List of 10 Best universities for Arts

Choosing the right university after finishing your A-levels is a tough choice. You need to take care of various factors while choosing the right type of university for you. It will depend upon the subject you want to enter. Here will help you to choose the right universities for arts. So if you are interested in studying arts you must go through this guide.

Quick Takeaways

  • Here are some of the top universities for arts are-
Oxford University
University College of London
Loughborough University
The University of Brighton
Leads University
Bangor University
Brunel University
Newcastle University

Make sure to read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts regarding each of the universities.

List of 10 Best universities for Arts

10 Best Universities for Arts

Every profession like pediatrics has different universities. Thus following are the top 10 universities that you can get into if you want to take arts-

1. Oxford university

Making and studying visual art is considered fine art. It teaches and gets you ready to become an artist and helps with creating art. The curriculum is focused on your potential and creativity level of you. The Ruskin School of Art which is the art school of Oxford university provides a three-year BFA program. It is studio-based and requires you to collaborate with one another in organized studios.

2. University College in London

The UCL Slade School of Art is open to exceptional artists who desire to advance their expertise in the field of art. You will have tutors who will evaluate you and help you during the entire course. These tutors come from a variety of backgrounds in the arts. You will enjoy easy access to the city’s various artistic venues, including art museums, theatres, etc because of its central location. It will help you to learn the best and most current approaches in the field.

List of 10 Best universities for Arts

3. Royal College of Art

It is the only institution in the world that offers MA, MPhil, and Ph.D. degrees in art and design. The Royal College of Art has six different schools in communication, design, architecture, humanities, fine art, and materials. There are 24 different art courses that are available like painting, fashion design, photography, and more. The university works hard to provide you with the essential theoretical and technical training you need to function independently in a variety of work situations.

4. Loughborough University

The Loughborough University campus is the largest single-site green campus in the UK and is often recognized as the top sports campus in the nation. But if you’re thinking about studying art in the UK, Loughborough must be on your top list. The institution is dedicated to providing you with a modern learning environment in addition to having a good course curriculum. You can select from a wide range of courses including Designing BA, Fine arts, Graphic design BA, industrial design BA, etc.

5. University of Glasgow

With more than 250 clubs and societies offered, it attracts students from all over the world. It involves the most advanced research that is conducted by a specialized and highly concentrated multinational community of artists. The University places a great priority on the contribution that research activities provide to your professional development.

List of 10 Best universities for Arts

It has established a number of research degrees and centers where you can realize your creative aspirations. You can choose various courses including- Creative art and industries MA, French/History of Arts MA (Hons), German/History of Arts MA (Hons), etc.

6. University of Brighton

The professors who will teach you the courses have industry experience and will help you gain skills that are important to employers. You will get professional practice and client-based opportunities offered in the school. All the skills and experience will help you to get a good job in the market. The school of art and media of Brighton University offers a lot of undergraduate and postgraduate level courses including fine arts, graphics, fashion, etc. You can find an undergraduate program like 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons), Illustration BA (Hons), Textiles with business studies BA (Hons), etc. 

7. Newcastle University

The teachers in this school will help you to get engaged in various activities that will help you to grow in your career. They will also help you to gain these skills that are important for getting further jobs. This university’s school of Arts and culture has three main subjects: fine arts, music, and media culture and heritage.

List of 10 Best universities for Arts

For that, you can find various courses in these three subjects like digital cultures, media and cultural studies, journalism, art history, etc. According to various renowned websites, this university offers some of the top courses in the field of Arts.

8. Leeds University

It is one of the most internationally renowned universities, which is one of the largest higher education in all of the UK. This university is well known for the security of teaching it provides and research the offer in the various disciplines. The courses offered over here urgently focus on historical, and theoretical analysis and also are focused on heritage studies. This university is one of the top universities for art and design according to various renowned websites. The research of the school focus on the various aspects of art including history and critical thinking. 

9. Brunel University

This is again another university that is well known for its research and for the quality of education, it provides. If you are an international student this university must be on your top list because it will be offering you 100+ scholarships each year. You can get a lot of courses including Design BSc (Hons), Design MDes, Industrial Design with Placement MDes, etc.

List of 10 Best universities for Arts

The professors that will be teaching you are deleting sports in failed of Arts. To help you this school will organize a lot of workshops and programs that will help you to gain some extra knowledge in your course.

10. Bangor University

This is the perfect choice for you if you are really interested to learn arts and want to challenge your potential. The school is teaching students for almost 1.5 centuries. This school not only offers use courses in arts but also in culture and language. It gives you an excellent teaching environment and it will also provide you with the perfect research faculty. The best part of this university is that they will teach you in small class sizes and not in big class sizes like other universities. It means that you will be getting more attention from teachers, unlike other institutions.


You may be applying to art universities after completing your A-levels. But which university to go as a tough decision. Above are the top 10 universities that you can think about going to while looking for art universities. These universities will offer you various courses related to arts that you can take while getting into the university.

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