How to make a Video Essay?

In the present world, the internet as well as youtube has become a big resource for education. One such way that is getting popular on the internet for giving various information is Video essays. If you also don’t know what a video essay is and you also want to learn more about what it is and how we can make it?

Quick Takeaways

  • Video essays are technically videos that depict a story or a piece of information just like written essays.
  • Following are the ways to create a video essay-
1. Creating a topic
2. Look for sources
3. Developing the script
4. Setting up schedule
5. Collect necessary images
6. Start recording
7. Rechecking the video

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the video essay.

How to make a Video Essay?

 What is a Video Essay?

Video essays are technically videos that depict a story or a piece of information just like written essays. The only dissimilarity is that it involves both written as well oral arguments. It typically includes video, sound, and images. They are usually short-duration videos around 3-4 minutes and are more engageable. As video essays are gaining a lot of popularity, many teachers have started giving their students assignments based on video essays. Many teachers have started creating video essays on youtube to make students get more understanding. 

How to make a video essay?

By following these steps you can create amazing video essays-

Creating a topic

You begin by researching a topic for a video essay. Compress your topic into something particular using the traditional prewriting method. Consider adding good storytelling aspects while narrating a story. Consider adding the aspects of an effective argument if you’re creating an argument in your video essay. You’ll also need to consider factors like tone and how to present your views. You can get ideas from other YouTube video essay channels as well if you are a beginner.

Look for sources

When you are developing the video essay, you should finalize your sources. You can look for statistics, media, and interviews. If you want to convey some facts then you can use statistics. Suppose you are making an essay video on entrepreneurship then you might like to add things from the interviews of great entrepreneurs. 

How to make a Video Essay?

Developing the script

You must develop a script before going ahead. This is because most of the video essays are mostly about bringing your thoughts out there. This is very important if you’re the one doing the narration of the video. This aids in the development of a proper structure for conveying thoughts and information to your audience. While creating a script, you do not need to include complete lines, instead, just add keywords or important points.  The most important thing is to have a proper framework and a timeline. This will aid you to get on track. You may also need the transcription software for adding the script to the video.

Setting up schedule

You must set up your schedule while making video essays. When to edit, where to edit, and what to edit, you should make different schedules for each of the processes. Don’t forget to take a rest. Keep time for checking the video after the completion and if necessary keep time to re-edit it. Try to follow the schedule you created.

How to make a Video Essay?

Collect necessary images

Images play an important part in your viewers to get engagement with your video essays. Try to add images at every point of the video. Make sure that the images are relevant to the topic and do not go far from it. You can also add relevant videos to your video essay if required.

Start recording

Once you are done with all the above things, start recording your video essays. You can either show up your face or just narrate in the video. Start with setting up the types of equipment that are needed in creating the video essay. Collect all the sources and images, club them and make an engaging video.

Rechecking the video

Once you are done creating the video, recheck it. Sometimes, you may have forgotten to add some important points or you may need to make changes. If you think you might require to change something in your video, then edit it again. Once done again, recheck if everything is ok or not. If you still find some mistakes in it, edit it again until you are confident that you have made the perfect video essay. 

Software required for a video essay?

You may also need various software for editing video essays. Below is a list of them-

Openshot – Openshot is an open video editor for windows. It uses a blender for 3d animation as well. 

iMovie – It is a free app for you if you are an apple user. You can learn how to create a movie, and add sound, or any kind of effects to it.

Filmorago – Filmorago is a free app for android users. It allows you to edit the video you want by providing you with various tools. You can also create memes using it. 

Creation – If you want to create an animation video essay, then you can use creation for your video essay. You can create simple yet engaging animated videos.

Adobe Rush – It is one of the most used professional editing tools. It is a paid tool, and it is worth it if you are creating regular video essays.


With the changing patterns, the traditional way of teaching has changed. Video essays have become one of the most emerging trends in the field of education. Many professors and instructors have started using videos to teach their students via Video essays. Although video essays are a new concept, this article will help you to understand how to make a video essay. It will also tell you what equipment and software you may need for making them. 

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