List of All Busuu languages Available (Updated 2024)

For me, choosing a platform to learn a new language means checking which languages are offered on it. I did the same for Busuu when I was learning German. Surprisingly, there were very few languages available on Busuu. I was not expecting that, but fortunately, the language I wanted was there. Are you also thinking of using it but don’t know what languages are available? Don’t fret. I will share all the Busuu languages here along with the level at which the course is created.

Quick Takeaways

  • There are a total of 14 languages on the platform.
  • The best course of this platform is the Spanish course.
  • The worst course of this platform is the Korean course.
  • Time taken to complete a specific course depends upon the following factors-
Language goals
Your age (to a small extent)
Language chosen 
Linguistic background 
How you are learning it
List of All Busuu languages Available

How many languages are there in Busuu?

Choosing the right platform is very important, but can you choose it without knowing the languages available? No. Busuu is a great platform to learn a new language. Unfortunately, there are only 14 languages available on the platform. I know the languages are less, but trust me, it is really effective. 

List of Busuu languages

Busuu is a well-known platform for learning a language. However, it is important to know those 14 languages. Here, I have mentioned the table showing the languages with the number of learners and their learning levels-

LanguageNumber of Learners Learning levels
English 26MA1 – C1
Spanish5MA1 – C1
French5MA1 – B2
German4MA1 – B2
Japanese4MA1 – B2
Italian2MA1 – B2
Russian2MA1 – B2
Arabic1MA1 – B2
Turkish1MA1 – B2
Chinese900KA1 – B2
Portuguese800KA1 – B2
Polish500KA1 – B2
Korean100KA1 – A2
Dutch30KA1 – B2
List of All Busuu languages Available

Can you learn a Language for free on Busuu?

Yes, you can learn a language freely on this platform but with a limitation. Here are the features of the free version-

  • Interactive flashcards: With the help of these flashcards there are a lot of true or false questions and word-matching exercises. 
  • Get dialogues: There are a lot of dialogues by the native speakers to understand the right pronunciation.
  • Cultural aspects: In the lessons, cultural facts are also taught in contextual structure.

However, to reach the desired level, you must take the subscription plan. There are two main subscription plans-

  • Monthly– $13.95 
  • Annually – 83.40

Why are there only 14 languages on Busuu?

Well, there is no specific reason given by the platform, I believe they want the learners to get the best content. They are offering less, but the content is authentic. Also, several platforms fail to give courses at the C1 level. But Busuu has one of them. Although there are courses still at B2, they are focused on developing them all. 

What languages is Busuu working on right now?

I really love how the platform is working on teaching the language. They are working on the languages already available on the platform. There is no information about releasing some new languages. Well, this is something commendable. I mean in a world where platforms are adding up the languages just to gain profit, they are actually teaching a new language to us.

How much time will it take to learn the language with Busuu?

Every student has a different pace to learn something new. Learning a new language is not a cup of coffee for everyone. It may take more time to learn a language that you learned in just a month or vice versa. Additionally, many other factors decide the time taken. Here is the list of such factors affecting the time of learning the language-

  • Language goals
  • Your age (to a small extent)
  • Language chosen 
  • Linguistic background 
  • How you are learning it

Suppose you are an English speaker, here is the table that shows the number of study hours to learn a new language-

LanguagesNumber of Study Hours
Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish600
Polish, Russian, and Turkish1100
Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean2200

However, as I mentioned, all the others also determine the time you may need to learn a language. Having a language goal is important. If it is to learn only the basics it may take less time than to learn the Advanced level content. The base language also plays a crucial role. If it is English it is easy to learn Spanish. But if it is Arabic, will it be easy to learn Spanish? No. It means it will take more time in such a case. 

Last but not least, the study plan. Having the right plan is extremely important. If you give more time to less important things, you will surely need a lot more time. Make a proper plan giving at least half an hour to learn a language. Include a lot of things to make the journey more engaging. Reward yourself! Take breaks! Refresh your mind! Enjoy each aspect of learning the language. 

What is the best course for Busuu?

I love Busuu because it only focuses on the languages already available on it. But still, I think it works commendably for Non-Asian languages. If I have to suggest a single course, it will be Spanish. It is because it is the second highest language learned. Also, the course is created till the C1 level. 

What is the worst course of Busuu?

Although all the courses are great, the Asian courses need some improvement. There is a specific course that, I think, has very little content i.e. the Korean course. It only has course content at the A2 level which is even below the intermediate level. 


There are a total of 14 languages on Busuu. The best thing about this platform is that it does not add new languages. It only focuses on developing the already available courses. The amount of time taken to complete the course depends on the course and the way you learn it. Although there are very few languages, I genuinely believe that the Spanish course is the best on Busuu. On the other hand, Korean needs a lot of development.

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