Is College Biology Hard? (Should You Take It?)

Choosing which subject to take in college is a tough choice. Students get confused especially when they have taken science courses during their higher classes. Most of the students get confused between choosing biology or other science subjects. Therefore it is important to know is college biology hard or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • To build up your career in the medical field, you will need biology as your major in college. 
  • Whether biology is hard or not, will depend upon you.
  • If you are interested in studying biology, then you will not find it hard. 
  • On the other hand, if you are a student who is good at math and not in theory subjects, then having biology may be hard for you. 
  • There may be other subjects that you may need to study like environmental science, ecology, human anatomy, etc.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the biology major.

Is College Biology Hard? (Should You Take It?)

What is a biology major?

It is a course in which you can learn about living organisms. If you have biology you will get to learn a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge as well. To build up your career in the medical field, you will need biology as your major in college.

You will get to work on a lot of research projects and lab practicals. Depending upon the college, you may also need to participate in various related studies and research. Even if you want to be a vet doctor, you would need to have a biology major. This assists you to understand the basics of biology. 

Is College Biology hard?

Honestly speaking this depends upon if you are interested in it or not. Biology is a relatively easier subject as compared to other science subjects that need a high level of mathematics. However, if you are a student who is good at math and not in theory subjects, then having biology may be hard for you. However, there may be cameras in the classrooms that will help you to stay focused in the classroom. As it is a hard subject you must apply to the college earlier as there will be many students who would be looking for this subject. It means that you may feel college is hard but in actual it may not be that much hard that you think.

What is common coursework in biology?

You can expect various science subjects when choosing biology as a major. Subjects like chemistry are usually in the coursework. There may be other subjects that you may need to study like environmental science, ecology, human anatomy, etc. Besides choosing the subjects, you will need to work on various lab projects.

Is College Biology Hard? (Should You Take It?)

The starting years of your college life will help you to learn the theory portion of your related subject. Though when you reach higher years, you will have to perform practicals and related internships as well. You may also take some particular subject related to biology to narrow the focus of your career. 

Why should you opt for a biology major?

The reasons why you should opt for biology are – 

Opens up a lot of opportunities

Taking up biology as a major will help you by opening up a lot of opportunities in medical science. You can choose any field like a paediatrician, veterinarian, etc. You can also opt to become a family doctor or an eye specialist. Not only this you can also get a chance to work as a physician for the prime minister of the country. You may also have to attend different seminars or events and thus make sure that you are having right type of clothes with you.

It is all about observations

Biology is a subject that is based on observations. If you are a good observer, then this is the best choice for you. There are various research projects and studies that you need to examine. While examining various projects you will need to make a lot of observations. 

You can work with animals

If you want to benefit animals, having a biology major is a must. You can choose a field of the veterinarian to work with animals. The duties that you can perform are taking care of them and treating them with their injuries or illness.

Skills that you need for taking up biology as a major 

There are some specific skills that you should have to take up biology as your major – 

Good observer

As already discussed, biology is all about observations. Thus you should be a good observer. 

Is College Biology Hard? (Should You Take It?)

Good listener

To become a good observer, you first need to become a good listener. Being a good listener helps you to learn all things and facts being taught in the class. 

Good reader

You will need to read a lot of books to excel in your major. Reading books will give you a deep understanding of your subject which is necessary to complete your degree.

Good writer

When you are in your college, you are required to write a lot of reports for your subject. You will be preparing for lab reports and according to your universities, you may need to write research papers as well. Therefore, you must be a good writer.


Biology is a relatively easy subject compared to the tough calculations of mathematics. However, if you are a person who is very good at mathematics, then it may be tough for you. Also if you are a good listener, observer, and writer then biology is what you should go for. Choosing biology will also help you to get various opportunities in the field of medicine. 


Is biology a hard subject to passing?

Biology is one of the easiest subjects that is based on observations. You do not need advanced mathematics to get past biology. You only need to study the theory portion along with the practicals. You will learn about living things and most of the basics will be covered in your school courses. 

Is chemistry or biology easier?

Most studies show chemistry is more complex than biology. However, biology needs a lot of theoretical education. Chemistry may need more time and effort to learn its concepts of it. If you are good at math then you may find chemistry easier than biology.
However, if the chemistry is easy or biology, varies from student to student, and the curriculum of the college to which they are applying.

Is biology harder than mathematics?

Biology is a subject, in which you only need to focus on the facts and theory portion. Whereas, mathematics is quite logical. However, deciding, which one is harder, is again difficult. If you find mathematics easy, biology will become harder for you.
But if you love to read books and learn new observations then definitely biology is made for you. Therefore choosing which one is harder, will depend upon your interests and your personality as well as your career goals. 

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