How To Make Effective Flashcards?

Flashcards are good to use for the person so that their brains learn most effectively. It can be considered a good study tool. They are the notes in which you write the long definitions in a short manner. There are a lot of wrong ways in which many students use flashcards and thus it is important to use them more effectively.

Quick Takeaways

  • To make effective flashcards, you must take care of the following points-
1. Make your own flash cards. 
2. Mix pictures and words. 
3. Use a mnemonic device to create a mental connection. 
4. Write only one question per card. 
5. Break complex concepts into multiple questions. 
6. Say your answers out loud when studying.
7. Study your flashcards in both directions.
8. Don’t treat flashcards like a silver bullet. 
9. Better flash cards mean better studying.

We have discussed these points in detail so that you could easily understand them.

How To Make Effective Flashcards?

How To Make Effective Flashcards?

There are many benefits of using flashcards but it is important to make them creatively and effectively. The following are some points showing how the person should avoid mistakes in making effective flashcards.

1. Make your own flashcards

Always try to make your flashcards by yourself only. As there are many possibilities in which the person uses the pre-made flashcards, especially while studying when the student has a high number of facts to learn and there is no time left to make the flashcards by themselves.

Creating your own flashcards helps you to get new information and the information is stored in the brain for a long time as it is being stored by using your own words, pictures are being made for memorizing, and different methods are being used for explaining the information. It will help you to learn a lot of new vocabulary lists.

How To Make Effective Flashcards?

2. Mix pictures and words

When we compare the information that is being remembered by seeing and learning the words is less than when the information is stored by making pictures for remembering the topic. It remains in our brains for a long time. It doesn’t mean that the person should not use the words to remember and learn but if possible to draw and learn to choose drawing the pictures always. 

3. Use mnemonic devices to create mental connections

The person also can use mnemonic devices which help the person by building an association between the pieces of information. Using acronyms to remember the order. The most used mnemonic devices are classic mnemonics, rhyme mnemonics, etc. 

4. Writing only one question per card

 While writing flashcards the person should write one question on one card and then write the facts about the questions behind the flashcards. This is important as when the student reviews the flashcards they are able to see all the facts regarding the questions on the front side of the flashcards and it will not even create any confusion. 

5. Break complex concepts into multiple questions

There are many concepts that are hard to remember and study. So when the person or student is using the flashcards to remember or learn it. They should try to break the concept into multiple questions so that the hard concepts can be studied well-using flash cards. 

6. Say your answers out loud when studying

When the student is writing the flashcards and during the time of learning they should say the answer out loud and then flip the flashcards this will make the student remember the answer and also check the written flashcards information. 

7. Study the flashcards in both directions

When the student is recalling the answers to the questions by studying the flashcards they should not go through by seeing one side of the flashcards that will make the person remember and memorize the front part only. so make sure to study the flashcards in both directions. 

8. Don’t treat the flashcards like a silver bullet

Making flashcards is only useful when the student is revising the topic again they can easily go through the flashcards and revise them. But this does not mean they should learn the complex topic by using flashcards is not the only method as there are many more effective methods to study such as 

How To Make Effective Flashcards?
  • the student can explain the topic by using their own words. 
  • They can also create quizzes and learn them. 
  • By taking the practice test regarding the subjects. 
  • By solving practice questions.
  • Remembering it by making maps or Venn diagrams. 

The drawback of flashcards

The flashcards are Better to use when the student is using them for learning the definitions, vocabulary, words, etc. It easily builds a relationship between the two flashcards but it is not useful when the information to study is based on the larger topics or organizational hierarchy.


By reading the above article, it will be easy to make flashcards for learning and remembering the concepts and information whether it is related to the study job or daily routine. but remember that the flashcards are not used to learn the topic that has larger visuals.


Are flash cards a good way to study?

Yes, it is a good way to study as seeing only the front of the flashcards will make the student think about the facts that are written that the back side of the flashcards.

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