How to Get a First-Class Degree at University?

Going to university and getting a first-class honor degree is the dream of many students. Getting a first-class honor degree means that you are receiving at least 70% or above in your honor degree. It is very tough as you will need to put in a lot of effort to get a first-class honor degree. There may be times when you may not be able to cope with the content of the subject that you are studying.

Quick Takeaways

  • To get a first-class honor degree you must attend all the lectures and take help from your teachers, classmates, and seniors in the topics you are struggling with. 
  • Try to ask questions related to the topics in the classroom as it will help you better understand the concepts. 
  • You must set up goals so that you can easily complete the syllabus and get proper time for revisions. 
  • Do a lot of independent studies and stay organized. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand the tips to get first-class honour degree.

How to Get a First-Class Degree at University?

Top 10 tips to get First class honor degree

The grading system of the UK is different from the other nations. In the UK you will be getting your degree based on different class honors. Following are the top 10 tips that you can perform to get your first honor class degree-

1. Attend your lectures

The first thing that you must do is to set up a routine of not missing even your single lecture. Many students when they are in university, miss their classes and then struggle at the end of their terms. Thus you must not miss any of the lectures. When you go and attend lectures you will find yourself that you have gained an understanding of the course content more easily. 

2. Use the library services

Getting a first-class degree is tough and you will need to study really hard to get it. Every University has its own library services that are provided to students studying in it. You can take up books or other related material from the library under your name. There may be coursework, notes, etc that you can get for studying. You can sit over there and study or may take the books with your self by issuing them under your name.

3. Make use of office hours

The best way to get 1st class degree is by getting in contact with the teachers during their office hours. Try to prepare some of the questions related to the topics that you are struggling with. Ask your teacher and they will help you with the topics you are struggling with. You can also bring samples of the coursework for reviewing by your teachers. They may give you advice on how to improve your coursework.

How to Get a First-Class Degree at University?

4. Setting up small goals

You must set up small goals and work on them. You can set up goals like completing a topic within one day or in one hour depending upon the requirement. When you set up goals for yourself and work on them you will find it easy to study your content. It will also help you to get a good amount of time to make proper revisions

5. Ask questions

Asking questions is a proven method to increase your knowledge. When you putting questions to your teachers you will get a better understanding of the subject. It may not only help you but other students who may have the same doubt. You must ask you’re relevant questions to your teachers about the coursework and the topics related to various subjects.

6. Stay organized

This is another thing that you must do in order to get a first-class degree. You can start by creating a timetable and following it. Make sure that you are keeping all your important books and study material in the right place as it will become easy for you to find out the things at the right place. It will help you to make a balance between your responsibilities and also your studies. 

How to Get a First-Class Degree at University?

7. Independent study

If you want to get a first-class degree, you must remember that studying only in class or reading only from the notes that you have made, is not enough. You will have to spend a lot of your time in independent study in addition to it. Find good books and resources to find out more content related to the topics of your subject.

8. Complete the dissertation as soon as possible

One of the biggest mistakes that most students do is to keep their dissertation or the term paper incomplete till the last minute. Your dissertation is one of the projects that can give you a high number of grades. Therefore you must complete it on time and make sure that you have given your maximum to it. Start with your dissertation as soon as possible. It will help you to complete a dissertation faster annually and also help to give your time for making changes to it if needed. Your professors will look at the word in your dissertation and thus you must try to complete it properly.

9. Connect with your classmates

You must connect with the students in your classroom and take help from them. If you are struggling with the content you can always take their help. By connecting with the other classmates, you can help both them and yourself with the course content of the subject. They might also give you some tips that you could use to prepare for your first-class degree.

How to Get a First-Class Degree at University?

10. Try to network with elder students

Though it is a good idea to connect with your classmates you must also connect with the students elder than you. This is because you will get a lot of knowledge from them. They may also give you guidance on how to complete your dissertation and how to work for getting a first-class degree.


When you are taking up an honorary degree, you would want to earn a first-class honor degree. You receive a first-class honor degree if you are scoring 70% or above in your degree. As it can be seen that you would require to put a lot of effort to get it, above are the tips that may help you in getting the honorary degree. You must attend all your lectures and make proper use of the library resources that are available to you. In addition to it, you may also take the help of your classmates and seniors for helping you with the topics you are struggling with.

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