Preply vs iTalki: Which One is Better?

Language learning has become one of the most common goals of the students in present life. It is because when you are learning a new language it not only helps to improve your skills but also helps you get good jobs. The two most common platforms which help to find tutors for learning a new language are Preply and iTalki. If you are a learner who is looking for a tutor that can make your language learning easy then you must be thinking of these two platforms. However, which one to choose is a big problem. Therefore here we will give you a detailed guide on Preply vs iTalki.

Quick Takeaways

  • Preply and iTalki are the platforms where you will be getting online tutors to teach you a specific language.
  • There are around 30 languages on Preply and 150 languages on iTalki.
  • The credits on Preply get vanish faster than the iTalki.
  • If you are tight on a budget then you must choose Preply as the price for it is generally lower than the iTalki.
  • You must choose properly if you are already having some knowledge of the language. It is because you can take up free tests that will help you to decide at which level you are.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of which one should you choose to learn a new language.

Preply-vs-iTalki: Which One is Better?

What is Preply?

Preply is the platform where you can learn a variety of languages with the help of various tutors. You can either take a one-on-one class or be a part of group classes. There are more than 35,000 that will teach you 50 different languages. If you are taking one on one class then you will also get instant feedback.

The tutors will help you to correct all the errors in speaking the language of your choice. Most of the tutors that you will get are the ones who are native speakers. You will also get the study plans and study materials that will help you in learning the language easily.

What is Italki?

Italki is the platform that will allow you to learn the language through various online professors. You can look for online tutors that will give you one-on-one tutoring sessions. You will not only find full-time but also freelance tutors. It is a platform where you can find a tutor in your range. You can also learn the language from a professional Professor who will give you structured learning plans and lessons. It is the platform in which you can learn a new language and teach your language. 

Preply vs Italki: What is the difference?

Following are the main differences between Preply and Italki-

1. Number of languages

Preply-vs-iTalki: Which One is Better?

Preply is the platform where you will find more than 30 number of languages. On the other hand you you will be getting more than 150 languages on iTalki. It means that you will be getting more opportunities on Italki than the Preply. 

2. Credits system 

When you start using both platforms you will be getting credits for it. Both the platforms have different credit systems but the credits that you have earned in Preply will expire too quickly. It does not mean that credits on Italki will not expire. The credits on italki only expire when you are not logging in for the whole year. It means that even if you are logged in, you will not be losing the credits. However, if you do the same with the Preply, you may lose the credits quickly. 

3. Tutor videos

When you are going for choosing the tutors, you will get the option to check their videos. Both of the platforms will allow you to see the introduction video but the main difference between them is how they are been created. Italki allows its tutors to make interesting videos by adding background music. It means that on this platform you will be getting the more flashy videos.

You will also see the videos which are created with the help of drones which can help you understand their teaching pattern. On the other hand, Preply do not allow this stuff which will give you a true reflection of what kind of teaching experience you will be getting in the classroom.

4. Quality of Tutors

Obviously having a larger number of languages means having more tutors. Thus we will have to compare the number of tutors based on different subjects. Suppose we consider French subjects, then there are more professors on Prepy when compared to the Italki platform. But does it mean that you should choose the Preply platform over Italki? Well in a survey, it was noticed that the top two professors of Preply have got fewer reviews than many of the tutors on the Italki platform. Therefore, not only the quantity but also the quality of the professors should be checked before choosing the platform. 

5. Price 

The prices of the classes on both platforms are also different which depends upon the subjects and the duration of the class. The price range for Preply and Italki is $2 – $40 and $5 – $80 respectively. If you are tight on a budget then definitely Preply is a platform for you. However, if you do not have a tight budget then you can go for iTalki. Also don’t forget that the price you will pay will depend upon the subject you have taken. Therefore you must compare the prices of both the platforms individually for the subject of one to study.

6. Booking system

Ok well, there is a huge difference between the booking systems of both Preply and Italki. Booking the classes on both of the platforms is very easy. The only difference between both of them is how it works. As a student when you book a class on Italki, it will be shown as pending until the teacher confirms it. However, when you book the class, on Preply you will not get any confirmation. It is because Preply does not make it compulsory for the teachers to confirm the class before taking it. Due to this many teachers need to take the class more seriously and show up. 

Preply-vs-iTalki: Which One is Better?

7. Trial lessons

Another difference between both of the platforms is the type of trial lesson you will be getting. If we talk about Italki, the trial class duration is only 30 minutes whereas if we talk about Preply the duration of the trial lesson is 60 minutes. Thus a fresher you must choose the right professor for yourself. Thus, you must take trials on both of the platforms to understand how they are teaching. An important fact that you must remember is that the teachers on Preply do not get paid for each of the trial lessons they take. It can be a major reason why tutors may also not come during the class. 

8. Placement test

The placement test is the test that will help you to check the level of the language you know so far. It is because when you know at which level you are at, it will become easy for you to choose the right tutor. Checking the level of the language on both of the platforms is very easy, the only difference is the price of taking it. When you take the placement test on Preply, it is free. The tests you can take up on Preply free are for the subjects English, German, French, and Spanish. However, when you take the placement test on Italki, you will need to pay $30.

9. Lesson Plans

Most of the learning platforms will provide you with lesson plans that will help you and the tutor know what to cover. But in the case of Preply and iTalki, you may not get them. It is the responsibility of the tutors on both of the platforms to create the lesson plan. The difference between the platforms is whether you will get it or not. You are not likely to get lesson plans from the tutors on Preply. On the other hand, you may get the lesson plans from the tutors on the platform. However, an important point that you must remember is that you will be getting study material on the Italki which is not provided by Preply. 

10. Filtering option 

Both platforms have their own filtering method which helps you to choose the best tutor. You can filter the tutors on the basis of community and professional tutors on the iTalki platform. Community professors are the ones who will help you to develop speaking skills. On the other hand, a professional tutor is one who has a degree in the related language.

Now if we talk about Preply, you will not only be able to search for qualified and professional tutors but will also be able to connect you with language experts. These experts are also very specialized in specific areas. For example, suppose you want to learn French for business purposes, you can filter for the French language based on the specific area.

Which one should you take – Preply or Italki?

Although now you are aware of the difference between both of them, you must choose the right one. So if you are on a tight budget and are looking to learn a specific field of the language then you should go for Preply. Choosing this platform will also allow you to take up the placement tests for free.

On the other hand, if you are not tight on budget and want to study from more good professors then you must go for Italki. The tutors on this platform will at least show up due to the binding of the rules and regulations. There, are no strict rules for the tutors on the preply platform. It is the reason many times the tutors do not show up on Preply. Thus, which one should you take will depend upon you.


Preply and iTalki are the platforms start will help you to get online tutors for learning different languages. As a language learner, you must decide the right platform for you. If you have time to budget and already have some knowledge of the language then you must choose the Preply platform. This is because the lessons on this platform are generally of low price when compared to iTalki. Also, you can take placement tests that will help you to decide at which level you are. On the other hand, if you want to get more tutors for a specific language then you must try to use the iTalki platform.

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