Lingodeer vs Duolingo: Which One to Choose in 2024

In the world of language learning, there are a lot of online platforms that help you in learning the language. With the availability of these online platforms, it is now easy to learn any language while sitting at home. If you are also planning to learn a new language, it is very important for you to understand which is the right platform for you. The two most popular platforms for learning a new language are Duolingo and Lingodeer. Thus, here we will help you to get a great comparison between Lingodeer vs Duolingo platforms.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo is an online language-learning app that uses a gamified method to help you learn the language on your own.
  • LingoDeer is an online learning app that uses entertaining, interactive games and activities to teach you nine different languages.
  • Although the teaching style is almost similar for both of them, lingodeer starts by teaching the alphabet of the language you are learning. On the other hand, if we talk about Duolingo, it directly starts teaching words that may be sometimes hard for you.
  • Both platforms have free as well as paid versions of them. The subscription plan of Duolingo is less worth it than the Lingodeer platform.
  • Lingodeer has more grammatical explanations when compared to the Duolingo platform. Due to this, you may enjoy Lingodeer more than the Duolingo platform.

However, you must read till the end to get a better understanding of which platform should you choose.

Lingodeer vs Duolingo

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is an online language-learning app that uses a gamified method to help you learn the language on your own. It’s a place where you may find many exercises to complete in order to learn the language. Additionally, this platform offers unique features called Duolingo gems. It functions similarly to currency, allowing you to purchase boosters and access new lessons. This platform uses the gamified approach, which implies that there are numerous games-like activities included in each lesson.

What is Lingodeer?

LingoDeer is an online learning app that uses entertaining, interactive games and activities to teach you nine different languages. You get to learn these languages through more focused lessons arranged by different categories. These categories cover subjects like color, food, occupation, health, music, etc. There is also a paid or premium edition that offers more than 2,000 vocabulary words and phrases in each language. You also will get the lesson suggestions, offline access, and more than 200 mini-lessons. 

Lingodeer vs Duolingo: What is the difference between both of them?

Following are the key differences between the Lingodeer and Duolingo-

1. Languages Offered

The first comparison that you need to make between the two language learning platforms is about the number of languages offered on the platform. Lingodeer is basically the platform that was focused on Asian languages in the beginning. However, with time it has also introduced the European languages. This platform offers all its courses in the English language. Some of the courses that you get on this platform are Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, German, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. It also offers you courses to learn a language with the help of different native languages.

So if you are a German speaker you can easily learn Japanese or the Spanish language. On the other hand, if we talk about Duolingo, is a platform that offers a variety of courses for different native speakers. At present, there are 100 different courses available on the platform and if you are a English speaker you will be getting 35 different courses. These courses include popular languages like French and Spanish and also fictional languages like High Valyrian. So if you are learning a language that is not available on the lingo dear then you may want to use this platform.

2. Teaching approach

Lingodeer is a platform that provides you with a learning environment where you can start learning the language by understanding how to write the alphabet. Of course, whenever you learn a new language this is the basic requirement for it. However, platforms like Duolingo do not focus on it and will directly start making you learn new words. In short, we can say that Lingodeer follows the teaching approach where you start from the alphabet and move on.

On the other hand, the teaching style of the Duolingo platform is based on the gamified approach. This platform follows the pattern of implicit learning and think that it is the best way to develop language skills in person. On this platform, you will have to discover the patterns on your own and a taught in a way that the children are taught. Every task will give you some rewards which is known as Duolingo XP score. Further, you also get a streak score for every single day you complete the lesson or a task on it.

3. Pricing

Both the platform has free as well as paid version of it. If I talk about Lingodeer pricing, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $11.99 for this platform. However, the benefit that you get from taking up the paid version is that you will be able to do the courses offline which is a great thing if you are traveling. Not only this you also get more consistence support and language inside that will help you to learn the language faster. Also if you are thinking of using this platform to learn various languages you can also take out the lifetime plan which can be a great alternative for learning multiple languages.

On the other hand, if we talk about Duolingo you will be getting a subscription plan which is known as super Duolingo. In the super Duolingo, there are two types of different plants that you get: Family as well as Individual plan. The price that you will be paying for the subscription on this platform will depend upon which plan you have chosen and for how much duration you have taken it.

Lingodeer vs Duolingo

The price for it starts from $6.99. the premium person of this platform provides you with unlimited health and also removal of the unwanted ads. However, there are not many benefits that you get with the subscription plan of this platform and therefore according to me, you must not waste your money on the premium plan of Duolingo.

4. Grammar knowledge

After the alphabet, grammatical knowledge is a must for learning a new language. Therefore it is very important to understand which platform has high grammatical knowledge. Both the platforms a grammatical knowledge but Lingodeer has more knowledge than Duolingo. Lingodeer provides tips and important notes which you can get on the lesson page and also use in the middle of exercises. It also has a textbook level of grammatical explanations which makes it easy for the learners to understand the language. It also has flashcards that offer crisp vocals for each of the languages offered.

On the other hand, if we talk about Duolingo, the lessons are divided into 5 exercises which are upgraded every time. However, there is not much grammar during the exercises and you will have to click on each of the words to get the meaning of it. The grammatical explanation is the biggest drawback of this platform and therefore most people use Lingodeer over the Duolingo platform. 

5. Lesson structure

Both the platforms follow a specific path which is known as a tree. If we talk about Lingodeer, you will be getting a lot of exercises that will help you to boost your knowledge. The exercises include matching the photos, listening to the pronunciation, filling in the blank words to the correct place, and MCQs. If you want to improve your starting style then you may also enjoy the writing sentences exercises. Whereas if we talk about the Duolingo platform, there is a specific path in which you will see different sections.

The sections will include different units and each unit will include different lessons. These lessons are very short and are just 5 to 10 minutes long. Each of the lessons has different exercises that will help you to boost your knowledge. All the exercises on this platform are like games that will help you engage with the content on the platform. Further, you must also remember that you can only get the intermediate level of knowledge on Duolingo. Thus, if you want to get the advanced level then you may go for the Lingodeer platform.

6. Placement test

Placement test is the feature that helps you to understand at which level you are at. Both platforms have placement tests that will help you to decide from which level you should start learning the language. If we talk about the Lingodeer platform, this placement test is known as test out. With this test out you are allowed to skip up a unit without completing the previous lessons.

However, an important point that you must remember is that if you are not a prime member of this platform then you you will not get to unlock the further lessons with this test. On the other hand, if we talk about the Duolingo placement test, you can take it to understand with skills you already are well aware of. This test is generally 10 minutes and will help to understand your skills in the particular language.

Lingodeer vs Duolingo: Which one to choose?

Now you have a detailed idea of the difference between both of the platforms, now is time to decide which platform you should choose for yourself. If you are a person who wants to learn the Asian language then Lingodeer is the perfect platform for you. But if you want to learn the language that is not offered on Lingodeer then of course you will need to use the Duolingo platform.

However, if you are on a tight budget then you must choose the Duolingo platform. It is because the free as well as paid version of it has almost similar features. On the other hand, if you are ready to take up a subscription plan then you must go for the Lingodeer platform. 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using the Lingodeer platform?

The following are the drawbacks and benefits of using the Lingodeer platform-


The following are the benefits of using the Lingodeer platform-

  • It is a comprehensive resource for you especially if you are a learner of Asian languages like Japanese and Korean.
  • You can customize the interface of the platform like the Text size or the colors. 
  • As it offers the free version it is not too expensive to use.
  • You can also download the lessons on this platform for offline access.
  • There are various types of exercises included in different lessons. 
  • There are a lot of grammar explanations which is very important while learning a specific language.
  • All the audio recordings on this platform are very clear to understand.


The following are the drawbacks of using the Lingodeer platform-

  • There is no desktop version of this platform and their food you can only use them on the smartphone or the mobile app.
  • It only focuses on the Asian languages and only has 9 languages.
  • There is also not much verbal practice on this line there is also not much verbal practice on the platform.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using the Duolingo platform?

Following are the drawbacks and benefits of using the Duolingo platform-


The following are the benefits of using the Duolingo platform-

  • As it offers a free version, you can use it if you are on a tight budget. 
  • hard for you to understand the language.
  • As it follows the gamified approach there is a lot of engaging content on this platform.
  • Unlike Lingodeer, there is a desktop version that helps the users to understand the language properly. 


The following are the drawbacks of using Duolingo-

  • There are very less grammatical explanations which makes it difficult sometimes.
  • If you are looking for a platform where you can get advanced language knowledge then you may not enjoy this platform much.
  • It does not help you in learning the basic alphabet of the chosen language.

What are some of the customer reviews for both of the platforms?

Further are some of the reviews given by the users on the Play Store regarding both of the platforms-

Lingodeer customer reviews –

“It’s kinda like Duolingo where there’s a plan that you can pay for which is optional only but I think that the free plan is really good and I love how you can slow it down just in case you didn’t hear it. I highly recommend this app if you want something free and fun. And even tho Duolingo says that it will try to make lessons more fun I feel like this app is more motivating and fun in my opinion. And it doesn’t send you alought of notifications. Highly recommend!!”

Duolingo customer review

“This app is fun, and I’m enjoying it. I think the app is lacking in one major way. The lack of rules. If not for my partner teaching me the rules of feminine and masculine and word structure being different why It would have been more challenging. It helps in developing an understanding instead of just memorizing. Please start incorporating teaching rules and this game would be 5 stars and worth every cent.”


The two most common platforms in the world of language learning are Duolingo and Lingodeer. Both the platforms are really very good. If talk about Lingodeer, it has more grammatical explanations and offers more features on its subscription plan. Further, you only get 9 languages on this platform. On the other hand, if we talk about Duolingo, is one of the best platforms to learn the language if you are on a tight budget and are just a beginner. There are more than 30 courses available for you if you are an English speaker. If you are a learner who enjoys learning with more grammatical explanations then you must choose Lingodeer.


Can LingoDeer make you fluent?

Yes, lingodeer is a platform that will make you fluent but only for specific languages including Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese language.

Can Duolingo make you fluent?

According to the official website of this platform, you can only get fluency at 60% which means that you can only become fluent at the intermediate level. However, according to various blogs offered by this platform, they are trying to develop the courses at the advanced level.

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