11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well – Best Short Certificate Programs

Candidates who have a degree have more chances to have more income than a candidate who is doing the job with minimum qualifications. As studying for the degree is not the same for the student it varies according to the needs of the student as some may consider it time-consuming and for some students it is expensive. However virtual learning has given students the advantage of learning whenever they want at a lower price. Though you may be confused about the popular short courses, therefore you must know about some of the programs that pay you well.

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the most popular certificates that will pay you well-
1. Cloud infrastructure
2. Google-certified professional data engineer
3. Aws certified solutions architect-associate
4. Certified in risk and information systems control
5. Certified information systems security professional
6. The certified information security manager
7. Real estate agent
8. HVAC-R certification
9. Medical coder and medical biller
10. National funeral director certification
11. Firefighting certification

Further, we have discussed these certificate programs in detail.

11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well - Best Short Certificate Programs

11 Short Certificate Programs That Pay Well: 

The student who doesn’t want to do a degree and then earn some money instead of that just wants a short-term degree. There are a lot of short degree programs, some of which may be even 2 weeks or 4 weeks. So those students can easily apply for certification programs which are short-term training programs that also help the student with the skills and study which also depend on credentials. Students may also find some online schools that can pay them back their cheques. So the following are the best short certificate programs that the student can go for:

1. Cloud infrastructure:

The candidate here works as a cloud architect and it enables the organization in which he/she works with designs, instructional design, and development and also manages the cloud architecture solutions. The cloud architect certification consists of an exam of 2 hours and the exam contains questions based on multiple-choice questions which can be taken online or the candidate can give the exam in the test center. The average earning of the candidate is $169,029. The candidate  which aims towards the google certified professional has to follow the following steps:

  • Reviewing for the exam guide.
  • Should take a training program.
  • Reviewing the sample questions.
  • Scheduling the exams.
11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well - Best Short Certificate Programs

2. Google-certified professional data engineer:

The person who works as a data engineer is considered to be a cloud architect and their job is to analyze all the information in order to gain insight into business outcomes. They also work for the organization for decision-making processes and help in creating machine learning models for the automatic working of the business processes with simplicity.

The scope of data engineers is very large and that too is growing. If the person wants to get the google certified professional he/she needs to qualify for the data engineer exam. The average earning of the person is $1717489.

3. Aws certified solutions architect-associate:

It is also a high-paying and short certificate program and is a great choice as a part of digital learning. The person is able to design and deploy systems on the AWS platform. The person is able to design for cloud infrastructure, reference architecture, and its applications. To qualify for the exam the person needs to have good experience in designing systems. The person is able to get AWS-certified cloud practitioner certification. The average salary of the person working as an AWS-certified architect is considered to be $159033.

4. Certified in risk and information systems control:

The person working for this system needs to have an understanding of the IT organization. The certification for Certified in risk and information systems control is controlled by information systems audit and control associations. This certification allows the person to develop in-demand skills.

11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well - Best Short Certificate Programs

They are taught the skills and necessary knowledge that is needed to identify and manage IT risk. The main role of CRISC is to manage the security manager and director. The average income earned by the person is $151,995. The following are the steps needed for passing the CRISC risk.

  • IT Risk Identification
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response and Mitigation
  • Risk Control, Monitoring, and reporting.

5. Certified information systems security professional:

The person who earns certification in CISSP is considered to be the same as a student earning a master’s degree in IT security. The person who is working as a Certified information systems security professional learns the skills that are used effectively for designing, implementing, and managing cybersecurity programs. The person needs to have 5 years of experience to eligibility for the certification in CISSP. The average income earned during this is $151,853. The following are the 8 areas that are needed to be covered by the person for clearing the CISSP exams.

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security
  • Asset Security
11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well - Best Short Certificate Programs

6. Certified information security manager:

The certification for Certified information security manager is offered by ISACA. The person needed to have a high level of technical experience, and qualifications for the leadership and management role in the organization. The person is allowed to learn about how to manage the design and assessment in IT. The average income earned by the person is  $149,246. The following are the domains needed to be passed by the person to get the certification in CISAM:

  • Information Security Governance.
  • Information Risk Management.
  • Information Security Program Development and Management.
  • Information Security Incident Management.

7. Real estate agent:

The person working as a real estate agent needs to have potential with a license in real estate. Some say real estate is the new gold. While we have no facts backing that statement, it is popularly known that real estate has a lot of potentials. Training of 5 to 6 months is needed for the exam.

After the candidate who passes the real estate licensing exam can work under a broker and get some work experience with some money. the person can continue fully as an agent after getting some work experience. The average income earned as a real estate agent or broker is $73,955.

11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well - Best Short Certificate Programs

8. HVAC-R certification:

HVACR stands for Heating, Ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The person working as a technician in HVACR does the following things in the refrigeration system:

  • Installing.
  • Maintenance.
  • Repairing heating
  • Repairing cooling.
  • Control temperature.
  • Air quality.

HVAC-R technicians are provided with the certification of HVAC that explains in detail the technician’s training, the experience of work, and qualification of how to install and repair. The person must need to have a high school diploma for becoming an HVAC professional. The average earring for HVAC-R professionally is $50,590. If the exam is online, you may try to cheat in the online exams.

9. Medical coder and medical biller:

Medical coders or medical billers are highly demanded in an organization as they help in the smooth running of the medical payment processes. The person is responsible for the following duties:

  • Identifying if diagnoses.
  • Conducting medical tests.
  • Conducting the treatments
  • Documentation of the clinical procedure.

The person having work experience with certification as a medical coder and biller plays an important role in hospitals, insurance companies, and working in doctor’s offices to organize the work. the person under the medical-related job. The average income of the medical coder is $60000 per year and after gaining some work experience in this profession will pay more. the common and most popular certifications for medical coding are as follows:

  • CPC (Certified Professional Coder).
  • CCS (Certified Coding Specialist).
  • CMC (Certified Medical Coder).

10. National funeral director certification:(NFDA)

The funeral director is the person who works in the funeral rites. The main role of the National funeral director is to conduct all the arrangements for the funeral ceremony. They are also called undertakers. The conduction of the National funeral director certification is done by the national funeral directors association. The average income earned by the person is considered to be $47,392. The training given by NFDA is done in the following step:

11 Short Certificate Programs that pay well - Best Short Certificate Programs
  • NFDA Arranger Training.
  • NFDA Cremation Certification Program.
  • NFDA Certified Celebrant Training.
  • NFDA Certified Preplanning Consultant (CPC) Program.

11. Firefighting certification:

For the qualification for firefighting, the person needs to qualify for the written exam, and then the physical ability of the person is tested. The department involved in a firefight is the fire department and the conduction of the exam and hiring for the candidates is done every 1 or 2 years and varies from state to state. The firefighter should have a certified emergency medical technician (EMT). the person should have the ability to deal with emergency situations. The average earning of firefighters is  $47,547.


As there are many students for whom higher education is not affordable. So for them, this above article has opened many areas which can be used to earn money and grow their skills practically.

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