How to Watch Masterclass on TV?

In the modern education system, learning has become more digital rather than traditional manner. You can get to learn various skills and even get degrees by sitting at your home and at any time. One such platform that offers you such facilities is Master Class. Thus it is important to know what a master class is and how you can watch masterclasses on TV.

Quick Takeaways

  • The masterclass is a platform where you will get educational videos from the world’s best professors.
  • It is effortless to watch Masterclass on TV. 
  • All you need to have is to take the subscription of it, download the masterclass app on your TV, sign in to the account and start watching. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand what is a Masterclass and how to watch it on TV.

How to Watch Masterclass on TV?

What is a masterclass?

The masterclass is a platform where you will get educational videos from the world’s best professors. There are 11 categories in which you get various educational videos. Along with it, you will also find more than 100 instructors from all over the world. In most cases, you will find more than 20 videos for each course of duration 10 minutes for each video. You can also discuss your thoughts on the particular video below in the comment section. 

How to Watch Masterclass on TV?

Following are the steps by which you can watch the master class on TC-

1. Get up the master class subscription

Obviously, the first step will be to take the master class subscription. You can easily take its subscription by visiting its page and signing up. The signup page will ask for your email id, password, and payment details. Once you sign up and give the payment details, you will get the master class subscription.

2. Download the Masterclass application on your TV

Once you get the masterclass subscription, the next step is to install the masterclass application on your television. The masterclass is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku devices, and Android TV. You can also display it on the television with the help of Chromecast

How to Watch Masterclass on TV?

3. Sign in to your account

Once you download the Master class application on your television, you will need to sign in with your information. Put the email id and the password to sign in to your account. You can also get the password if you have forgotten your password by clicking on forgot password option.

4. Start watching

When you sign in to the application on the television you can start watching the videos on it. There are more than 100 masterclasses that you can choose to watch. You can choose any of the videos and start watching them.

Can we continue the videos on our mobile phones after watching them on television?

Yes, the master class allows you to sync the progress automatically on the devices. This means that you can start the video from where you left it on your television. You can continue to watch the video from any of your devices. Not only your mobile phone but your laptop as well. You can start watching the video again on any device.

How to Watch Masterclass on TV?

How long is each class?

As discussed earlier in most cases, each course/class will include at least 20 lessons/videos which are around 10 minutes each. This means that each class will have at least a duration of 1 and a half hr. But generally, you will find courses that are around 2 – 5 hours per class. You can use the comment section to leave comments and discussions on it.

How to watch the master class for free?

Though to watch the master class, you will need to get the subscription for yourself, there is a way by which you can get the free trial for it. You must remember that to get the free trial you need to create your account from their official website and not from any other page. Open the homepage of the master class. Select the red get started button which will come under the today’s day headline option. Now put up the credit information. Don’t worry your money will not be deducted from your account. Click on the red start free trial button. You will get a free account for yourself.

Thoroughly you must remember to cancel your subscription before the end of it. Another way of getting a free account is that you can sign up on websites that provide you with a fake credit card number. You can get those fake credit card numbers and use them to sign up for the masterclass. This will save you from getting an automatic renewal of the subscription plan.

How to Watch Masterclass on TV?

Is there any specific time duration to complete the class?

The most common question that may come to your mind is that if you are taking a 2.5-hour duration, do you need to complete it within 2.5 hours or can you complete it any time? Well, you can complete your chosen course at any time till your subscription plan. You can also download the video and watch it later. This means that if you have taken a course and your membership is for 1 year, you can only complete it until the time for 1 year. If you are unable to complete it within that time duration, then you will need to take up another subscription plan.


The masterclass is a platform that provides you with different courses which are also known as classes. There are around more than 20 videos that are available in each class/course. In most cases, the average duration of completing the course is around 2-5 hours. You not only need a mobile phone or a laptop to use Masterclass but you can even play it on your television.

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