Is Grammarly cheating?

Many AI-based tools can help you in assisting while writing. One such tool that you may have heard about is Grammarly. It is a tool that assists you in finding any kind of error mistakes in your writing. Although it is a very useful tool, you may consider it cheating. Let us see if it is considered cheating or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • Grammarly is a tool through which you can edit your writing errors. 
  • Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-based platform that helps you with your writing and thus is not considered cheating. 
  • Grammarly is a platform which is not considered cheating.

Further, we will be discussing if using Grammarly is cheating or not and thus you must read till the end for a better understanding.

Is Grammarly cheating?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-based platform that helps you with your writing. It uses algorithms that allow users for writing correctly. It has free and paid tools. The free version allows you to determine the critical spelling mistakes in the content. Whereas with a paid subscription, you can get a lot of tools. You can check for advanced grammar as well as spellings error. Also, you can get an authentic plagiarism tool to check similar content just like Safeassign, Plagscan, or Turnitin. You also get to know the tone of your content and can get suggestions to change it. Your content also gets an overall score depending on the total errors found.

Is Grammarly cheating? 

No, using Grammarly will not be considered cheating. Grammarly is a tool through which you can edit your writing errors. Many institutions/teachers motivate their students to use Grammarly. This will help the students to know where they are going wrong. Grammarly can’t write for you. It only corrects your errors by telling you where you’re going wrong. It is up to you if you want to change the suggestions or not. The reason why it can’t be considered cheating is. 

Although every college and every teacher has a different policy. Some colleges may prohibit the use of Grammarly. If your college has prohibited the use of Grammarly, then it may be considered cheating. Also using Grammarly while online examinations will also be considered cheating. Remember Grammarly, should only be used when you are writing essays, dissertations, thesis, etc. 

Is Grammarly cheating?

Reasons why it is not considered cheating?

Cheating in simple words means copying or making other people do your work. As read earlier using Grammarly is not considered cheating. Three main reasons that support this statement-

1. Cannot give your answer

Grammarly is a simple tool that will only show you the errors in your content. It will not offer the answer to your problem. If you have already written the content then it will only check your spelling as well as grammar errors.

2. Only make changes if you allow

The platform only gives suggestions for changing your content. It depends upon you if you want to change it or not.

3. You are not asking others to write

If you are paying someone else or asking others to write your assignments/dissertations, it is known as cheating. But when you are using Grammarly, you are not taking any such advantage. It will not write up your assignment. It could help you to find errors mistakes and plagiarism. 

Is Grammarly cheating?

Subscription plans for Grammarly

There are two subscription plans for Grammarly-

1. Premium Plan

If you are an individual you should go for the premium plan. The services that are incorporated in the free version provide full-sentence rewriting. It also gives you a plagiarism detection feature (which works similarly to safeassign or Turnitin) and tone suggestions according to your need. The price of the premium plan starts from $12 per month. 

2. Business Plan

If you are an organization of content writers, then you must go for a business plan. This plan will give you services like brand tones, style guides, and even analytic dashboards. It starts from $15 per month.

Benefits of using Grammarly

The following are the benefits of Grammarly-

  • Grammarly is easy to use. Even a student can use it for completing their assignments.
  • This platform will help you to provide suggestions for your written content. 
  • The suggestions given by Grammarly are highly accurate and reliable.
  • It also clarifies the mistakes that you have made in the article.
  • Grammarly is a tool that lets you make changes according to yourself. This means that the spelling will only change if you want to change the suggestions given by Grammarly.
  • Subscription plans also help to check plagiarism in the work and give suggestions on how to change it.
Is Grammarly cheating?

Drawbacks of Using Grammarly

Although there are great advantages to it, you might see some of the drawbacks-

  • If you want to look over the spelling in your content, you have to first write it in Grammarly. Grammarly can’t use other file formats to detect errors. 
  • The tools in its free version are limited. You do not get services like plagiarism checker in its free version.

Is Grammarly worth it? 

A free version is a handy tool that can help you in writing your essay/assignments. It will detect notable mistakes in spelling and grammar when compared to a standard free checker. If you’re a low-budget writer, you must try Grammarly. However, like with most of the other tools, when you take the subscription to any tool, it gives you better functions than the free version. The premium version discovers more mistakes in your writing’s spelling and grammar. You’ll also get suggestions on how to improve your writing style and get a plagiarism checker which will be similar to SafeAssign.


Grammarly is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to guide you with your writing manner. It makes use of algorithms to help users write correctly. There are both free and paid versions of this platform. The free version helps you to identify the content’s spelling errors. If you are doing more professional work then the Premium version is more beneficial. The paid version also provides the service of a plagiarism detector.

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