Is Chegg Worth Your Money? (Should You Purchase It?)

With the current trend, the education sector has been shifting towards EdTech methods or we can say shifted towards online education. The online education system has given emerged with a lot of different educational platforms and one such platform is Chegg which is a great platform for students. It provides a lot of affordable plans for helping students. So is Chegg worth it?

Quick Takeaways

  • There are various services that you may find on Chegg like digital rental books, online tutoring, questions, and answers, etc.
  • Here, you will get study material for a lot of different subjects and also helps you to find answers to different questions. 
  • It will also help you to save a lot of time. So definitely it is a worthy platform if you use it in the right manner. 
  • There are also different type of subscription plans on the platform-
1. Chegg Writing
2. Chegg Math Solver
3. Chegg Study
4. Chegg Study Pack

Though we will discuss it in detail, let us first discuss Chegg.

Is Chegg Worth Your Money? (Shoud You Purchase It?)

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an educational platform, that makes money by giving educational resources to students. There are various services that you may find on this platform like digital rental books, online tutoring, questions, and answers, etc. A popular plan on Chegg was its tutor plan, in which you could make an additional income by answering the questions posted on the platform. However, with the start of 2021, this plan was discontinued and the last payment was made on 22 January 2021 to all the tutors.  

Is Chegg worth it?

Chegg is a platform that can save you a lot of time and effort while searching for a particular solution. In fact, according to various research, Chegg saves 90% of the time for the student. A subscription plan for the rental textbooks service is also worth it. It could save a lot of money that a student may have to pay for buying traditional books. 

There are various subscription plans available that even make it more affordable. You can buy the plan according to your purpose. You don’t need to pay a subscription for all the programs available on the platform. You will get a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of using Chegg in the next sections. But before that let us read about the various plans offered by Chegg.

Various Subscription Plans offered by the Chegg

There are four types of subscription plans available on this platform starting from the range of $9.95 per month. Every plan serves a different purpose. Following are the plans that are offered by Chegg. Let’s see based on pricing is chegg worth it-

1. Chegg Writing

This is the plan that is basically for writing up dissertations. You can find more than 7000 citations. Also, you will get services like a plagiarism checker or grammar checker for your paper. The plan also provides expert proofreading within 24 hours. 

Price: $9.95/month

Is Chegg Worth Your Money? (Shoud You Purchase It?)

2. Chegg Math Solver

Using Chegg math solver gives you services more than a calculator. Chegg provides a mobile app, through which you can click the pic and upload it on Chegg. It will scan the problem and after it, you will start getting step-to-step solutions for your problem. 

Price: $9.95/month

3. Chegg Study

If you have purchased this plan, then you will get assess to 55 million expert questions. You also get the advantage of explained guided videos. Having this plan you could also ask up to 20 questions per month.

Price: $19.95/month

4. Chegg Study Pack

This subscription allows you to get the benefit of all other packs. This means that you can get all the services i.e Math Solver, Chegg writing, and Chegg study in Chegg Study Pack.

Price: $14.95/month

Benefits of using Chegg

Following are the benefits that you get for using Chegg-

1. Different Plans

As mentioned above there are four types of plans, which you can choose according to your purpose. All the plans are affordable and are in the range of $9.95-$19.95. 

2. 24/7 Expert Support

Support is available full-time to the students on this platform. This will help you in a better understanding of your school or college homework. 

3. Homework solutions by Chegg

There are lots and lots of questions that are posted by the students on this platform. You may not get an accurate answer to your question. But you can find the solution to your problem from the related questions answered by the experts on the platform. 

4. Textbooks by Chegg

Getting rental textbooks service is another important advantage of using this platform. You can save a lot of money that you may use on buying traditional books. 

Is Chegg Worth Your Money? (Shoud You Purchase It?)

Drawbacks of using Chegg

Following are the drawbacks of using Chegg-

1. Wrong Answers

Mostly the answers on these platforms are right, but there are chances that you may find wrong answers. This is because many freelance tutors are not experts in a specific field. 

2. Schools Regulations

Many schools have banned the use of such platforms. This is because students have started misusing Chegg. They simply copy-paste the answers that are provided on this platform. If the student is caught cheating on Chegg, he/she may get penalized. 

3. Subscription

Though the subscription plans are affordable, there may be students who do not have a regular source of income. Due to this, it may be difficult for them to pay subscriptions every month. 

Is Chegg Cheating?

“Is Chegg Cheating”? This is the most common question that comes to our minds when we are using it. Well, the answer to this question varies with the situation. For instance, using Chegg for copying the solution of your homework, will be considered cheating. Similarly using a check to check your homework is also considered cheating. Checking your answers from Chegg and then correcting them, is also one form of cheating.

Another situation that is considered cheating is when you are submitting your question to the Chegg study. On the other hand, using Chegg simply for your knowledge is not cheating. If you are using it for clearing your doubts or for getting an additional understanding of your subject, then it is not cheating. In short, using Chegg is only considered cheating if you are using it to complete your school work in any form. It could be copy-pasting, re-checking, etc. Thus we can say that if it is used in a wrong manner, it will be one of the homework cheating websites.


We hope the question “Is Chegg worth it?” has been successfully answered in this article. Chegg is a platform where you can find a lot of educational services. These services include math solver, thesis writing/proofreading services, etc. Using Chegg saves a lot of time as you can find data related to your topic on one platform. You get instant answers to your question on this platform. Although you have to pay a subscription for using the platform, the services offered are worth trying.

Frequently Asked about Chegg Worth It or Not

You have gone through the review about packages offered by chegg to decide if chegg tutoring is worth it. They offer a few different plans on their subscription and charge monthly from you, just like you a lot of people are ready to buy but have the same question is paying for chegg worth it or not

Is it worth paying for Chegg?

Chegg is a great resource for finding the information you need, whether it’s studying for a test or looking for a new job. However, is it worth paying for Chegg? We compare the cost of using Chegg with other resources to see if it’s worth it and also it is a legit platform.

Is it cheating to use Chegg?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on your definition of “cheating.” If you consider using Chegg as a way to get an edge on your classmates, then you may be cheating. However, if you use the service to supplement your education and are able to keep up with your classwork without relying on the resources provided by Chegg, then it may not be cheating. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not using Chegg constitutes cheating.

Does Chegg notify your school?

Chegg is a website that lets you buy and sell textbooks, course materials, and other educational supplies. It also provides you with different short courses in which you can learn the subject in a short time. The website has a seller rating system, so you can easily find trustworthy sellers. Some students have complained that Chegg does not notify their school of purchases. This means that the school may not receive the materials that the student has purchased through Chegg.

Can Chegg tell professors who viewed a question?

Yes, Chegg can tell professors who viewed a question. This information is kept confidential and is not used for marketing purposes.

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