Learning the Greek Language with Duolingo In-depth Guide 2024 (Is it Free?)

Duolingo is a great platform if you are thinking of learning a new language. You can get fictional as well as non-fictional languages freely on this platform. However learning a new language is a great task and of course, you would want to know if you can do it on Duolingo or not. Therefore, here we will help you clear your doubts and help you understand what it looks like when you are learning the Greek language with Duolingo.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you are using Duolingo to learn the Greek language you will be getting different units in the path. Each unit has different lessons under different skills. When you complete the lesson you shift on to the next one.
  • There is also a special feature which is known as a writing system tool.
  • This platform offers both Free as well as Paid versions that will help you to learn the language.
  • Some of the other features that you get on Duolingo are – gems, leagues, etc. 
  • If you are tide on budget and are a beginner then this platform is for you.
  • On the other hand, if you really want to get fluency at the advanced level then you should avoid using this platform.

However, you must read the and so that you get a better understanding of how it looks when you are learning Greek with Duolingo.

How is the Greek course designed on Duolingo?

As a new user of Duolingo, you must want to know how the courses are structured. The courses on this platform run in a specific manner which was earlier named as Duolingo tree. Any language be it Spanish, French, etc follows a similar path for the course. This path has a lot of different units and each unit has different topics or lessons that cover a specific topic or skill. You will have to move along with the lessons which will help you to boost your language knowledge.

For every skill, there are different sets of lessons that you need to complete. Once you are done with the skill you will be able to unlock legendary level which will further help you to get crowns. The lessons on this platform are short and you can also download them offline. The units in the course have been designed in such a manner that you can start from the beginning and then get the advanced level of it. On this platform, you will be getting different numbers of units for each of the courses.

Unfortunately, there are only 5 minutes which include 95 different skills. When you complete a lesson it will help you to unlock a new one. The best part of this platform is that it also offers a premium subscription. If you are a subscription member then you can also skip the units or the lessons that you find are very easy for you. 

What are some of the exercises that you get in the Greek course?

Following are some of the exercises that you will be getting when you are learning Greek with Duolingo-

  • Complete the translation 
  • Sentence shuffle Translation 
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Speak this sentence
  • Tap what you hear
  • Mark the correct meaning
  • Picture flashcards 
  • Tap the pairs (standard and audio)
  • Select the missing word 

Is learning Greek with Duolingo worth it?

Learning a new language whether it is Greek or any other language, always has some advantages that can help you to improve your career. While using Duolingo, you must want to know if you should use this platform to learn the Greek language or not. According to the official website of this platform, you can only become a learner at the intermediate level. Therefore if you want to learn the language at the advanced level then this platform is not for you.

However, if you are a beginner who has just started learning the Greek language, then you must use this platform. It is because it offers you the free version and therefore if you are tight on budget then can easily use this platform. To make you understand better we have discussed the benefits and the drawbacks of learning the Greek language with Duolingo.

What are the benefits of learning the Greek language with Duolingo?

The following are the benefits of learning Greek with Duolingo-

  • This platform is for you if you just have started to study the language.
  • Because it is a free platform, you can give it a try especially if you are on a tight budget.
  • The content on the platform is all easy to grasp.
  • This platform has a gamified approach, so you’ll find a lot of enjoyable activities along the way. You will also find humorous phrases during the exercises to keep you engaged with the material.
  • Duolingo Owl will motivate you to study the lessons when you are unable to take the lesson or go online.

What are the disadvantages of learning the Greek language with Duolingo?

The following are the drawbacks of learning the Greek language with Duolingo-

  • On this platform, you will get a heart system in which there will be only 5 lives. Single mistake and you will be losing your chance to practice.
  • If you are already done with the beginner level then this platform is not for you.

Further, we have discussed the other things that you will be getting in the Duolingo Greek course.

Does the Greek course have any special features?

The amazing fact about Duolingo is that there are 40 language courses developed for English speakers. However, not all the courses are created equally and therefore some courses have special features as well. The most special features that you will be getting in different courses are stories, audio lessons, and podcasts. Stories are created for you to develop skills which are mainly reading, speaking, and speaking skills. Whereas, podcasts and audio lessons are the ones that are created to make you understand how native speakers talk. Unfortunately, Greek courses at present do not have such special features.

However, one of the most special features that is only available for a few languages is available in the Greek course. Just featured is known as the writing system tool. All though the writing system for this course is similar to English there are many of the characters which are not similar to them. The writing system tool is one of the major tools that will help you focus on the writing style of the Greek sounds. It is one of the tools that will help you to make a big difference. To make you right the letters there are tracing exercises that you will need to follow up.

What are the other features available in the Greek course on Duolingo?

Following are the amazing features that you will be getting in the Greek course-

1. XP

Whenever you are taking up a new lesson or performing any task on the platform you will be getting experience points or XPs. The amount of the points you will be earning will depend upon the exercise or the activity we are taking pattern. It means that you may earn high or low experience points depending on the various exercises. Even when you are taking a part in the leaks it will help you to maintain the XP score. There are other features like the XP ramp-up challenge or the XP boosters that will help you earn the experience points.

2. Duolingo leagues

The next feature that you get on this platform is the Duolingo leak that generally happens weekly. Duolingo leagues help to maintain the XP points and also give you the privilege to earn the gems on the platform. There are 10 different leagues you can take up on the platform. The first league that you will be taking up is known as a bronze league. Whereas the last one is known as a diamond league. If you are not able to pass the current league then you will be sent back to the previous one. Of course, if you do not want to go back then you will need to maintain your XP score.

3. Gems

Duolingo gems are basically the currency that you can use on this platform to either unlock the new lessons or get different boosters. It is very easy to get these gems, all you need to do is to either take part in different activities or in the league that happens weekly. You can also get these gems by following a person or making a new friend on the platform. These gems can also be used to unlock the legendary level that will help you to earn crowns.

4. Friends

Duolingo is not only a platform that will help you to learn the language but is a great way of building up connections. You can either follow a person or be followed by someone on the platform. When you both follow each other you become friends on it. When you follow the people on Duolingo the chance of completing the course gets more by five times. The only reason why you should be having friends on this platform is to take part in the friend quest.

5. Duolingo Plus

Duolingo Plus which is presently known as Super Duolingo is the subscription plan that you will be getting on this platform. On this platform, you will be getting two different types of subscription plans which are known as individual and family plans. The price of the plan will depend upon whether you are taking the family plan or the individual plan. It also depends on where you are living and how much time you are taking up the subscription plan. If you are taking the plan for a short duration then the price of it will be increased.

The main advantage of taking this subscription is that you will be getting relief from unwanted ads and also we getting unlimited health. However, if you still want unlimited health without taking a subscription then you can always use Duolingo on the desktop version. It is one of the best Duolingo hacks. 

6. Heart system

When you are using this platform then you will get the heart system that will allow you to take part in various lessons for practice. You will only be getting 5 chances to practice on this platform. Whenever you make a mistake you will lose one heart for it. However, you must try not to lose a life because it takes four hours to refill a single heart. The best part of this platform is that you can practice a lot of exercises to get gems refilled. it is one of the perfect ways to refill the heart as it will help you to practice the language more and more.

7. Streak score

The streak score represents the number of days you have taken to complete a single lesson. Suppose you have taken 15 days to complete a lesson then your streak score becomes 15. Once you will be getting the streak score of 365 days you will unlock exciting features like the street society and the eligibility to get VIP status.

8. Duolingo events

Events are basically the extra features that will help you to develop your language skills. It is one of the best ways to practice communication skills as it allows you to connect the people around the world. In these events, you will be connecting with other people on the video call and will be communicating in the targeted language. In short, these events provide extra support in learning a particular language. These events are a great way of earning gems as one successful event gives you 250 gems. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available on the platform.

9. Duolingo Happy hour

Another amazing feature that you get on this platform is the Duolingo happy hour. It is the one which helps you to on extra XP during a particular hour. There are no specific timings of this hour but generally, these come on the platform in the evening time. When you complete a lesson in this area you are eligible to get 5 extra XP for it. It can help you to earn even more XP if an XP booster is used in this course.


Duolingo is a platform that allows you to learn any language from the comfort of your own home. This platform offers a wide range of courses in languages such as Japanese, German, and Greek. When you start learning Greek with Duolingo, you will notice that there are many lessons that are organised into different units. To learn the language completely, you must complete all of the units. However, if you use Duolingo to learn the language, you must remember that you cannot get to the advanced level. While learning this language, you will notice a variety of features such as a health system, Duolingo diamonds, XP score, and so on.


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