Do This When Language Learning Motivation Fades Away (Instant Results)

Language learning is a process that needs a lot of effort and motivation. Many people start with full excitement and gradually start losing all their motivation for learning the language. This was me a few years back. It was only because I had to go through whole new content. So I tried different ways to get my focus back. Well, I got so much benefit from them. Are you also a person who wants to learn a new language but has lost the motivation? If yes, then, I will share some ways that help me when my language learning motivation fades away.

What to do when language learning motivation fades?

I know it feels very bad when you are unable to focus on something you have wanted to do for since long. Thus, to help you I have mentioned the things that you must do when your language-learning motivation fades-

1. Remember the reason

Whenever I start learning a new language, I always remember the reason behind it. It helps me to stay motivated. There could be several reasons behind it. You may want to learn a new language like French or Italian because you are traveling in their native countries. On the other hand, you may want to update your CV and add extra skills. Today every big business organization wants to hire people who at least know two languages. It is because it will help them to communicate globally about their business. 

2. Positivity

The next thing to stay motivated is to bring a lot of Positivity. I make sure to stay away from negativity and focus on positivity. Suppose I learn 20 new words in the previous days but remember only five words the next day, I do not demotivate myself. Of course, It is a new language, and it is difficult to remember all the new things that you will go through. 

3. Looking the way

Starting a new language learning journey may be boring and difficult. So make sure to enjoy your journey. What I did was to make sure how to learn the language. As I was working at that time, I did not get much time to hire a tutor. So, I look for different platforms to start my journey. I tried many platforms but Duolingo was my favorite. The way it works is commendable. All the courses have a lot of shorter lessons that can be completed in just 5-10 minutes. I make sure to complete them each day. 

However, if you have a lot of time and want to learn from online tutors, you can choose live teaching platforms like iTalki or Preply.

4. Set up achievable goals

I always make sure that I am keeping manageable goals. Now suppose you only get free time of 2 hours for yourself, and out of it, you keep one hour for learning the new language. It will result in getting bored and eventually result in losing interest. 

If you can not make manageable goals for yourself, try using Duolingo. On it, you can set up goals like completing a lesson daily. As the lessons are shorter, you can complete them in a much shorter time. If you are already familiar with the basics of the language, you can also take the placement test.

5. Getting compelling content

When you are learning something, it is important to get engaged with it. Suppose you are a person who loves practical knowledge, but you are getting only theoretical knowledge, it will become frustrating. Thus, you must look for sources where you can get both practical and theoretical knowledge. This is because learning the language means easily communicating with native speakers. You must look for platforms that help you get skill-based knowledge rather than giving you the material and asking you to go through it yourself.

6. Focus on your interest

Of course, to learn a new language it is important to know the basics of the language. Thus, I got several books and guides for it. But is it really the right way to learn a language? I guess not. Language is something that is used to communicate and not just for study. Thus, I focused on what I liked the most. I choose a particular path that I think will work for me. 

However, before choosing the path, make sure to look at how far you can get with it.  Suppose you are thinking of learning Japanese on Duolingo. In such a situation, remember you will only become an intermediate and not a professional. Thus if you want to get advanced level knowledge, think of using some alternatives with it.

7. Take care of what you expect

When you look for a new language it is very important to remember what you expect from it. You are learning a totally new thing. It may take more than 6 months or sometimes a year to learn. Thus you must keep your expectations in check. If you are expecting to become fluent in the language within a single month, you are wrong.

Sometimes when you use a platform to learn a language, you may see the starting lessons are too easy. You can learn them within no time. It increases your expectations of learning it much faster. However, the fact is, the starting lessons are the very basis of the language and thus take less time.

8. Selecting the strategy

Obviously, every person is different. Thus the strategy to learn a language is different. As mentioned above, the first thing you should do is to find the best path for yourself. Do not go for the program which you are not comfortable with. You can attend live group classes on various platforms if you learn well in a group session.

However, if you learn best alone, you can select a live 1-on-1 class. Additionally, if you want to learn the language on your own without anyone’s help you can look for different platforms. I always prefer using Duolingo. It is free and can be used anytime I want.

9. Stay in Discipline

Whenever you learn something new, it is important to stay disciplined. Discipline means that you complete your daily goals no matter what. Suppose, if you have set a goal of giving half an hour daily, make sure to do that. You must not miss it for a single day. However, remember that it is important that these 30 minutes are only for your language learning and not for any extra activity. This is what I always tell my students. If you have 30 minutes to learn it, make full use of it. Don’t waste it on other unnecessary things.

10. Stay away from distraction

The Internet and social media have become the biggest reasons for losing concentration. Thus stay away from them as your half time will go to waste. Remember, to learn a new thing, it takes great effort. You would not want to waste your efforts just because of these distractions. If you are studying on your laptop or PC, try to keep your mobile in another room for some time. It will not only help you to stay focused but will also help to reduce the addiction of mobile. 


What to do when language learning motivation fades, is a big question. But not anymore. As a language learner, I have struggled with it a lot. So I tried a lot to find some ways by which I can stay motivated to learn it. Although I have discussed the ways in this guide, the most important thing according to me is staying positive. Even if you do not remember what you have learned previously, you must not get demotivated. In addition to that, choosing the right tool or platform is crucial. Make sure that the platform you choose is according to your needs.

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