Is College Hard? (Answered 2024)

Are You also a person who has completed high school and thinking about college life? Of course, there will be different questions going on in your head. The most important question that you may want to know is college hard or not. Here we will help you to understand it and will also compare it with the high school.

Quick Takeaways

  • Although the college classes are sometimes hard but can be very engaging.
  • Following are the key differences between college and high school-
1. You can decide on your own class
2. Classes are hard
3. Classes will be different
4. Making up own schedule
5. More disciplined
6. More extracurricular activities

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of whether college is hard or not.

Is College Hard

Is college hard?

After completing the high school, the next thing that you need to find out is whether the college is hard or not. Although most people will tell you that college is hard actually it is not. Of course, the content you will be studying in the classes will become more difficult. But there is nothing much to worry about. Along with that, there are a lot of fun things that you will be getting on the platform. However, further I have explained whether the college is hard or not by comparing it with the high school.

Is college harder than high school?

Many believe that college is more hard than high school. However, it is a myth that college is harder than high school. The truth is it may look hard but actually it is more fun. Of course, the content you will study will be harder. It will be longer and you will have to manage your timetable properly. But the main thing that you should remember is that you will be getting more engaging and exciting classes.

Of course, it is one of the best times to make your friends. You will also be having a lot of fun along with the tough studies. There is no doubt why most people believe that college time is one of the best times of their life. However, further, we have discussed some of the main differences between both of them.

How is college different from high school?

Following are the key differences between the college and the high–

1. You can decide on your own class

The first difference between both of them is that you can choose the subjects you want to study. When you are in High school you have to study the subjects that are mandatory by the school. However, when you go to college you get chances between the subjects you want to study. It gives you flexibility with your own comfort level.

Is College Hard

2. Classes are hard

The classes that you will be studying will become more hard. Of course, it does not mean that you will be living a stressful life. With time every class becomes hard and there is nothing to stress about. The reason to not stress much about this is that the classes are exciting at the same time. You will not be getting bored in the class and will enjoy them. Further, you must also remember that not all the classes will be such hard. There will be many classes that will be easy to understand and will also be more enjoyable.

3. Classes will be different

As you will be taking different classes you will see that not all the classes are the same. In some classes, you will see students all around. However, in some cases like advanced courses, the class may have less number of students. Every class will feel different and engaging. In some classes, you may enjoy it more but in others may get bored.

4. Making up own schedule

The best part of being in college is that you will not be bound to a particular timetable except for a few classes. Suppose you are a person who loves to study in the morning then you may choose the course which is going on in the afternoon. Suppose you are studying in a class and do not have time to wash your clothes, you can go to the night even at 1:00 am in the laundry room to wash the clothes. 

5. More disciplined

The next best thing to be in college is that you will become more disciplined. It means that you will start doing your work on time and will start being punctual. You will start studying on time, complete your assignments, etc. As in most cases you will be living alone, there will be self-motivation to complete all the things needed. It will help in boosting up self-motivation in one’s life.

6. More extracurricular activities

Being in college means a great opportunity for you in extracurricular activities. There are a lot of different activities in which you can take part to increase your extracurricular activities. From music to dance there are a lot of opportunities for you. In addition to that you will also see various clubs in which you can take part. Further, there are also various sports in which you can take part. In short, college is a place that will not only help you to learn the concepts but will also develop your other skills.

Is college for you?

Let me first make it clear that not every person needs to attend college. Just like you may be in doubt should you go to the university or not, you may also think about whether to go to college or not. College is never a compulsion and you can always look at the technical courses instead of it. Further one thing that you must remember is that college is not for everyone. There are many careers that do not demand a college degree, and are mainly focused on your practical skills like computers, or if you are interested in opening your own business.

It does not need to mean that the degree is not important. Of course it is but if you have the right set of skills along with the knowledge then this is a great tool for you. Although you will enjoy taking up a degree, if you are in doubt you can always try taking the help of the counselor and college admission council. Further, you can also delay your college admission if you are not sure about it. However, remember that you must not waste this time on unnecessary things.

What are the ways to be successful in college?

To make your college life easier, I will provide various ways to be successful in college-

1. Take easy courses

Is Collage Hard? (Answered)

When you are shooking the courses for yourself make sure to add more easy and less hard courses. Try to choose only one of the hard courses as it will help you to get familiar with college life. When you will minimize in starting it will help you in adjusting to the new environment. 

2. Follow good study habits

Try to attend classes regularly and also make sure to create all the notes. You can also try to make flashcards that will help you in shortening the content. Also if you are unable to attend the class then let your professor know about it. It may help you as the professor may help you with the classes you have missed. 

3. Take classes on your own choices

It means that the timings of the classes should based on your personal choice. Suppose you are not a morning person then taking up early morning classes will make you sleep in it. Try to take classes that suit your timetable. You can always choose to study the classes in the afternoon. However, in some cases, you will find that the class has a particular time. Whereas, in other cases, you may see that there is a flexible timing for you.

4. Take part in extracurricular activities

Make sure that you are not only focusing on the studies. Try to take advantage of the extracurricular activities that are offered in the college. This will not only help you to get good grades but also will help in developing your personality. Taking part in such activities is very important. It is because at present time the hiring managers not only see your grades but also the additional things that you have taken part in. You can choose from sports or take part in different cultural things like music and dance.


College is the institution in which you go after high school. Obviously, when you are going to college you must always wonder if college is hard or not. Well, the truth is college is not as hard as we think. There are different factors that show college is not that much harder than high school. Of course, the content that you study in college will be hard and longer. But it will be engaging too. There are so many differences like you can choose your own schedule and will get more disciplined. Additionally, the biggest way to be successful in college is by taking part in extracurricular activities.


What is the hardest year of college?

The freshman year is the hardest year of college as it is the starting year when you will need to adjust to the new environment.

What are the top 5 hardest courses in the college?

Following are the top 5 hardest courses in the college-
Computer science

Is college fun?

College life is one of the life that you get to experience once high school is over. Obviously, it is one of the most enjoyable lives as there is not much stress in college life. You will be enjoying a lot as there will be different things going on in the college. Along with that, you may have to study a little hard as this is the time when your career will be built on.

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