PlagScan free – Best plagiarism checkers

While writing your content, one thing that you have to take care of is plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to the similarities in your content that have already been published. Plagscan is just like Turnitin which helps to detect plagiarism. It is one of the most reliable and most used tools for detecting plagiarism. If you are also writing any assignment, dissertation, or any other content you must know about Plagscan.

Quick Takeaways

  • Plagscan is a tool that helps you to look for plagiarism in your content. It is one of the most reliable tools. 
  • To use it you have to buy a subscription based on the type of your work. 
  • This is the platform that offers you a free trial of 2000 words.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to the Plagscan platform.

PlagScan free - Best plagiarism checkers

What is plagScan?

PlagScan is an online tool used to check plagiarism in your content just like Safeassign. This platform was created in 2009 and is owned by Markus Goldbach and Johannes Knabe. It is widely used for academic purposes. You can get the report of your plagiarism percentage in any file format you need. You can sign up as an individual or as an institution and use it with an LMS platform like Wileyplus.

If you are a new user you will get free credits to test the authenticity of your content. The tools provide benefits to the publishers as well. Various publishers online use plagScan to detect plagiarism and to improve their SEO. The database of PlagScan includes more than 14 billion online pages, 14 million articles, and 10,800 journals from which it checks the content.

PlagScan free – Is plagScan a free tool?

No, PlagScan is not a free tool. There are different packages for different organizations that you need to buy before using them. However, PlagScan provides its users with a free trial but you can only check for 2000 words. For this free trial, you do not need to add any credit or debit card details. Once your limit of 2000 words is finished then you need to buy the credits if you want to use it further. It may also be used with proctor software like Respondus software.

PlagScan free - Best plagiarism checkers

Is PlagScan Reliable?

According to research, Plagscan can detect about 95% of plagiarism in your content and with accurate resources. Many researchers and universities claim that PlagScan is one of the most reliable tools to determine the plagiarism percentage of content. This tool is handy to use and the dashboard can easily be managed. It also uses 256-bit SSL encryption for security purposes. They provide you with full security and keep your data fully confidential. You may be asked to give your details like your name, number, etc just for creating your account. 

Various Plans of PlagScan

PlagScan has plans based on the type of user. The first one is for individuals and the second one is for organizations. 

1. Individual use

For individual use, there are 4 different plans available-

  1. You have to pay $6 to check plagiarism for 6000 words in 24 pages.
  2. In the second pack, you need to give $13 to check plagiarism for 17500 words in 70 pages.
  3. For the next one, the cost becomes $25 to scan plagiarism for 40,000 words in 160 pages.
  4. And for the last one, the price becomes $50 to detect plagiarism for 100,000 words in 400 pages.  
PlagScan free - Best plagiarism checkers

2. Business Purpose

For business purposes, PlagScan offers three different aspects – Lite, Professional, and Enterprise. Lite provides three services that include Url-checker, plagiarism checker, and email support. If you choose the professional plan then you get API access and a full report in addition to it. The enterprise feature finally adds up with primary support and a private repository. The prices for the business are based on the number of pages. For the different amount of pages, you need to pay a different amount of subscription based on the aspect you choose –

  1. For 200 pages the price of lite is $18, Professional is $20, and Enterprise is $23. 
  2. For 3200 pages you have to pay a price lite at $255, Professional at $286, and Enterprise at $330. 
  3. For 102400 pages the price of lite is $7,140, Professional is $7,930, and Enterprise is $9,120. 

What are the sources used by PlagScan?

You scan your document in any file format via PlagScan. PlagScan gives you direct plag reports, list reports, interactive online reports, and .docks reports. In the plag report, you just get the percentage of your plagiarism found in the content. Through the interactive online reports, you get links to the sources of your plagiarized content. List reports give you a summary where all the plagiarized content is listed along with its sources and therefore you should do proper citations. And the .docs reports show the plagiarized content in the text by underlining it. 

Sources that are used by PlagScan or other plagiarism detectors like Safeassign to give detect plagiarism are-

1. World Wide Web

Plagiarism means copying content that is already published. Therefore PlagScan finds out plagiarism against a lot of web pages available online. PlagScan uses Microsoft Bing to get the matches found on the world wide web like Chegg.

PlagScan free - Best plagiarism checkers

2. Collusion Checking

In this type of source, you can upload a file of your own from where you want to scan the plagiarism. If you are an organization then you can add the repository of the organization. PlagScan can check the documents of all the users that are submitted on the platform.

3. Cooperative Publishers

There are a lot of academic journals which PlagScan used to check the plagiarism in the content. 


PlagScan is one such tool that gives you a lot of services along with scanning plagiarism detection. There are over 14000 billion web pages via which it finds plagiarism. Although it does not provide a free version, you can scan your first 2000 words for free. Unlike others, you do not have to give any credit card info to use this service. Also, it provides high-security levels and provides its services based on the type of your use. According to different users, PlagScan is one of the best and most reliable tools for detecting plagiarism.  

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