How to Write a Good Claim Paragraph?

Mainly the claim paragraph is used for supporting the main topic of the essay and explaining the main aim of the content written by you. The claim paragraph is written at the start of the essay to support the argument of the essay. Many of you may not know how to write it. So let us learn how to write a good claim paragraph.

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the things that you need to keep in mind while writing a claim paragraph-
1. Choose the topic
2. Questions asked for answering in the thesis
3. Define the aim of your paper
4. Take a Stand for a Single Issue
5. Use different approaches

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how to write a claim paragraph.

How to Write a Good Claim paragraph?

How to write a claim paragraph?

Try to focus on writing speed before starting the claim paragraph. Following are a few steps to showing how to write  a claim paragraph:

1. Choose the topic:

The writer should choose the topic in which they are interested and do deep research on the topic interestingly. So the writer should always choose the topic they are interested in and do the work by enjoying it.

2. Questions asked for answering in the thesis:

The writer should ask the question and the answer should be explained as the main point of the thesis or term paper the answer should be written in the best possible way to explain the topic and should be explained as short as it can.

3. Define the aim of your paper:

The claim statement written by the writer explains the goal of writing the paper. If the essay to be written is an argumentative or dialogue essay that needs a statement that changes the thinking of the other person who is reading the essay. So the writer needs to explain their opinion about the topic and write the claim statement to support the points. 

How to Write a Good Claim paragraph?

4. Take a Stand for a Single Issue:

In an essay, there are many points to be covered but the writer should focus on a single issue. It must be the point where your topic should revolve and attains more attention. The single topic is the topic for which the whole essay is explained and the following paragraphs and other statements support that. 

5. Use different approaches:

The writer needs to have deep research just like a research paper about the topic so that they can write the claim interestingly and are able to give a new idea and think about the topic. The claim paragraph should be started by highlighting the main topic as it helps the reader to find what the whole essay contains and followed by the claim statements. The starting claim sentence defines to the reader what is written in the essay and the next claim represented in the next paragraph explains what this paragraph consists of. You can also define a single world in long sentences. . Hence we can say that claim can be present in an essay of more than two also.

Steps for writing claim paragraphs:

Further, we have explained how to write the claim paragraphs-

1. Starting with the hook:

The starting sentence of an essay should be in a way that should get all the attention of the reader so they couldn’t stop themself from reading the whole essay. It should be written in a way that is related to the overall topic of the paper. The hook can be written in many ways such as:

  • Question
  • Statistic 
  • quotation
How to Write a Good Claim paragraph?

2. State the topic:

Before starting the paragraph writing the stated topic helps you to focus on the topic writing only and it clarifies the reader about the paragraph and what it consists of. It helps in guiding the writer about the paragraph content 

3. Write the claim:

Writing the claim means writing a short sentence explaining what the paragraph is about. It helps the reader to know what the paragraph is about and makes it clear what the thesis followed is about. The writer needs to write a strong sentence that stands for the main idea of the paragraph. The claim should not be written after the reader has read most parts of the essay; it should be placed near your essay.

4. Visuals should be included:

The writer can also add tables, and charts to give the important information about the topic as through giving the visuals the reader will understand it in a better way, and also the presentation of the thesis will look good.

5. Give an example:

Giving an example in the content will make your opinion to be presented more strongly and will make the reader understand deeply what the writer has written. The example written should help to provide support to the claim.

6. Conclude in brief:

Make sure that you don’t write unnecessary sentences in the paragraph, mostly add the sentence that is important, and try to conclude the paragraph short by explaining all the relevant points related to the topic.

7. A claim can be in a paragraph or in a sentence.

Yes, a claim can be written in paragraphs and in a sentence also. But there is a difference between writing a claim in a paragraph or in a sentence. The claim was written in a sentence that is said to be the thesis statement that is used to explain the whole content of the essay. The paragraphs written in the essay support the evidence to the reader that why should he/she believe your written thesis statement. 


The writer should write the claim paragraph near the essay explaining the paragraph written in short. so that the reader after reading the claim is clear about what the essay paragraph is about. the writer should write the claim in a way that changes the reader’s opinion after reading the content. 

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