Is Using Quizlet cheating? (Guide for using Quizlet to Cheat)

Many students feel difficulty with the vocabulary part. There are many online courses based on vocabulary but they may be boring as they will just include study material and no fun activities. Now think what if you get a platform that is made for Vocabulary? Quizlet is one such platform that enables you to study along with some fun activities. If you have heard about Quizlet for the first time don’t worry, here you will get to learn more about it and will also get a great understanding about is quizlet cheating or not. 

Quick Takeaways

  • Quizlet is an online platform designed to help students in their studies, especially their vocabulary. 
  • It uses flashcards, matching games, interactive tools, and games to make things more interesting for students. 
  • If you are using it to copy the answers in the exams, then it is considered cheating.

You must read till the end so that you could easily understand if Quizlet cheating or not.

Is Using Quizlet cheating? (Guide for using Quizlet to Cheat)

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is an online platform founded by Andrew Sutherland to help students in their studies, especially their vocabulary. It will help you grasp things in a more fun way. Quizlet uses flashcards, matching games, interactive tools, and games to make things more interesting and easy for you.

Teachers on this platform make various study sets based on different subjects. There are almost more than 500 million study plans and 60 million users that are available on this platform. The main motive of Quizlet is to help each student to achieve their dreams in a fun and effective manner. However, many students have made it one of the homework cheating websites and taken full advantage of the Quizlet.

Is using Quizlet considered cheating? – Is Quizlet cheating?

Cheating occurs when you use unethical or unfair ways of doing your exams or tests. Quizlet is a platform that helps students to learn their subject in a more fun manner. It does not encourage the students to register to use the solutions on this platform to cheat. Thus, just like Sparknotes, it is not considered cheating until you are using it for a personal understanding of the subject.

Is Using Quizlet cheating? (Guide for using Quizlet to Cheat)

However, if you are using it to copy the answers for assignments then definitely yes it is considered cheating. Also sometimes your institution may have banned the use of Quizlet. In such a case it might also be considered cheating and can be a great cheating device. So it can be concluded that the way you are using Quizlet determines if it is considered cheating or not.

Services offered by Quizlet

It is one of the platforms that is commonly used for online cheating. There are seven types of services that are offered by Quizlet – 

1. Flashcards

In this mode, you will see a card with a term on it. You have to select the arrow key to flip it. You will get the meaning of the term on the flip side.

2. Learn

In this type of tool, you will get to learn the meaning of the word through repeated exercises. This means that the meaning of the word that you have learned in your flashcard will come in from you in many quizzes or question forms again and again. It will continue till you have identified it correctly.

3. Write

In this section, you will see a word on your screen and you have to write the meaning according to your understanding. This feature was originally under Learn service.

Is Using Quizlet cheating? (Guide for using Quizlet to Cheat)

4. Spell

This feature provides the audio of the word in a loud voice. You have to enter the correct spelling of that word. 

5. Test

In this section, a teacher or an instructor breaks out the session into various tests like flashcards and other sections. It is their choice to start with a flashcard or by writing the definition of the word.

6. Match

In this service, you will see many words on the screen. You have to drag those terms to their related meanings.

7. Gravity

It is one of the play modes that are available on Quizlet. In this mode, there will be shapes in the form of asteroids including definitions of the word, which will be falling down vertically. You have to write the term which is related to the definition before the asteroid falls down. If you miss any asteroid twice then the game gets over. 

Is Using Quizlet cheating? (Guide for using Quizlet to Cheat)

How to use Quizlet to cheat?

Quizlet does not give permission to any student to cheat. Although there could be ways by which you can use Quizlet to cheat. When you are copying the definition of the words you must change the wording of the definition. It is important because if you are copying the content it will include plagiarism in it. Your teachers could easily detect plagiarism using plagiarism detectors.

If you copy exactly the same wording, the detector will catch them and will also notify your professor about the source. Therefore if you want to use Quizlet then you must copy it by changing its wording of it. Also, another thing that you can do is by citing the sources. When you cite the source it means that you are not taking credit for it and it does not come under plagiarism.

Are the answers on Quizlet Correct?

There are a lot of quizzes and meanings of the words that are posted on this platform. But whether are they correct is the biggest question while using it. Most of the answers posted on this platform are usually correct. But there are possibilities that some of them may be wrong.
This is because there may be some answers that are posted by students who are not from that background. Therefore, with mostly correct answers you may find some answers that are not correct. 


Many students are not very good with their vocabulary. To help them, there is a platform called Quizlet that helps them with their vocabulary in a fun manner. This tool typically deals with the learning of vocabulary. There are a lot of ways such as different games, flashcards, etc for increasing the student’s vocabulary. 

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