Is legit? (Honest Review)

Is legit? is a platform that provides you with various research papers that have already been published. Let us know more about the platform.

Being a Master’s degree or PhD student you have to submit your dissertation work. For this, you need to write a well-researched paper on your subject. While writing the research paper you need to study a lot of different papers, articles, etc.

Quick Takeaways

  • Academia is one such platform that provides you with millions of papers and articles that can help you in writing your paper.
  • Using Academia is worth it as you will get more than 36 million research papers for your research. 
  • Academia is a platform that is totally free for you to use.
  • The price of the premium version of Academia is $110.

Further, we have discussed more that you need to know about. 

Is legit? (Honest Review)

What is is a platform that provides you with various research papers that have already been published. This website was launched in 1999 by Richard Price. Today there are almost 10 million daily visitors. This means that more than 1000 million students, researchers, and professors are using this platform every month. The platform offers free reading to all viewers.

Although if you want to download it or update any new paper on it, you need to be a registered member first. The main aim of this platform is to increase the research on every subject. The platform believes that research in every sector must be free for everyone so that people can widely research in the section.

Is legit? (Honest Review)

Is legit?

Many of you while doing your research work may have this question about whether to use for your research purpose or not. The simple answer is a big yes as it is a legally registered platform under the rules and regulations of the U.S. The website is registered under the education sector of the U.S. This shows how legit this platform is.

Is using worth it?

First, look at the number of daily visitors on this platform. Even if we do not see any other features of this platform, you can see what big numbers of daily visitors are there. This shows how safe and reliable it is for everyone. So definitely using it is worth it as you will get more than 36 million research papers for your research.

You can get a lot of related papers on your subject on this platform. Also using this platform will help you to gain a lot of knowledge. Course hero is another platform where you can get help with your writing.

Is free?

Yes, you can use academia freely. There are more than 36 million research papers that you can use for your study. You can get access to them freely and if you want to download or upload your paper, you just need to register on it for free. Though academia also has a paid premium version which gives you more features than the free version. However, if you are using it for copying in our assignments, always remember that Turnitin or Safeassign are platforms that will help your teachers to know if you have copied the content.

Is legit? (Honest Review)

What is the premium version of

Just like any other platform, the premium version of gives you more advantages than its free version. You will get to unlock such papers which are not fully available on the platform. There are a lot of opportunities for fellowship programs available on the platform for you. By having the premium version you can access them as well.

Also, you get notifications when a new paper related to your subject is added to the platform. If you are a publisher, then you will get to see who has cited your paper and for how many times. Also, you can see how many times people have seen your research paper. The price of the premium version is $110.

Is a scholarly journal? is a website that publishes a lot of research papers, articles, etc written by various experts and scholars of related subjects. This concludes that is technically considered to be a scholarly journal. All the original papers that are published on this platform are open to access. You can use any paper or article that you want.

Benefits of Using

The advantages of using this platform are mentioned below –

Can publish the paper

Is legit? (Honest Review)

You can share your article on this platform easily. You can either publish the full article for the viewers’ help or post a section of your article on this platform. If the reader wants to read the full text, they would need to take the subscription plan for viewing it. 

Save your time

As a student, you have to go through a lot of assignments that need deep research related to them. Due to it, you need a lot of research papers to go through which will take a lot of time and effort. Using will help you to get multiple related articles on a single article. 


As you are joining a platform that has lots of publishers and readers, you can make a lot of new connections for yourself. You can choose to add your Facebook and Linkedin accounts to connect with people. You can also add your profile picture on the platform so that others can get connected with you easily. 

Conclusion is a platform where you can find more than 36 million publications for their users. This platform works to the regulations of the education sector of the U.S and thus is a safe and legit resource. Also, it has both free and paid versions. Although you can download and publish the paper just by registering yourself on the platform, the paid version gives you a lot more benefits. 

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