10 Most Respected A-Level Subjects for 2024

Who does not want to get into a good university? Think about how it will feel when you go to a reputable university like Harvard. Amazing, right? Of course, it is not easy to get there; you must work hard for it. Many times, students think that to get into a reputable university, good grades are the only requirement. But honestly, it is not the only requirement. If you live in the UK, you must focus on respected A-level subjects even before achieving the grades. Shocked? Even I was.

Trust me, there are some specific A-levels that most universities and even companies look for. I know you can’t wait to know them. Thus, let me help you to know more about them.

10 Most Respected A-Level Subjects

Top 10 Most Respected A-Level Subjects

Whenever my students ask me which A-level to choose, I always suggest they choose according to their plans. But which subject will be best for them, is a big question. Below I have given the list of subjects that are most respected in 2024-

1. Biology

It is one of the hardest subjects that will help in admission to university easily. If you are a medical aspirant, it makes your life easier. It is a hard subject and thus you will have to revise it properly.

  • You will be studying various content related to the medical sciences.
  • You will find topics related to the biological modules, control of gene expression, etc.
  • This subject will also need your basic chemistry or physics understanding.

2. Maths

It is one of the hardest and most taken subjects that need a separate calculator. If you are studying this subject, you cannot use a simple calculator. It is the most respectable A-level because it shows your ability to complete tough tasks. This subject shows your willingness and competitive nature. Many students also take it as it will look at this subject.

  • This is the subject where you will study various equations, concepts, etc.
  • If you are studying this course, it will help you to study various related courses like future courses, chemistry, etc.
  • It will also help you to get into the most popular professions like Doctors, Accountants, etc.

3. Chemistry

As always, it is a science that is very difficult. As it is difficult to clear and requires a lot of effort, most universities will require you to have this subject especially if you are looking to take a STEM course. However, if you think you are failing the subject, try to look for a private tutor or change the subjects.

  • You will learn a lot of information, which is new and above the GCSE level. Therefore, regardless of how well you performed on your GCSE exams, A-Level Chemistry will still challenge you.
  • The course material includes information on periodic table trends, organic chemistry, and other topics.

4. Further maths

As the name suggests it is the advanced level of mathematics that you will be studying in this A-level. This is tougher than mathematics and is one of the highly reputable subjects. However, you should take further math as your A-levels if you have an A/A* in GCSE mathematics.

  • Various universities and employers love to see this A-level on your CV.
  • You may find this subject too hard and might want to change it. Although you can change it before the deadline, you must still try to study it hard.
  • If you are getting into a highly reputable university, this is one of the common requirement subjects.
10 Most Respected A-Level Subjects

5. Physics

As it is a tough subject, complete them in a single year. Following are some of the reasons why this is one of the most popular A-level subjects-

  • The study of physics involves both theoretical and applied knowledge.
  • This is a single branch of science, that uses the most mathematics (40%). This is because you’ll be studying a lot of significant equations for your A-levels.
  • You will study oscillations, nuclear physics, and other related topics.

6. English language

A good score in A-Level English Language means a high level of written communication proficiency. When it comes to employment and chances of receiving an offer from your desired university, the ability to effectively communicate will help you out. You’ll gain insight into how others effectively communicate their ideas to multiple audiences through speech and writing.

7. English literature

This is a subject that is different from the English language. The main reason why this subject is mostly considered is that it depicts a wider range of knowledge.

  • This subject will also help you if you have taken it along with history.
  • It is one of the subjects that involves great coursework with a proper understanding of it and will help to improve my writing skills.
10 Most Respected A-Level Subjects

8. Modern foreign languages

It is again a highly reputable A-level and you can take it with the other two A-levels if you want to. There are several reasons for being a respectable subject. With the current changes in skill sets, many are focusing on learning new languages.

  • In universities, there are a lot of students from different countries, and if you know their language it will be easy for you to communicate with them.
  • In addition, when going for jobs, the owners always want a person who knows the different types of languages so that it is easy for them to communicate with clients from other nations.

9. Psychology

This is one of the subjects that may be highly respected in some universities and maybe least accepted in others. It is because many believe that this is an easy subject. As you will be taking three different A-levels you will have to

  • You will need to gain knowledge of both English as well as science.
  • You must give time to this subject and have good writing skills.

10. History

Strong memories and the ability for extensive writing are necessary for A-Level history just like business studies. Along with being able to compose essays and detailed exam answers, you also need to remember a lot of dates.

  • If you’re not fully devoted, you could find this A-level subject a little uninteresting because it can be difficult to deal with. However, some students find it an easy A-level to study.
  • If you can pass this A-Level, it can lead to a great higher education and a few well-paying employment.


A-levels play a crucial role in getting admission to a good university. Thus, before you go to the university, you must know some reputable A-level subjects. In the guide above, I have mentioned the names of these reputable A-levels that will help you get into a good university. However, choose the subject based on the degree you want to pursue. If you want to study medical in future, take A-level biology. You can also choose modern languages. It is because most of the schools have diversity on their campus. Having this A-level will increase your chances to get selected.

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