School 101: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right School, Paying for Education, and Succeeding in Your Studies

When you are sending your child to school it becomes important to select the right one for them. Thus you must do proper research before choosing the school. You must know the different types of schools. You must also know how can you succeed in your studies and how much your grades are important. There are various activities in which they will be taking part and thus you must know every aspect of it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Every school has its own school head boy/girl. 
  • Thus you need to know about it and various schools. 
  • Along with that, you must make sure that your child is going to school on time. 
  • You must also take care that there is no bullying in school or at least your child is away from it. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of different types of schools.

What are primary, foundation, secondary, and comprehensive schools?

Primary schools are the ones in which students of age between 4-13 years study. It is the basis of any education. If you live in the UK you must study in it. You will be getting the basic knowledge that is important for further studies. 

Whereas foundation schools are the maintenance schools that are funded by the state. It is the one that is supported by the local education body and has to follow the national curriculum. You will also have to pay the national teacher wage.

Comprehensive schools are just like secondary school which is directly benefited by the local or the main government. In this type of school, you will not be selected based on your academic performance. The main aim of this school is to remove the selection process. 

Secondary schools are the ones which you will be taking after primary school. The timings for starting and ending the school is around 8 or 9:00 a.m to  3 to 4 p.m. You must start applying for it when you are in year 11. The result for it will come on 1 March which is also known as national offer day. You may also need to give proof of address while applying for it. 

Will your middle school grades matter?

Your middle school grades reflect the grades of standard 6th – 8th. If we consider college or higher education, it will not be so useful. But it is helpful in the kid’s personal life. It will help your kid to know what interests them the most. Further, it will help them to boost their confidence level. When it becomes a habit for your child to score high grades, it will help them to study hard at their college and university also.

Also, you should make sure that your child is not getting late for school. There are many reasons why your child may be late for school. However, reaching school on time will help them to get punctual and will help them to get good time management skills. 

What are private schools?

Private schools are the ones which are independent and take a fee for studying in it. They are not funded by the government and thus may have a high tuition fee. The average cost for private schools is around 4980 euros per term or 14940 per school year. When you are in a private school you may study a different curriculum depending upon the school. However, you must remember that the teachers should try to follow the national curriculum.

These schools are worth it if you take full advantage of them. You will be getting a lot of career-related activities in it. The class size of these schools is generally smaller than the class size of public schools. This will help you to get more attention from the teachers. However, if you are really not interested in studying, you will not get any benefit from it. There are different activities in which you may have to take part. One of them is to become a school prefect or a head boy/girl. Further, we have discussed more on it.

How to apply for the position of head boy/girl?

Being a head boy or a girl is a great position. But this does not mean that it will be reflected in your academic transcription. The benefit of being a school head is that you will be getting a lot of skills that will be helpful in your career. It also looks great on your CV. Further, we have discussed the process of becoming the one-

  • To become a head boy/girl you need to get nominated first. Mostly the professors will nominate you for this position. However, you can do it by submitting a written application. 
  • After that wait for the names of the candidates on the shortlist. Depending upon the school the head of the committee may directly contact you regarding your application.
  • Once you have your name on the shortlist, you will have to give a presentation or an interview with the committee as it will help them to know your skills. Remember that you must have 5 main qualities like leadership, communication, teamwork, optimism, and respect.
  • The next step is to wait for the final results. The selection is done by either the head team or the student council.

What happens if your kid refuses to go to school?

If you live in the UK, it is compulsory to get an education till the age of 18. Though your child can take a specific number of unauthorized absences, you must make sure that there is no unnecessary absence from them. If your child is not going the school the school may get in touch with you. Even if you do not send your child after it, you may have to face some legal actions like a volunteering contract or may have to pay a fine. Thus you must try your best to send your child to school. 

You can also call the police if they are not going to school. However, you must do it only if there is no other option left. There could be several reasons why your child may not want to go to school. In such a case you can think of transferring the school of your kid. Some of the reasons why you may want to transfer your child are-

  • Many schools give a lot of work to their students. Due to this your kid may be overburdened and get a lot of stress. 
  • You may be changing the job which is in another city and you may also take your child with you.
  • The school duration may be longer and your kids may not be getting the time to get social or for relaxing.

How can you handle bullying?

To deal with bullying you must follow the mentioned things-

  • You must give them time to recover from the things they have faced in school. You must sit with them and talk about the things they have faced in school.
  • If you have faced the same issues in school you can tell them what things you did during that time.
  • Praise your child as it will help them to boost your confidence.
  • Talk to the institution and take your child’s side.


If you live in the UK it is important to stay in education especially if you are 18. There are different types of schools to which your child may need to take admitted. You must do proper research and have proper knowledge of the things that happen in the school. They may not want to go to school due to different reasons. In fact, some of the students may also get excluded because of different reasons. Thus you need to understand if a particular school is perfect for them or not. 

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