Should I get a Futon for my Dorm room?

When you are living in a dorm room, it becomes vital that you are comfortable there. Along with good roommates, it is also important to take care of your health. And to get good health, it becomes vital to have a very comfortable and pleasant sleep. Futons are the best place to get quality sleep as a good quality futon is comfortable to sleep on. But whether should you take a futon to the dorm is still a question.

Quick Takeaways

  • A futon set includes a mattress and a comforter set both.
  • Taking up a futon with you will make your workload and also it will increase your cost. 
  • It may also take more space than you have expected. It means that it could be both beneficial and non-beneficial for you to get a futon in a dorm.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of what is a futon and whether should you get the Futon in the dorm room.

Should I get a Futon for my Dorm room?

What is Futon?

The futon is a Japanese traditional way of bedding. A futon set includes a mattress and a comforter set both. You can fold both things to store them in a small space. If you need perfect sleep, then you can choose a futon for yourself. The material of futons generally absorbs the sweat that occurs when you are sleeping. It is generally divided into three layers – a thin cotton pad, a layer under a cotton pad which is known as Shikibuton, and a layer which is above it known as Kakibuton. 

What is a dorm room?

The dorm is short of a dormitory. It is a type of residence hall in which you need to live with other people. It is a building that houses large groups of people on a permanent or contractual basis. Most of the time, a dorm room has all the space and furniture you will need. Unlike hotel rooms, most dorm rooms lack private bathrooms. But some dorm rooms which are referred to as “suites” may share a bathroom with a room next door.

Along with other dorm inmates, you will have to share meals at the dining hall. You will have to keep valuables safe in the dorm room as there is the possibility that someone may steal them from your room.

Should I get a Futon for my Dorm room?

Should I Get A Futon For My Dorm Room?

Let’s not overlook the fact that futons can be costly. You most likely don’t have a lot of money to spend as a college student. Despite the size of your dorm, you can still purchase the mattress. You would have to cope with space restrictions in addition. It can be more challenging to escape if a fire starts. Also as a college student, you will be very busy.

Cleaning a futon is probably not something you have time for as you may have other work like taking care of your clothes. Therefore, you must avoid taking a futon in a dorm room. However, if you can manage to keep a futon in your room, then you can bring it to the dorm. The next section explains both the advantages and disadvantages of having futons in dorm rooms.

Advantages of futon at the dorm

Following are the benefits that you can have if you take a futon at the dorm –

1. Space

If you have less space, you can easily fold it when you are not using it. This could help you make space in your dorm room. You can unfold it when you are going to sleep and fold it once you wake up. Further, you must also remember that there may be a dress code in the college and thus you will need to have clothes based on it.

2. Used for sitting

Many futons can be easily used for sitting. If you buy a good quality futon, they have a very comfortable mattress. You can easily make it a sitting couch when needed.

3. Affordable

You can sometimes get good-quality futons, usually under the affordable range. Though there are no doubt futons can be costly but there are chances that you get them at affordable prices.

4. Easily moved

You can easily move your futon from one place to another when needed. This is because of its lightweight feature. Changing the position of your futon will also make the look of your dorm room change.

Disadvantages of futon at the dorm

Following are the drawbacks that you can have if you take a futon at the dorm –

1. Less comfort

You must see the quality of the futon before buying it. There are many futons that are bad in their quality. Sometimes the low-quality futon is not comfortable. 

Should I get a Futon for my Dorm room?

2. High cost

Depending on the quality you may get fit on higher than your budget. This may add up some extra cost to your daily budget.

3. May get smelly

The material used in the futon helps to absorb the sweat that occurs when you are sleeping. If you do not keep it in sunlight, your mattress may get smelly.

4. Take some extra time

As mentioned above you need to keep it in sunlight for some time. As a student, you may not have that much time. 

5. The mattress is less thick

In most cases, due to the folding ability of the futon, the mattress in it is usually less thick than the traditional mattress. 


Depending upon your preferences and needs you can bring a futon to your dorm room. Futons are easy to bring and can be kept even in a small space. However, finding the best quality futons may be costly. Also if you bring futons you may need some extra time to clean them. Thus, if you can manage to bring it and can take care of it, you must bring it out with you. 


Are futons good to sleep on?

No proof that using a futon while sleeping is bad for you. Your choices will determine if you routinely want to use a futon for sleep or not. You should select what you want to sleep in according to your comfort.
It is because getting a good night’s sleep is important for our health. Always choose a bedding design that promotes good sleep. It will help you feel rested in the morning.

Should I get a futon at my college?

They are an integral component of any collegiate residence hall or apartment. Not only can a nice futon improve college life, but it can also survive much beyond living in the dorms. You can bring your futon to your college rooms and can keep it as you want.

You can keep it as a bed or make it a cushion to sit on and relax. Also if you feel like there is less space you can fold it and keep it in a side place.

Can a futon fit under a dorm bed?

Futons are an integral component of any collegiate residence hall or apartment. They come in various sizes to fit under a dorm bed. Futons also provide additional seating for companions and also act like a guest beds.

Before buying any futon, make sure to verify the measurements of both. It is because sometimes you may find it the too narrow size of a dorm room to accommodate larger futons.

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