Learn a New Language with Duolingo Classes (Formerly Events)

What is the most important part of learning the language? I believe it is practice. Is there any fun of learning the language if you can’t talk to people in that language? Obviously, not. Most platforms only teach you the language but do not help in practice. But Duolingo made it possible with Duolingo classes. Want to know how? Read till the end and find the answer by yourself.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo classes are video calls hosted by a random Duolingo user to focus on a particular language.
  • Duolingo classes were earlier known as Duolingo events and were free for all users. However, currently, you will have to pay for the class taken. The price will vary with the course you are taking.
  • Earlier attending the Duolingo events also offered you XP points, but currently, Duolingo classes do not give you these XP points.
Learn a New Language with Duolingo Classes (Formerly Events)

What are Duolingo classes?

Duolingo classes are the feature of Duolingo earlier known as Duolingo events. These classes are video calls hosted by a random Duolingo user to focus on a particular language. Depending upon the language you are learning you can choose different Duolingo events. At an event, you can practice your communication skills and get games and exciting experiences. They are a great help in addition to learning the units.

Update: This feature was removed from the platform on January 18th, 2023.

How to start Duolingo classes?

To start with the Duolingo classes, you will need to go on the Duolingo classes website. But before that, remember, it is different from Duolingo classrooms. Once you are at the Duolingo classes website, you must log in to your Duolingo account. Upon logging in, you will get ongoing Duolingo classes. As there are multiple classes, you can easily filter according to your needs. You can look for the language you want to learn, and the level you want to practice at.

Further, you can also choose the time you want to take the class and the type of class you want. As they are paid classes, you can not filter the price of the classes. When you find the right class, click on it and get more information about it. Now sign up for the class which you need to take up. If you want to attend the class you will need to book the class for you. Further are the steps to attend the Duolingo class-

Learn a New Language with Duolingo Classes (Formerly Events)
  • All you will have to do is click on the attend option. 
  • Now you must enter the credit card details for signing up for the class. You will also see what proportion of the amount will be given to the teachers and what will be given to Duolingo. 

Once done you will see the class you have taken and start studying in it.

Are Duolingo classes free or paid?

As discussed above these classes are paid just like Super Duolingo. Further, if you are unable to be in the class you will not be getting back your money. But if you cancel the class before 24 hours, then there may be a possibility of getting your money back.

However, you rarely get your money back. As Duolingo is working on updates like a new learning path, you must keep checking the refund policies.

Note: When they were Duolingo events, they were free and you did not need to pay the host or Duolingo. At that time the host usually adds their Paypal or Venmo information so that the other participants in the Duolingo events can donate them if they want to.

How much XP will you be getting with Duolingo classes?

Everything on Duolingo will earn you some amount of XP. Earlier, Duolingo events were the best way of earning a lot of XP in a shorter time. You were able to earn 250XP when you attended the Duolingo events. It was important to attend the full event to earn the points. However, currently with Duolingo classes, you can not earn Duolingo XP points.

How can you cancel the Duolingo class?

Earlier in Duolingo Events, you did not need to cancel it. However, as they are paid now, you must cancel them. Of course, you do not want to lose the money that you have paid. If you want a full refund, you must cancel it before 48 hours of starting the event. According to the official website, you will not get any refund if you cancel the class in less than 48 hours. Thus, it is important to cancel the class. But how? Following are the steps that you need to do to cancel the classes-

  • Once you sign up for the class you will see the option of “attending” underneath the event that you have chosen. 
  • Tap on the option and you will see another option that is No longer attending.
  • You will see a sad Duolingo owl pop on the screen which will confirm your cancellation. 

What is the cancellation policy for Duolingo classes?

As the seats are limited for each of the Duolingo classes it is important to cancel the Duolingo class so that another person can attend it. Following are the points that you need to remember when you are canceling the Duolingo class-

  • If you have bought the tickets for the Duolingo class, you need to cancel it before 48 hours if you do not want to attend it.
  • If you cancel it after 48 hours, you will not get any refund.
  • The tickets of a certain class can not be used in the future or can not be clubbed for other classes.
  • If the host cancels the class or does not attend the event, you will get the whole money back. You must report to Duolingo about it and give proper details like date, time, language, etc. 
  • Duolingo also provide a refund to you if you were not happy with how the course went. You will need to submit feedback about what was wrong according to you to get eligible for the refund for it. They also provide a special service known as a “class quality guarantee” to check if the problem you faced is eligible for getting a refund.
Learn a New Language with Duolingo Classes (Formerly Events)

What are the tips to get the most out of Duolingo classes?

Following are the tips that help you to get the most out of Duolingo classes-

  • Make sure, to sit at a quiet place as it will help you and the other users to hear you properly. Also, you will need good quality headphones and a high internet speed so there is no problem while you are in the class.
  • As you are in a phase where you are still learning a new language, you must try to keep Google translators open. It is because many times there will be some words used by the host that you are unaware of. It can also help you if you want to say a word but can not find the right translation.
  • If you are shy about what others think, always remember that these people are just for some time. There is no hope that you will meet them again. Thus you must speak and communicate with them as much as you can. Even if you are making mistakes, you must remember that you are still learning and are not perfect in that language.
  • Check that you are not using a single word in your native language. It is because it will help you to progress faster. Further, it will also help you boost your confidence in learning a language.
  • As you will be communicating with other learners, you must keep a notepad with you. It is because there will be times when you will learn new words or phrases. Having a notepad will help you to note those words and phrases and will help you to remember them. Further, you can revise them in your free time which will help you to learn new phrases. 


Duolingo classes are special video conferencing calls where a host takes an online class on Zoom. You can practice your communication skills or take part in different games or quizzes. To start with these classes, go to the Duolingo classes website and then log in with your Duolingo account. Once you log in with your account you will see a lot of different classes in which you can take part.

Filter the class you want to take select it and pay the price. Once done you are ready to take up the class. You must remember that the money is non-refundable and thus you must try to cancel the class at least 48 hours before it.

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