Updated List of Every Duolingo Language Available in 2024 (With Stats of Users)

Duolingo has always been a special platform for me. Whether I am learning Spanish or French, the first thing I look for is Duolingo. It is not only because of its free features but also because of the number of languages available on this platform. Every Duolingo language available gives some or other benefits. Some may help you understand how native speakers talk, whereas others help you understand the writing system. However, when I started my journey, I was unsure about the languages available on the platform. Thus, I tried finding out the languages and was seriously surprised with what I found. 

As expected, there are a lot of languages available on Duolingo. However, to know all of them is a challenge. Just join me. I am sure you will be amazed by the languages available on the platform.

How many languages are available on Duolingo?

When I was learning Spanish, I always wondered how many languages are there on this platform. Currently, there are 43 different languages available on the platform. And to my surprise 39 of them are for English speakers. For every language, there are different levels. These levels help to know how much you have learned in the course. In addition to learning a new language, you can also do an English proficiency test, which is similar to TEFOL.

List of every Duolingo language available

The languages on this platform involve fictional and nonfictional ones. The following table shows different Duolingo languages available for English along with the number of learners for a particular language-

Different LanguageNumber of Learners
Spanish 43.5M Learners
French25.2M Leaners
Japanese19.9M Leaners
German16.4M Leaners
Korean17.1M Leaners
Hindi11.2M Learners
Italian11.3M Leaners
Chinese9.02M Learners
Russian7.54M Learners
Arabic7.45M Leaners
Portuguese4.94M Learners
Turkish4.08M Learners
Dutch2.73M Learners
Vietnamese2.70M Learners
Ukrainian1.39M Learners
Greek2.39M Learners
Polish2.19M Learners
Swedish2.12M Learners
Latin2.01M Learners
Irish1.96M Learners
Norwegian1.62 Learners
Hebrew1.53M Learners
High Valyrian822K Learners
Indonesian1.13M Learners
Danish952K Learners
Finnish1.05M Learners
Romanian950K Learners
Hawaiian817K Learners
Czech851K Learners
Welsh702K Learners
Haitian Creole485K Learners
Swahili628K Learners
Scottish Gaelic551K Learners
Hungarian 615K Learners
Esperanto378K Learners
Klingon(Beta)383K Learners
Zulu760K Learners
Navajo 305K Learners
Yiddish (Beta)305K Learners

How has the rank of learning the languages changed?

Each year, in the month of December, Duolingo releases its Duolingo Language Report. This is because the rankings of the languages change every year. The following points show how the rank of learning different languages has changed according to the 2023 Duolingo Language Report-

  • Korean was overtaken by Italian and became the 6th most popular language.
  • Hindi also moved above by coming to the 8th position.
  • Portuguese had overcome the Russian language by coming in the 10th position.
  • Ukrainian has become the top serious language and has been learned by 37% of the population.
  • Swedish has lost its top position among the people living in Sweden.
  • 86% of people under 30 years study Japanese and 76% study Chinese.
  • High Valyrian has doubled its user base and comes to 23rd position from 28th position.
  • Germany has ranked in 2nd position, where learners are learning 3 or more than 3 languages.

What is the most taken language in Duolingo?

There is no doubt that English is becoming the most important language nowadays. Online education has given rise to learning the English language. Thus, the most taken language on Duolingo is the English language. However, the second most taken language is quite surprising. I thought it would be French but unfortunately, I was wrong. The second most taken langauge on this platform is Spanish.

What are the beta languages?

Beta languages are the ones that are still in the development process but are available for use. One such course that is still in beta is Klingon for English users. However, earlier Navajo and Yiddish had also joined Klingon. As in these courses, final touches are still to be added, you may get bugs in them. However, an interesting fact about Duolingo is that all the courses are updated with time. 

Which languages are expected for you to come to in 2024?

If we talk about 2022, two different languages were launched in Haitian Creole and Zulu. If we talk about the course for 2023, Xhosa was the only language that was considered to be launched. However, according to the platform, it is still in process and may be launched in 2024. Despite this course, there is no information available for any other language.

As the Duolingo incubator was shut down in 2021, there was curiosity among the users about the languages that were in process. When I last saw the incubator, Maori and Tamil were the languages in the early stages. However, with the close of the incubator, Luis von Ahn announced Maori to be the next 5 languages of Duolingo in 2022. Still, there was no information about the Tamil language. 

The Tagalog language is one of the most requested languages in Duolingo. Around 82 million people speak this language. Though Luis von Ahn once stated that it is one of the next languages of the platform, Duolingo does not have any courses for it.

What are Duolingo fictional languages?

Do you love Game of Thrones? If yes, then here is good news for you. This platform also provides nonfictional languages and High Valyrian used in Games of Thrones is one of them. Another one is the Klingon that is used in Star Trek. Both languages are not from the real world. However, it does not have much depth knowledge and is mostly taken by the people who are crazy fans of such shows.

Which course is the best course on Duolingo? 

I have been using this platform for a while, and I can say that French and Spanish are the two best courses on Duolingo. Both the courses are updated from time to time. Not only the updates, but I also love the special features that I got with these courses. Stories and podcasts are the best thing to see on it. Also, the benefits of Duolingo Max that I get with the Spanish course are amazing. After these two courses, the best courses they offer are Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Thus, if you are really interested in learning any such langauge, take advantage of the courses on Duolingo.

what languages are the worst to learn on Duolingo?

While I prefer using Duolingo to learn a new langauge, I would say not all the courses are well maintained. This is especially true for the Latin course. The reason I believe it is because of the audio quality it has. The quality of the audio lessons is too poor and almost not understandable. Also, I compared the units with the nonfictional langauge. I was shocked to see that High Valyrian has more units than Latin. It was very shocking and I tried to reach out to people who use Duolingo every day. While talking to them I also find that courses in Turkish and Hungarian are also not created properly. One of my friends who is a Native speaker of Hungarian, tried to test the course. He told me that the course was not created properly, and also there is a lot of weird content in it.


Duolingo is a platform that offers you 43 different courses out of which 39 are for English-speaking people. The most learned language on this platform is English and after it is Spanish. When you are using this platform you may see an option for beta languages which means that these courses are still in the development process and are available to use. At present, Klingon is the only langauge offered in beta languages for English users. If you are thinking of learning Spanish or French, trust me you must use Duolingo. Both of them are the best and most taken courses on Duolingo.


How many daily active users does Duolingo have?

The current users of Duolingo are around 575 million users. However, if we talk about daily active users there are about 9.6 million users.

What percentage of Duolingo is fluency?

If we look at the statistics of 2018, the fluency percentage that you can get on Duolingo is about 65%. You will get it when you finish the advanced proficiency in the test of the language you have chosen.

What language other than Spanish should I learn on Duolingo?

Spanish is the Second most learned langauge after English. However, you must think of learning French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. It is because these are the best courses on Duolingo.

Do people actually learn more than 1 language in Duolingo?

Duolingo gives you the freedom to choose more than 1 langauge. It means that you can learn more than 1 langauge at a single time. Naturally, learning more than 1 langauge at the same time is tough. But with Duolingo, you can do it. As the lessons are short, you do not need to spend much time and complete a lesson in both languages. On the other hand, you can create your own schedule and give one week to one language and another week to another language.

What languages do you wish were on Duolingo but aren’t?

Some languages that are in great demand but are not on Duolingo are –

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