Is it plagiarism if I cite the source?

Plagiarism refers to writing content material without getting deep data and presenting somebody’s phrase or thought in your work without referencing it correctly. Then again, citing is the tactic you let the reader know in regards to the thought or phrases taken from by correctly referencing the title of the creator or web page no of labour. But will it be plagiarism if we cite the resources?

Quick Takeaways

  • If you are citing the copied content properly, it will not cover under plagiarism as you are not taking its credibility.
  • The quotation model is the rule of thumb supplied on how you can cite the sources so that there is no plagiarism.
  • There are three types of citation models – APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of if there is plagiarism if you have cited the source properly.

Is it plagiarism if I cite the source? - Can I plagiarize the citation?

Is it plagiarism if I cite the supply?

If citing the content material written to keep away from plagiarism is completed correctly and following all of the steps of citing then no software like safeassign program can detect plagiarism. If the textual content is quoted and correctly talked about the place, references have been taken. The subsequent quote must be paraphrased correctly in your language to keep away from plagiarism. Because the technical phrase is all largely identical, attempt to paraphrase the textual content that you’re citing by quoting them and offering references to avoid plagiarism.

Can plagiarize the quotation?

To keep away from the outcome to get plagiarized by the software program quotation is important supplied to sources which are taken from different sources by correctly paraphrasing the textual content, and citation, naming the creator, and including the work web page no at the finish of the analysis. if the particular person copies and pastes the textual content i.e the entire paragraph phrase to phrase has to be written in the citation(“”)and point out the credit score of the sources for avoiding plagiarism.

What’s the quotation model?

The quotation model is the rule of thumb supplied on how you can cite the sources to keep away from plagiarism that’s printed within the official handbook explaining all the principles, directions, and examples of how you can cite the sources which are being taken from different sources.

Is it plagiarism if I cite the source? - Can I plagiarize the citation?

Forms of citations model:

How to decide on the location for citing the textual content is dependent upon the kind of analysis you might be doing or writing about . the principle widespread citations model used of quotation are as follows:

1. APA: 

It stands for American psychological affiliation used in the place the content material is expounded to schooling, psychology, and science.

2. MLA:

It stands for contemporary language affiliation that’s used when the analysis is in regard to the humanities.

3. Chicago/Turabian:

One of these quotations is used for the textual content expounded on enterprise, historical past, and tremendous arts.

Frequent errors to keep away from whereas quotation:

  1. The teacher is keen on seeing the work or concepts of your not the opposite by quoting an excessive amount of within the textual content. Strive to not copy and paste the concepts of different sources as a substitute for gaining all the knowledge, making notes on paper, and writing all of the content material in your individual phrases.
  2.  Simply Citing the textual content that’s being taken with the assistance of different references wanted to be quoted correctly. The cited textual content additionally wanted to be quoted correctly to keep away from plagiarism.
  3.  Making the textual content appear like it’s written in your phrases by simply altering the synonyms of the phrases and writing won’t assist to keep away from plagiarism. The paraphrasing of the paragraph must be written correctly which might solely be attainable when the author has deep information about the content material. It will help you to get safe from copying scores on various plagiarism detector tools like Turnitin.
  4. Following the principles of the quotation model is obligatory. An improper quotation might trigger plagiarism.
  5. If the reader shouldn’t capable of finding the sources it’ll trigger plagiarism. so finishing the citations can also be obligatory.

How do you employ sources within the analysis?

Is it plagiarism if I cite the source? - Can I plagiarize the citation?

Utilizing the opposite sources in your works could be achieved primarily by following 3 steps and assisting to keep away from getting plagiarized.

1. Quotations (“ “) marks : 

To repeat and paste the sources the identical in your analysis must be written in quotations. Additionally, the usage of quotations makes it clear that the textual content is copied from different sources.

3. Paraphrasing :

The sources written within the citation must be paraphrased by not simply altering the synonyms of the phrases. It shouldn’t be much like the unique work for avoiding plagiarism, especially incremental plagiarism. They are usually not detected by the plagiarism detectors like Safeassign and thus are one of the good ways to get safe from plagiarised content.

4. Summarize:

Summarize the supply in your thought of what are your ideas in regards to the content material. So that it’ll present the reader that the author is aware of the analysis.

5. Quotation checker:

A quotation checker is used to examine whether or not the author has used the quotation accurately. For citing the sources there may be a lot of software programs that may make it possible for the quotation of the supply to be completed correctly or not. primarily used automated companies to examine citations are under:

6. Plagiarism checker:

A plagiarism checker like Plagscan helps to examine the paraphrasing of the textual content as if the paraphrased textual content matches with the unique textual content and if the quotation of the sources taken from the opposite sources shouldn’t be achieved accurately. It’s used earlier than submitting the content material to the trainer or writer and with the assistance of the generated report, the author can add all of the citations which are lacking by rephrasing the content material once more to keep away from plagiarism. There are a lot of plagiarism checkers that will help you to get the plagiarism report.

7. Citations checker:

Scribbler’s checker is especially obtainable for the APA ( psychological associations)styling of citations making it quick and simple to appropriate all of the urged citations by the checker itself. It checks the error in your in-text checker and highlights the unsuitable quotation used, suggesting the proper citations which makes it straightforward for the author to appropriate them.


Citing the supply shouldn’t be plagiarized when the quotation is completed following all the rules and the algorithm. quoting correctly the sources is obligatory. However, utilizing quotes excessively amount of will make the instructor not as completely satisfied because the instructor desires. The scholar ought to have deep information in regards to the content material after which write. So attempt to keep away from the usage of quotations an excessive amount within the task or paperwork.

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