Is Professor a Title? (Everything You Need to Know About It in 2024)

A title is one that helps to identify who are you and what position you are in. Pose if you are at a managing level then your title may be of manager. Similarly, when you are working in academic jobs, the most common title you will hear is professor. A professor is the one who is responsible for the student’s growth and teaching them. However, there is a great confusion regarding whether is professor a title or not. Therefore here we will help you to find the answer to it and also will be discussing other factors.

Quick Takeaways

  • A title reflects the role you are currently in. 
  • If you are teaching at a higher level of education, then you get the title of a professor. It means that professor is definitely a title you get in academics.
  • Some of the other titles that you get as a professor are instructor, lecturer, Dean, etc.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of whether the professor is a title or not.

Is Professor a Title? (Everything You Need to Know About It in 2023)

Is professor a title?

Your title reflects the role you are currently in. Therefore when you are called a professor, it means that professor is a title given to you when you have become a professor at the institution. There are many academic ranks that you will be getting as a professor like assistant professors, associate professors, etc. However, every type of professor has a common title known as professor. Further, we have discussed some other titles related to the professor.

What are the titles related to the professors?

There are different titles that are related to Professor like assistant professor, associate professor, etc. Some other related titles that you can get related to being a professor are instructor, lecturer, dean, etc. However, you must remember that all these titles are given to those who are teaching the students in the classroom. Therefore most of the time all these professors will get the title simply as Professor.

Furthermore, you must also remember that there are professors who have completed their PhD in a specific subject. In such a case they may get a doctor title before their name. Many believe that a professor is a higher title than a doctor, thus most of them want their students to call them by the title professor.

Is Professor a Title? (Everything You Need to Know About It in 2023)

Is a doctor a higher title than a professor?

A doctor and a professor a totally different from each other and therefore there is no comparison between them. You receive the title of professor when you are appointed as a person who is teaching students at a higher level of education. Whereas you will be getting the title doctor when you have completed your PhD in a specific subject.

Is the professor capitalized?

The title professor is generally capitalised depending upon how you are using it full stop if you are using it before the name of the professor then you will have to capitalise it. Further following the basic rule of English, if it is used at the beginning of the sentence then also it is capitalized. On the other hand, if a comma is coming in between the sentence to separate the title from the name then it is not capitalised. Additionally, it is also not capitalised when the title is used generally. For example: The professor is calling you in the exam hall.

Is professor a lifetime title?

Is Professor a Title? (Everything You Need to Know About It in 2023)

Generally, you will be starting as an assistant professor. When you will be working as an assistant professor for at least 5 to 6 years you will be qualified as tenured position. Once you receive the tenure for being a professor you may continue to use the title professor for a lifetime. However, if you choose to switch your colour between you may not be able to use the title professor.

Can you be called a Professor with a master’s degree?

To become a professor the least qualification you need to have is the master’s degree. Therefore you can definitely try to become a professor with your master’s degree in a specific subject. However, it will depend upon the institution you are applying to as there may be institutions where you can only apply after getting your PhD. If you want to apply for the position of a professor with a master’s degree try to get some publications or do your research work before applying for the position. 

Is professor a title in high school?

Professors are the ones who teach students at higher educational levels like colleges and Universities. Their force the person who is teaching at the high school is not considered a professor and therefore there is no professor title in the High school. Further another title that you may get in school is that of Principal.

How to get a professor title?

Following are the steps to get the professor title-

  • The first thing you need to do is to gain your under as your degree in a specific subject you want to teach. 
  • After getting the undergraduate degree you will need to go into graduate school and get your master’s degree in the related subject.
  • Although there are institutions that may accept you as a professor with a master’s degree, most of the institutions will need you to have a Ph.D. You must try to get a PhD as it will help you to get a higher pay. 
  • When you are done with PhD you must try to get some publications or research work. Having more publications and citations will help you to increase your chances of getting selected.

Is it possible to become a professor without a PhD degree?

Yes, it is possible to become a professional without a PhD degree. In some institutions, you may only need to have a master to become a professor. Additionally, one thing you must remember is that you must try to get some more publications so that you can easily become one.

Is Professor a Title? (Everything You Need to Know About It in 2023)


The title helps to know at which level you are at in your career. A professor is definitely a title as it helps you to know at which level you are at in academics. In addition to that getting a professor title may be hard as you will have to complete your undergraduate degree and after that need to get a master’s degree. Additionally, you may also need to get a PhD that will make it easier for you to get the professor title.

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