Top 20+ Intermediate-Level Spanish Podcasts: Tested and Tried (Updated 2024)

Learning Spanish is not difficult, but knowing the right pronunciation can be. To get the right pronunciation, the first thing is to understand how native speakers talk. Another important aspect is recognizing the accents. But how can you achieve both? You can do this by listening to conversations between multiple speakers. Podcasts are the best way to understand these nuances. Therefore, I always include them in my Spanish learning routine. However, finding good ones takes a lot of my time. Thus, I have shared some intermediate-level Spanish podcasts, so you don’t have to struggle to find the best ones.

Top intermediate-level Spanish podcasts

Learning through podcasts is my personal way of developing language skills. Once I reach the intermediate level, I shift to Podcasts. Knowing the right pronunciation is also important. Thus, here are some intermediate-level Spanish podcasts that I used-

1. Radio Ambulante

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

There is a point in life where all of us enjoy non-fictional stories. This is a great podcast to try. It covers the stories of Latin America or American life in Spanish. There are a total of 11 seasons for it. Each season comes with exciting stories. Some may cover what it looks like to be a female soccer player in Brazil others may include uncovering a family secret. All the stories are based on real-life incidents.

I have never heard such thrilling and excellent stories before. This podcast has multiple accents of the language. It made it easy to develop the right speaking skills. There is also an app known as Lupa, where you can listen to all the stories.

2. Conversations in Spanish: Intermediate Spanish and Advanced Spanish 

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podbean)

Yes, it will be great to get a platform with complete conversations in Spanish. There are conversations with native speakers of different countries where Spanish is spoken. Here, I could listen to natural conversations about everyday topics. I think, to get the perfect pronunciation skills, you must hear from native speakers.

3. Learn Spanish and Go

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

Traveling is one of the major reasons why people love to learn Spanish. The podcast is hosted by Jim and May. They basically tell awesome travel stories covering the cultural aspects also. It gave me a lot of tips on Spanish, as there were a lot of interviews with Spanish speakers. As there are a lot of conversations in Spanish, it helped me a lot with my pronunciation levels. It gave me the confidence to travel abroad.

4. No Hay Tos

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbay, Podbean)

The name of the podcast reflects the common Mexican phrase meaning Don’t worry about it. The podcast was started by two friends Roberto and Héctor. They are friends from teens and share stories from their past and present. In the podcasts, there was also little English. I must say, there was a great improvement in my Mexican accent and Spanish. There were also grammatical explanations back to back. I also became a patron to get the transcripts of the podcast. 

5. Las Raras Podcast

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean, Soundcloud)

Again a podcast that shares a lot of Non-fictional stories from Latin. Opposite to Radio Ambulante, they have a more personal touch. You can get stories of the kidnapping of birdkeepers, the side effects of taking pills, etc. Again there are a lot of stories in different accents. It helped me to learn all the accents. I also got free scripts for all the episodes. There were also some podcasts with English subtitles. It was really confusing, why is it not for all the podcasts? I think they occasionally add subtitles.

6. Spanishland School

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

It is a Latin American Spanish podcast hosted by Andrea Alger. There are more than 400 episodes in it. Try to start with the first episode of it. Each podcast is updated once a week. In every episode of it, I got a lot of vocabulary and Grammatical knowledge. There are also a lot of examples to explain them. It helped me to learn how native speakers talk. The content in the podcast is awesome. Also, the slow pace of the platform makes it a great choice to use.

7. Notes in Spanish 

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

It is a podcast that is created for all types of learners. There are real-life conversations in Spanish between native English and Spanish speakers. The host, Ben, and Marina from England and Spain, have easy conversations. This podcast is divided into three sections – Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced level. It covers sections including tourist sites in Spain, the Spanish cinema, tapas, etc. I loved the way this podcast was created. The official platform gave me phrasebooks, YouTube videos, and paid audio lessons. 

8. Unlimited Spanish Podcast

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

Storytelling is an amazing way to teach something new. Honestly, I enjoy this approach. The Unlimited Spanish Podcast helped improve my skills by following a similar approach. There are more than 300 episodes in the podcast. Yes, a good number to practice with. Remember it is not for early intermediate learners. As I was ready to get the real accent, it helped me a lot.

There was a clear Spanish accent used in Spanish. The style of the podcast is a little different. It starts by providing the stories of Oscar’s life and shifting to linguistic explanations. Additionally, there are episodes developed for vocabulary and Grammatical rules.

9. Spanish Obsessed

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbay)

As the name suggests, it is related to the people obsessed with Spanish. Not every podcast is perfect. Some may have hosts in different languages like Notest in Spanish, while others only have content related to particular nations like Radio Ambulante. But there is no such podcast that includes both things. Well, Spanish obsessed is something that has the features of both platforms. 

The platform is hosted by two native speakers, Rob and Lis from English and Spanish respectively. It started when Rob wanted to learn Spanish. There are conversations related to Columbia. If you want to learn Spanish to travel to Columbia, Just focus on this podcast.

10. Españolistos

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbay, Soundcloud)

Remember Andrea, founder of Spanishland School? This is another podcast of hers. She hosts this podcast along with her husband Nate. Nate is from America and has fluency in Latin American Spanish. My friend usually listens to this podcast. He loves how Nate keeps on making mistakes and her wife corrects her. There are more than 300 episodes. Each of them is 30 minutes long. He really thinks it is the only podcast that combines social and cultural aspects by adding grammar in engaging conversations. It also has travel-based podcasts. They have also invited Spanish-speaking guests to interview them. If you want transcripts, donate $10.

11. Doorway to Mexico

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Offical Website, Podbean, Soundcloud, Podbay)

As I was planning to go to Mexico, I was looking for something like it. It is a podcast rich in history, food, art, and culture. The episodes are created in Spanish and English. It has two seasons. The first season is the hub of 22 episodes. There are conversations related to History, culture, ordering food, etc. In short, it is a guide to travel. However, in the next season, there are native and non-native Spanish speakers. In this season the topics are more serious like what to do if the police caught you or stopped you. 

The end of the episode is the explanation of the common phrases that are used in the whole episode.

12. Historias Perdidas

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

There are many crimes that are still unsolved. Historias Perdidas covers them all. The name of the podcast means Lost Stories. I think the name goes so well with the style of podcasts. The podcasts are hosted by a Mexican Journalist known as León Krauze. As he is a journalist, he knows how to make a story suspenseful. It caught all my attention towards the stories. This is a perfect way to engage as an intermediate learner.

13. Hoy Hablamos

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean, Podbay)

What do you think can be the maximum number of episodes in a series of podcasts? 50? 100? 300? 500? This podcast breaks the record. There are 1800 episodes in it. I am not joking here. Having so many podcasts shows how dedicated the team of Hoy Hablamos is. Despite giving so many podcasts, they are still active on their channel. Each episode is 15 minutes on average. This podcast is the hub of everything. From vocabulary to culture, you can get everything on it. 

Remember: The podcasts are free but you must take the subscription plan to get the PDF files. 

14. Duolingo podcasts

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website)

I started my language learning journey with Duolingo. Spanish was the language, I started with. Once I completed my course, it was time for Duolingo podcasts. Not all the courses have these podcasts. Fortunately, Spanish has it. The podcasts in this language are created by the host of Radio Ambulante. There is a use of English not for translations but for providing context. So if you want a podcast for getting immersed in Spanish, this is not the right podcast.

15. Spanish Language Coach

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

There is nothing better than listening to a certified tutor. The host, César, is a teacher who creates personal stories related to different niches. Some of them are-

  • Psychology 
  • Society
  • Technology

The podcasts are 10-20 minutes long. Sign up on his official website to get the transcripts. He also offers a free guide to learn Spanish. 

16. Charles Hispanas

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website)

Charlas Hispanas is the Latin American version of the Hoy Hablamos podcast. It again has high-quality audio and follows the storytelling method. The hosts are basically from Columbia, Mexico, and Argentina. However, unlike Hoy Hablamos, it has less than 1000 episodes. I suggested this podcast to one of my students. She was so happy with the podcast that she purchased the subscription plan to get transcripts, grammatical explanations, and exercises. There are also many grammar-related episodes, which are tagged as Grammar.

17. News in Slow Spanish

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

From the name itself, you can understand what the podcast will be about. It covers topics related to politics, technology, world news, etc. The podcast gives you the choice to choose between a Latin American host or a Spanish host. There are 600+ episodes, which are divided based on fluency. It does not take more time to complete one episode of it.

18. Ted En Español

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website)

I hardly find people who don’t know what Ted Talks are about. I love to watch its episodes. There is no chance of missing it even for a single day. It was really surprising for me when I got to know that they are available in Spanish also. Each episode signifies a different section. Here are some of the topics that I never miss-

  • Love
  • Music
  • Indigenous languages
  • Video Games
  • Maths
  • Business

The above are just a few of the topics on it. However, the list is very wide. Each episode is about 15 minutes with a lot of experts and guests. As there are multiple guests, it is perfect to learn different accents.

19. Aprende Español Con Latin Ele

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Patreon, Podcastaddict, Podbean, Soundcloud, Podbay)

Do you know the countries where this language is spoken? It is around 21. 19 out of them are in America. Of Course, getting each accent is not possible. However, this podcast covers this gap. There are two hosts in the podcast – Marco and Jessi, coming from different regions – Chile and Columbia respectively. This broadcast is the perfect way to get familiar with different accents. It was amazing listening to this podcast, as I got to learn a lot of new things. Do you know there is only a single Spanish-speaking country in Africa? Yes, I know about Equatorial Guinea (the only country) from this podcast.

20. Simple Stories in Spanish

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean,)

Storytelling has become the common way to teach intermediate learners. This is what I feel. And of course, it works. I mean there will be no such person who doesn’t love Stories. In fact, they bring the attention of the learners a lot. I myself stay engaged and attracted to the language I am learning. It is a weekly podcast created by a team of Small Town Spanish Teachers. Even if you are stuck anywhere, there are transcripts available on its official website. 

21. Enséñame el mundo en español

(Available: Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

It means:

Show Me the World in Spanish 

The podcast states that it is for Intermediate and Advanced learners. I think it covers the aspects of Spanish speaking very clearly. It helped me to learn how to talk in everyday Spanish. However, there were some episodes that I felt were too hard to understand. However, the extra content and links added to the show notes helped me a lot. There were some podcasts attached to each link at a more intermediate level. 


Listening to intermediate Spanish podcasts helps us learn the language on our own. I could easily understand what they were saying in Spanish. Try to listen to them and check the transcripts if you are not getting what they are saying. Choosing the right podcast is very important. However, with the availability of hundreds of podcasts, it can be very confusing. Therefore, I am here with a list of the podcasts that I included in my Spanish learning journey at the intermediate level.

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