22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian in 2024 (Sharing My Personal Experience)

Podcasts are becoming a popular way to develop knowledge of anything you want. But does it help you to learn a language? Yes. Nowadays, people do not have much time to learn something new. Podcasts have made it easy to get knowledge by just listening to things. I have involved podcasts in my language-learning journey. Recently, I started listening to them while learning the Italian language. If you are an Italian learner, I would suggest you do the same. Thus, I will share some of the Italian Podcasts to learn Italian. Trust me, you will enjoy all of them.

22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian (Sharing My Personal Experience)

Top Italian Podcast

 With the development of the online learning world, there is also an increase in podcasts. I am listening to some amazing Italian podcasts and here are some of them-

1. Coffee Break Italian

(Available: Spotify, PlayerFM, YouTube, Official website)

Coffee Break Italian was the first podcast I ever listened to in Italian. There are two seasons, hosted by Mark. Each season has 40 episodes. There are three sections and each one is only for 20 minutes. Below I have discussed what was there in each section-

  • First section – Focuses on learning the words and phrases
  • Second section – Discusses culture and travel
  • Third section is a recap section to practice speaking 

As a beginner, I think season one was a perfect choice for me. The simple reason was there was a switch between Italian and English simultaneously. You must try it.

2. Joy of Languages

(Available: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Official website)

Looking for a podcast that can help you with pronunciation? Look forward to the Joy of Languages. Earlier it was known as 5 Minutes Italian. I don’t think so, now I need to tell the duration of podcasts. It is, of course, 5 minutes long. These episodes are solely focused on the Pronunciation of the language. Understand how R is spoken and the difference between the sounds of ch and c. There are also transcripts, flashcards, and quizzes for each episode.

3. Learn Italian in your car

(Available: Spotify)

22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian (Sharing My Personal Experience)

Fascinated by the name of the podcast? Don’t get confused with its name. It’s a podcast, I will recommend you to start learning the language from. It is a podcast that follows a simple style of teaching a language. There are English words spoken in the podcast along with the Italian translations. I am sure, now you know why I said, to start with this podcast. It is a perfect choice for those who do not have much time to give to their learning. Episodes are based on different themes. Some topics on which podcasts are created are directions, numbers, hotels, etc.

4. ItalianPod101

(Available: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Official website)

From the name itself, you must have got an idea, why this is on my list. There are around 1000 audio lessons for everyone. Thus, it is the perfect platform to learn Italian. If you are an absolute beginner, there are 78 lessons in level 1. Each lesson has downloadable notes for your guidance. The starting subjects of the season include greetings, introductions, and numbers. This is a subscription-based service with a seven-day free trial. The charges start at $4 per month. Of course, I wanted to have free podcasts. So, I decided to search for it. Eventually, I got some of them freely on Spotify and iTunes.

5. News in Slow Italian

(Available: Apple, Podbean, Official website)

If you have checked my Japanese podcasts list, you must have seen News in Slow Japanese. It works similarly to it. Of course, I have been following it for a long time. It helped me to know what was going on in Italy. It is a nice way to keep yourself updated. There are diverse topics and an opportunity to choose idiomatic expressions. Now, the question is why should you choose it? The speaker uses a clear voice making it easy to understand. There is also a customized option for the audio speed.

6. Quattro Stagioni

(Available: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Official website)

22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian (Sharing My Personal Experience)

After learning the basics, I prefer resources following the immersive technique. If you are like me, you will love this podcast. This podcast is presented in Italian and the host, Allesandra Pasqui, loves to share the Italian world. She chats about culture, current affairs, food, travel, etc. The starting episodes are again for absolute beginners but the latest are more focused on B1 learners. Thus, start to listen to the old podcasts first. The best thing about this podcast is, it is too short. However, if you want to access the transcript, you must pay $25 for a year. 

7. Italy Made Easy

(Available: Apple, PlayerFM, YouTube, Official website)

This is a perfect platform to get multiple podcasts. The host, Manu, is a native speaker and speaks standard dialects in Slow version. Each episode has a standard duration of 10-20 minutes. There are many easy topics on which podcasts are created. The transcript you get is in Italian and there is a translation of some selected words. But it is only if you take the subscription plan. You may also get some of them in English, making them more accessible.

8. Podcast Italiano

(Available: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Official website)

If you are looking for a platform where you can get to choose the topic, this is what you need. My friend has used it and is a great fan of it. When I told him that I was looking for podcasts to learn Italian, he suggested this to me. This platform allowed me to choose the topic according to my learning level. However, it is mostly for intermediate learners. Unlike most other podcast platforms, the transcript is free for some podcasts. It also has multiple features like Clubs and E-books. 

Drawback: Where my friend does not find it as a drawback, I was not happy with how the interface works.

9. Senza Rosetto

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Patreon, Official website)

In the present world, women are in an equal position to men. But well all know, earlier the scenario was different. This podcast covers more of the issues a woman must navigate. From the wage gap to being an independent woman, everything is discussed. It was first started on the 70th anniversary of the first political referendum involving women. There are three seasons of it. Honestly, I am not a history lover. Thus, I didn’t enjoy it much. But if you are a history lover, I am sure you will enjoy it.

10. 30 minutes Italian

(Available: Spotify)

It is very tough to learn Italian. But what if I tell you that you can get a lot of important knowledge from learning a language? Will you believe it? If you want to travel to Italy, 30 minutes of Italian podcasts is important for you. As the name suggests, each episode is 30 minutes long. There is a lot of cultural knowledge and slang used in the language.

11. Pensieri & Parole

(Available: Apple, YouTube, Official website)

This is a weekly podcast hosted by Linda Riole. I first listened to it on Spotify. It is really a cool podcast where the language is spoken slowly. She talks about various aspects of the language and the culture. There are podcasts on Italian Literature, culture, Language, etc. Each week there is a special podcast based on the past or present stories. If you find it hard, there is also a special website for it, where you can get a free newsletter and buy the subscription plan.

12. Just Italian

(Available: Official website)

If you want to know about Italian culture, history, food, and much more along with learning the Language, Just Italian is a perfect choice for you. I suggest you must try it. There is no better way of learning a language than this. The host Michele, uses simple language making the complex topics easier. There is a new episode every two weeks. The duration of each episode is also short between 5-10 minutes. You can choose any time to listen to it. This is a perfect choice to grow vocabulary knowledge or learn advanced topics at a slower speed.

13. Scientificast 

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Official website)

Scientific discoveries are an interesting topic. I love learning about innovations and technology. And what’s better than getting a podcast that matches my interest? When I was sure, I could handle B2-level conversation, I wanted to develop at an advanced level. So, I started doing research and eventually landed on this podcast. This podcast is all about Italian Scientific discoveries. If you are also a science nerd, choose this podcast. There are current scientific topics and issues that you will get to know about. For languages, there are more advanced levels of vocabulary. A new podcast is launched every week. 

22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian (Sharing My Personal Experience)

14. Camposanto

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Official website)

Are you a person who is curious to know about graveyards? If not, skip this podcast and move to the next one. But if yes, wait and read more about it. It is a podcast that talks about such places. You may feel scared but it is something interesting. I have listened to some of them, and believe me they have added a lot of curiosity in me to know more about it. It made me think of people buried in the ground and what would happen after it. So what are you waiting for? Go and check on the episodes of this podcast.

15. L’italiano vero

(Available: PlayerFM, YouTube)

The name of the podcast means ‘The True Italian’. In this podcast, two people in a conversation act like old dear friends. There are a variety of topics to choose from. I started from shopping, but you can look for traveling and cultural events. Also, you can choose the podcast depending on the duration of the podcast. The podcasts are usually in story style. Some are small and others are long. Choose according to your choice.

16. Italiano Automático

(Available: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Official website)

It is the most extensive podcast with 550 episodes in it. Albi hosts this podcast and discusses popular slang words of the language. The episodes are not reliable on each other and thus you can choose any of them earlier. You may find some episodes easy whereas others may be hard. The thing I like about this podcast is the teaching style. The host talks and makes sure you stay engaged with the content by adding humor. All the podcasts are free.

17. Learn Italian With Music

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Official website)

Have you ever noticed that lyrics are easier to memorize than any else? Learning Italian with Music follows the same concept. There are multiple episodes on the platform and each of them tackles with different terms. While using it, I receive so many songs with the appearance of specific words. Slowly and gradually, you will get grammar, vocabulary, and culture knowledge. 

22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian (Sharing My Personal Experience)

18. Radio Lingua Italian 

(Available: Earlier it had a lot of other podcasts but now it is known as Coffee Break Academy )

If you are not getting much time to listen to other podcasts, try to take advantage of it. They were first introduced in 2006. It is not a proper podcast channel but a learning platform. There are 27 different languages on this platform, of course, Italian is one of them. When you go through the course, there are a lot of videos and audio content. There are also a lot of podcasts that focus on beginners.

19. Mangia Come Parli

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

If you want to get more knowledge related to Italy, this is the perfect podcast for you. There are podcasts for different aspects like cooking, eating, and culture. The podcasts are the conversations between two native speakers discussing Italian cuisine. You can either get a better recipe or understand what practices are followed in Italy. I am sure you must have decided to go for this podcast if you are a food lover. Go on Spotify and explore some interesting Italian Dishes.

20. 4 Verticale

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

It was the first Italian Podcast on Babbel which is designed to teach you Italian without the traditional way of teaching from textbooks. There are fascinating and engaging conversations in the podcasts. You get some interesting topics like Vintage Italian and funny sayings. All the phrases and words will be taught in a context that is easy to understand.

21. Caterpillar

(Available: Official website)

Are you not a morning person but love to listen to the radio? Here is some good news for you. Now, you do not need to miss your sleep anymore. This is actually a radio show in the afternoon. There are two hosts: Massimo Cirri and Sara Zambotti, discussing news and social trends in chunks. It’s a fun segment where you get humorous sentences in a variety of Italian accents. There may be an overview of what is going on around the world.

22. Fisicast

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podbean)

Do you love Physics? Fisicast is a podcast where you will learn a lot of facts related to Physics. The topics are common among humans including Ovens. I know it is a tough subject, but trust me the host keeps things relatable to daily experiences. There is a pause and back button which you can use to get the meanings of the word. Let me tell you, most of the episodes are scripted. Remember this podcast mainly focuses on providing information. Thus, listen to it, once you achieve an advanced level. However, no new content is added to this podcast series. But with Content of 4 years, you will learn something new.

23. Italiane con la valigia

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Official website)

Let me first show the meaning of the name of the podcast: Italians with a Suitcase. You might be still confused about what a podcast is. There are many Italians who are moving to other countries. This podcast revolves around such people. You will get stories from these expats and get to know their experiences. This podcast is hosted by three friends online, inviting Italian people across the globe. When you hear the podcast, you will think, it is happening face to face. The guests are from different backgrounds, ages, and professions. If you love hearing the experiences of people, this is what you need.

Why should you add Podcasts to our language-learning Journey?

Before I started listening to podcasts, I always thought they were boring. But with time, I noticed a drastic change in myself. I was a better version of myself. This is the power of podcasts. Believe me, everyone should listen to some podcast. As a language learner, I always try to check podcasts in the targeted language. By why? Here are some of my reasons that may be enough for you to understand why to add them-

22+ Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian (Sharing My Personal Experience)
  • There are more than 1000 podcasts available online to choose from.
  • I could study at my own pace. If I want, I could either choose a 20-minute or 15-minute-long podcast. You can also adjust the speed of the podcast if you want.
  • There is flexibility in deciding the timings of the podcast. I could literally listen to them late at night and no one could stop me from doing that. 
  • Of Course, when you listen to the native speakers, your accent will improve. Podcasts have helped me a lot in getting the right accent. As there is always a new word in each podcast, my vocabulary has become stronger.

Can I learn Italian with Italian podcasts?

Honestly, if you think, podcasts can teach you a language solely, then you are wrong. Podcasts are a great way to develop language understanding, but you must use some other tools too.

How to use Italian Podcasts to Learn Italian?

Podcasts are a great way of developing language knowledge. But most people don’t know how to use them. Here is a small guide on how I included it in my language-learning journey-

  • I listened to a single episode and decided if, it was a good choice for me. If you think checking so many podcasts is hard, trust me I have done it. The list I have added above is the result of this practice. 
  • After choosing which podcast is good for me, I make sure to adjust the speed of the podcast. In starting, I make sure to keep the speed slower. It helped me to understand the words properly.
  • In the beginning, I preferred choosing podcasts that have a transcript along with it. It again helped to know what was going on in the podcast. There was a personal diary of mine, in which I made a list of the words I heard. 
  • Is there any fun in making a list and not employing it in daily life? No. Thus, I started using them in my daily activities. 
  • Once I could easily listen to their words in beginner videos, I shifted to the intermediate level. There, I grasp the style of pronouncing the words in my native language. 


Listening to podcasts is a great way to develop your language skills. I have listened to a lot of podcasts in Italian, and some of them helped me a lot. The above list shows the podcasts to learn it. Trust me, you will enjoy all of them. Remember, how you involve them in your journey is equally important as choosing the right podcast. Thus, I have shared my personal experience on how I used them.

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