What Happens if You Miss Lessons on Duolingo? (Explained 2024)

Duolingo has been a great platform to learn a new language. It gives you the privilege to practice your language skills easily while sitting at your home. Duolingo uses the gamified approach for teaching a new language to you. It means that there are fun activities that you need to perform. Along with that you also get rewards when you are performing lessons on this platform. However, an important thing that you must no is what will happen if you miss lessons on Duolingo. Therefore here we will help you to understand the consequences and also will look at the related features.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you miss a lesson you will get a message or an interesting video of the owl to motivate you to complete the lesson.
  • You will also lose a streak if you do not attend the platform regularly.
  • If you know that you will not be able to attend the lesson then you may get a streak freeze that can help you to freeze your streak for 2 days.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of what will happen if you miss a lesson on Duolingo.

What Happens if You Miss Lessons on Duolingo?

What happens if you miss lessons on Duolingo?

If you are a daily user of Duolingo you must be aware of the benefits of having regular lessons. But have you ever wondered what happens if you miss a lesson for a single day? Well, when you miss a lesson on Duolingo you will see a message the next day with the message ‘Oops you missed yesterday’. With this message, you will also get to see different videos where the Duo owl will be angry and telling you about your mistake in a fun manner. In one of its videos the owl has a knife in his hand and giving you a thread for not missing the lesson next time.

With all these things you also get the option to make up your mistake by completing twice as many lessons as you do usually. If you choose to not make the missed day then you can continue with the app as usual. However, your streak for consecutive days will be broken and you will not get any points for using the app that day. The main reason behind not getting the points for that day is that the lessons designed on this platform are only 5 to 10 minutes in duration. So there is no point in missing the lesson.

Also when your streak score is broken it will not have a great impact on your final goal of learning the language. However, if you are a beginner on this platform you must want to know what is a Duolingo streak. Therefore further we have discussed more about what is the Duolingo streak score.

What is a Duolingo streak score?

A Duolingo streak score is calculated by seeing how many days you have been using the platform. It will generally start with 0 and increase by 1 when you complete a single lesson on consecutive days. Suppose you have taken 10 consecutive days to complete a new lesson, then only you will be getting a streak score for it. So when you miss a lesson or a practice session you will be losing the streak score. Also when you have a 5 then you will be getting VIP status and also unlocking the streak society. The longest streak on this platform is around 3676 which is of the user known as christi3.

What happens when you lose the streak score?

Honestly not much will happen if you lose those streak scores. When you lose you will get the option to recover it by practising twice the lesson as you do usually. If you are unable to do it you will not be getting any score. Of course, it will never affect your final goal of learning the language. Thus, you must not worry about losing the streak score. 

Can you go back to a lesson in Duolingo?

If you are confused about a specific lesson or want to revise it then you can go back to the old lesson on Duolingo. All you need to tap on the complete level or the complete story that was in your path. It will help you to go back to the lesson or any story you want to revise.

Can you take a break from Duolingo?

Yes, you can take a break from Duolingo too without breaking up your streak score. 

The two main ways of doing it are by buying the time booster or the streak freeze before you plan your trip. You can get them with the help of the Duolingo gems that you have earned so far. Remember that a streak freeze can help you preserve the streak score for only 2 days. It means that depending upon how many days you want to take a break from Duolingo, you must get more streak freezes. 

Also if you are thinking of taking up a break from Duolingo just because you are travelling or are on vacation then try to look for the lessons that are too easy for you. It will help you to complete the lesson easily when you are on vacation and also will help to maintain your streak score. Earlier there was also a vacation hold feature on Duolingo that helps you to freeze your streak score for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. However, presently it has stopped this feature for the uses on the platform.

Another reason why you may want to take a break from Duolingo might be the unavailability of an internet connection. In such a scenario you must take advantage of Duolingo offline lessons where you can complete some lessons even without the internet. It will help you to maintain your streak score easily.


Duolingo is a great platform to learn a new language without taking any help. As it follows the gamified approach you will be getting a lot of lessons in the form of different games. Another important thing that you must remember is that this platform is highly motivating. So when you miss a lesson on Duolingo, it will send you a message about practising it again along with videos of the owl threatening you not to miss any new lesson. However, if you are going somewhere or want to take a break from Duolingo without losing the streak score then you can use the streak freeze to prevent them from breaking up.

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