6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

Learning a new language but feeling bored? What if I told you that you can get rewards for learning the language? Yes, you heard it right. When I was learning Spanish, I got to know about Duolingo where I receive rewards for completing the lessons. Although you will be getting different types of rewards for completing different tasks, Duolingo gems are the ones that I always look for. It is because it has added a lot to my journey. There are a lot of things that I was able to do with the help of them and that is why I keep looking for ways to get gems faster.

When you know you will get something as a reward for completing a task, you try to finish it soon. The same is the case for me. I keep finding ways and hacks by which I can earn more gems. Are you also interested in knowing about the ways and hacks by which you can get the gems faster? Be with me and I will share ways that helped me to earn the gems.

6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

What are Gems or Lingots?

Before looking at the ways by which you can earn the gems, it is important to understand what they are. Duolingo gems are the virtual currency that you can use to unlock new lessons. Earlier, when I was using this platform to learn French, I saw that this currency was blue on the Desktop and Red when used in the mobile app. I was really confused and did a little research. After that, I learned that there is no big difference between them. When you use it on the desktop, they are known as Lingots and when used on the Mobile app, it is known as Gems.

Update: The platform has completely removed the Duolingo lingots and there are only gems on both the desktop and the mobile app. However, the ioS users are still getting them as Lingots.

duolingo gems

Importance of gems

While using Duolingo, I thought that the Gems were just for unlocking new lessons and nothing else. Guess what? I was wrong. There were many other things where Duolingo gems played a vital role, which I have mentioned below-

  • Helps you to take part in Legendary levels
  • Unlock new features like status icons
  • Buying up boosters like Streak freeze
  • Purchase the virtual outfit of Duo
  • Refill the hearts
  • Repairing the broken streaks

Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo

Though learning a new language may seem hard and challenging, you will learn it interestingly with Duolingo. But if you really want to get the most out of Duolingo, you must know the ways to earn them. Therefore, below I will discuss the ways by which h you can earn the gems on Duolingo-

1. By using the daily quests

The First way to get the gems in Duolingo is to complete the Daily challenges on the platform. As the name suggests, these are the challenges that you need to take daily to earn the gems. There are different tasks that you need to perform during your daily challenges.

  • Complete 4 lessons
  • Earn 10 XP 
  • Review 5 mistakes
  • Earn 30 XP 
  • Complete 4 Legendary challenges
  • Review 10 mistakes 
  • Earn 50 XP 

My personal favourite was to review the mistakes and get lessons correctly in a row. It helped me a lot in learning the language properly. This is the easiest challenge and the simplest way of earning gems. Also, these quests will help you to learn the chosen language more efficiently and effectively and they are one type of timed challenge.

2. By crashing the daily XP goal

Duolingo will give you the freedom to decide your daily XP goal. You just need to crash your XP goal, which means that if you have set your XP goal to 15 XP, then you will get a gems chest once you earn more than 15 XP. Earlier you were also able to get the XP goal with the help of the perfect lesson boost that you get when you get a perfect lesson.

6+ Easy Ways to Get Gems or Lingots in Duolingo (With Hacks)

3. By finishing the Leagues 

Leagues have always excited me as they help me to challenge myself. It is a weekly leaderboard that shows your rank in the list. You can even get your gems by performing well and remaining in the top 3 in the weekly league. You need to finish it as high as you can to get more gems. This will not only help you to get the gems but will also reflect your understanding of the language.

4. By accomplishing the achievements 

You will see various achievements in your Duolingo profile at the bottom of the screen, by completing them, you can get your gems. These achievements will involve different tasks related to the learning of your language.

duolingo gems

5. By purchasing the gems

You can also get the gems by buying them with real. You can buy it from the Duolingo shop. However, recently you can not purchase them from the desktop version. Though if you do not want to purchase them you can always follow the above methods to gain them.

6. Other ways

There are other ways also by which you can earn the gems. Gems can be earned by: 

  • Make a friend your best friend in the app.
  • Remaining in the top 3 places in the league. 
  • Sending invitations to friends to join the app. 
  • Crashing your day’s limit or goal.
  • Making new friends will give you gems and eligible for friends quests.

What are the hacks for getting gems in Duolingo?

Usually, when I am using Duolingo to learn a new language, I practice a lot and find out the three important hacks to earn gems that worked for me. Yes, you got it right, some hacks can help you earn gems in Duolingo. Below are the hacks that will help you to earn gems-

  • You have to maintain the streak as long as you can to get 50 gems every week. (With the recent Update this hack works no more.)
  • You have to finish the daily quests thrice meaning 5-12 chests in a day. 
  • You have to make good use of your XP boosts so that you can get more gems.
  • Watch the ads whenever you get time. (Most used hack by me)
duolingo gems

How does Duolingo convert lingots to gems and vice versa?

The recent update has caused a lot of curiosity among Duolingo users regarding the Duolingo gems. As mentioned above Duolingo limgots have become Duolingo gems, how the conversion happen is still unidentified. I had more than 1000 lingots, which eventually became 500 gems. I did not know how it happened so I got connected with either Duolingo users on different forums. When I compared the numbers, I found there is no specific way of calculating the Duolingo gems. Some people have received higher gems and others have received less gems when compared to lingots they had.

Are gems Duolingo’s most useless feature? 

Gems on Duolingo have always been a special feature for me. It made me stay consistent in learning the language. Although there are many things for which these gems can be used, I believe using them to unlock new lessons is the most important one. When you are serious about learning the language, you will never want to waste them on other things. Using them to buy the outfits or unlocking the status icons, makes Gems look like useless features. Also, I have never purchased it from the shop because I think this money can be saved for other subscription-based platforms.


Learning a Language is a basic step but practicing it consistently is an achievable thing. Duolingo is a platform that helps me to stay consistent in learning the language. This platform has several features like Duolingo gems, that helped me to stay motivated in learning the language. Duolingo gems are basically the virtual currency of Duolingo. You can use them to unlock new lessons, purchase new boosters, etc. When you are using it on a Desktop, you will see that the currency is known as Lingots and is blue in color. Whereas, when it is used on the mobile app, it is in red color. The three most important hacks that I used to earn the gems were maintaining the streak score as high as I could. Additionally, I finish the daily quests more often and also make proper use of XP boosts.


How do you get 1000 gems on Duolingo?

You can get 1000 gems in Duolingo by signing up for Duolingo Plus on your mobile. 

Can Duolingo make you fluent?

If you are depending on Duolingo for your fluency, then it’s not possible as you also need to make some effort for your learning as it is a two-way process. 

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