. This also happened with me but was unable to identify the reasons. It may be due to some glitches. There is no fixed reason for it. 

How to check for your streak freeze?

It is easy to track all your active streak freezes. Just tap on the gems icon or go to the Duolingo shop. You will be able to see streak-freeze along with other options. Follow the same process of buying the streak freeze to check how many streak freezes you have. Click on the shop icon and you will be able to see the active streak freezes in your paper-up sections.

As I am having 2 streak freezes and my capacity is also 2 freezes, there is the option of equipped after the streak freeze.

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

How to maintain your streak score on Duolingo?

I have used various ways by which I can maintain the streak score on Duolingo. Thus to help you with it I have discussed some of the ways by which I also maintained the score –

1. Streak freeze

Of course, without any doubt, the first thing that I always use to maintain my streak score is by using Streak Freeze. However, I always make sure that I am not using gems to buy it.

2. Consistency level

Staying consistent involves logging in to your account regularly and at regular periods. Ensure that you complete at least one activity at a time. It will assist you in becoming more consistent with your everyday routine.

3. Take the owl seriously

Duolingo is a platform that helps you to stay motivated. To keep you motivated, they will send you notifications or reminders for completing the lessons by the owl. Whenever I receive the reminders, I try logging in to the account and completing the lessons.

4. Keep your goals shorter

How To Freeze Duolingo Streak? (Step-by-Step Process)

Long lessons are available when you log in to the platform. However, you must complete the lessons in a style that is comfortable for you. You do not have to work for 4-5 hours per day. All you need to do is to devote 10 minutes to the platform. Giving 10 minutes per day is not a big deal to do.

5. Always remember the reason behind using it

Never forget the reason behind using the platform. Every person has his/her own goal for learning the language and you must remember it. It is because when you remember your goal, you will learn the language easily.

Should you use the streak freeze?

Streak Freeze is the one that helps you to save your streak from breaking up. Thus if you have maintained a high streak score on the platform, you may want to use it. But is it worth it? Let me first tell you, that I have never stressed about the streak score much. So I have never taken stress about the Streak freeze also. But I know many of the people who are a streak lover. They make sure to use streak freeze when they are going outside to travel.

So, if you are really a streak lover, you must try the streak freeze. However, you must know that you may develop bad habits like not working hard on Duolingo. Therefore, use them when it is really needed. Further, I have mentioned the benefits and drawbacks of using the streak freeze.

What are the benefits of using the streak freeze?

Following are the advantages of using the streak freeze-

1. Motivation

Streak freeze has always made me stay motivated to complete the lessons. As I know streak freeze will help me to save the streak score, I can do work without taking tension. I am super motivated to complete the lessons on the platform.

2. Help in when you are actually unable to login

There are times in life when you are unable to log in to Duolingo. There may be chances that you go to a place, where you may not find the internet connection. In such cases, it becomes difficult to come online.

3. Experimenting

Duolingo is a platform where you can not become fluent in the language. Thus you must try using different resources as well. You can either go for free or paid alternatives. Using streak freeze will help you to stay away from Duolingo for a while. 

What are the drawbacks of using the streak freeze?

Although there are advantages to using it. Still, some drawbacks may restrict you from using it. Following are the disadvantages of using the streak freeze-

1. Wrong interpretation

As you already know, Duolingo streak is the measure that helps to know how many days you have spent completing the lesson. Thus, when you use the streak freeze, it does not accurately reflect your current streak count.

2. Wrong habits

It happened with one of my friends. As she knew, she could freeze the streak score on Duolingo, she thought of using it regularly disturbing her regular habit. It is because your steak score represents the number of days you are activating on Duolingo. Obviously learning a new language requires a lot of consistency level. Duolingo streak is the best measure of knowing how regular you are with your language learning. However, if you use Streak Freeze repeatedly, you may also get diverted from your ultimate goal.

3. Cost you a lot of gems

This is the worst part according to me. I always preferred saving my gems to unlock new lessons. Therefore, using 200 gems just for Streak Freeze is not worth it. If you really want them, try to get them free by unlocking Streak Society or completing different challenges.


The streak score is the score that you get to complete in single lessons each day. As it takes effort to get it, you may not want to lose it once you reach a high score. Once I lost my streak score and I was really sad. So I decided to find a way to freeze my streak score. On doing some research I got to know about the streek freeze. It is the feature that helped me to save my streak score from breaking up.

If you also want to use it, ensure that you are online a day before. The biggest drawback of it is that you will have to pay 200 gems. On the other hand, if you have unlocked streak society, you will also get 2 free streak freezes. To get them, go to the shop section or tap on the gems icon to get them.


Can I save my Duolingo streak?

Duolingo streak can definitely be saved for 48 hours if you have two Duolingo streak freezes. However, you must be active a day before you want to save the score. 

How many gems do you need to pay for purchasing Duolingo streak freeze?

You will need to pay 200 gems to buy the streak freeze.

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