Best Free Interactive Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators for 2024

As a teacher, I have multiple responsibilities to fulfill, such as taking attendance, maintaining records, and much more. If you are a teacher, I am sure you would agree with me. Since schools have shifted towards online learning, giving tests to my students online has become another task for me. Initially, I wished I could find an app that would at least help me make online quizzes. I started researching and found some amazing quiz makers. These apps not only reduced my burden and saved me time but also helped me in making the quiz interactive.

Trust me, I understand how draining it feels, especially during online exams. But not anymore. I am sharing with you the list of free quiz makers that I still use to make my life easier.

Best Free Interactive Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators

Quiz Interactive – Free & Cheap Interactive Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators

As a teacher, I always look for platforms where I can create shareable online quizzes. These platforms come with various features that make the quiz software effective. Here are the platforms that I always look for:

1. iSpring quiz maker

The iSpring quiz maker is a mobile application with the great feature of creating templates quickly. It creates a quiz that looks engaging and effective, enabling the organization to identify the knowledge gaps between the students and the quizzer. You can use it with over 150 learning management systems on desktop and mobile applications. 


  • Graded and non-credit quizzes all depend upon the goals of the quizzer.
  • Consists of multiple choice questions, matching more advanced type questions for example hotspot and drag and drop. 
  • It consists of three types of questions such as quizzes, surveys using multiple choice questions and multiple responses, and short answer question templates. 
  • The application is very flexible, and its content is differentiated by various themes. 
  • The student is engaged by seeing the multimedia and the links to pictures and math formulas. 
  • It also has personal feedback written by the quizzer for sharing the experience of using the app.

2. Vocab Test

Best Free Interactive Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators

It is an online platform that is used to perform vocabulary tests. It is a free quiz creator. For creating the word test the person needs to register an account and follow further instructions.


  • It also adds hints, synonyms, and antonyms. 
  • It can be easily shared with the other students.
  • It is free to use.

3. Proprofs quiz maker

This software is based on cloud quizzing enabling you to create and share online exams and tests. It has complementary features of test template automatic grading and integration with proofs LMS. 


  • We can make tests from the existing templates or create a new trial. 
  • User-friendly website with a drag-and-drop interface for creating online quizzes. 
  • Automatic grading which saves time. 
  • It has been reported as great and is a great analytic.

4. Jotform

The software builds professional-looking and interactive forms within minutes without coding. It can used for forming quizzes and exams. It helps to create multiple-choice style form questions.


  • Consists of templates that can easily and quickly create quizzes and exams. 
  • It is totally free to use. 
  • Do not require any coding for creating online quizzes and forms. 
  • It has great reporting and analytics. 

5. Interact

Interact is an application that is used to create pre-quizzes. Although it is a paid platform, there is a free plan also. The free plan given to the educator or the trainer is quite good. 


  • The free plan allows the learner with unlimited uses and an unlimited number of users who are allowed to take quizzes. 
  • Quizzes offered by Interact have a custom look and feel. 
  • Interact, certified consultants, are hired to create quizzes. 

6. Type form

It is used for creating conversational forms. TypeForm is also used for collecting more data and increasing memory. Quizzes are made to make the lesson more interactive for the student by the teacher or the trainer. It also supports questions that consist of pictures.

Best Free Interactive Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators


  • Easy to use and creates online quizzes by choosing the free template. 
  • Does not present irrelevant questions.
  • Offers the trainer or the educator a free plan, an essential monthly paid subscription plan, a professional, yearly paid subscription plan, a premium plan, and a custom plan. 

7. Fyrebox

Fyrebox is an application used to create multiple-choice questions, scenario-based quizzes, and rule-based uses. It also includes the question which is based on pictures. It calculates the quiz course and the result is sent via email to the user.


  • Creating the quiz is very fast. 
  • The data of the participant or the quizzer is automatically exported to more than 500 applications
  • Fyrebox has free plan services. 
  • It can be easily used to design a high-quality and interactive quiz. 

8. Free online surveys

It is a quiz maker used to create online quizzes, generate online poles, and generate forms. 


Best Free Interactive Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators
  • It is used to create surveys and also uses drag-and-drop tools. 
  • It can be easily shared with everyone. 
  • Generates automatic scoring for the quizzes and the result is delivered in the email
  • Has a customized theme. 
  • We can add images, videos, and text fields to the quizzes. 
  • The types of questions for quizzes available are multiple-choice, drop-down lists, text boxes, dates, and picture choice questions.

9. Pool maker’s quiz maker

It is software that is easy to use for online services. The online services help the customer to construct assignments.


  • It is used to produce interactive content and online quizzes. 
  • It is used to insert images and media. 
  • Grading and scoring are done automatically. 
  • The result is generated and sent to the email. 
  • It also provides live results during the presentation. It provides free services and 23 per user per month for unlimited basic packages.

10. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is an online quiz-maker platform that I came across recently. It’s just three months, but I am already in love with it. There are free as well as paid version of it. However, the free plan limits responses up to 40 in number.


  • Create surveys, polls, and quizzes
  • Tools for analytics
  • Both free and paid versions
  • Multiple quiz templates
  • Customization tools


By using a quiz maker, the teacher has started teaching the student with a new teaching model. E-learning also helps the student and teacher to team up for things like e-learning material online, homework assignments, or for students to experience a self-paced learning practice. Various online quiz makers will make your life easier. I have been using them for a long time. Thus, to help you, I have mentioned them in this guide.

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